Cook better for best Health – 6 Unique Tips

When most people ask about healthy food

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When most people ask about healthy food. The answer is simple like buy food rich in nutrients and other ingredients. But truth is that preparation of food is more important which will fix your nutrient requirements. How you cook?. It is important because cooking techniques will improve your nutrients availability.

Choose whole grains

People love refined grains but whole grains are better in terms of nutritional value. Like bulgar and brown rice have their bran intact and more Magnesium. Vitamin B, fibers and other nutrients. Try whole pasta, whole wheat, barley, and farro. These whole grains are rich with vitamins and nutrients.

Rinse vegetables

Do you know rinsing vegetables can lower their sodium content? Black beans and chickpea both have sodium content which can be removed when we rinse through the water. Rinsing will remove vitamin c from vegetables. But usage of lower sodium is good for your health and easy to intake.

Cook with Global Flavors

Some famous healthiest diets like traditional Japanese, Mediterranean diet or Chinese diet are rich in grains and vegetables. Some other things like herbs, basil or curry powder can add taste without adding salt. Greek curries or salad can also help to add good flavor in your taste.

Cooking Utensils

As new kitchen utensils are emerging day by day. Like fast pressure cooker replaced old slow cookers. You can enjoy different recipes with pressure cookers. But you should sure that you selected the best cooker for daily recipes or read a guide from mealz .Some famous pressure cooker recipes like instant pot beef stew, baked potato soup, the instant pot boiled eggs, instant pressure cooker with cheesy eggs.

Mix up menu

Preparation of the same meal day by day can limit your nutritional requirements. So it is better to change your meal plan. Klosz says. Research has linked a varied diet to better overall health and a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. You should change your menu. Add some meat, vegetables, and grains in daily routine or mix them day by day.

Organize your kitchen

Before you cook anything, make sure you arranged your kitchen well. Clean your utensils, your vegetables, meat, and other kitchen products. Remove extra food from the kitchen. Keep one basket in the kitchen and add every extra thing. Cleaning and dusting should be done.


Healthy food is not a single way to manage your diet. Some factors make a healthy diet and food. Arrange everything and you will get better everything in your health.

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