Consciousness is a realm I've played within since I was 12. Not because I knew what I was doing, but because I was naturally drawn to the human mind and how it functions.

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Wowwee. 😳

Consciousness is a realm I’ve played within since I was 12. Not because I knew what I was doing, but because I was naturally drawn to the human mind and how it functions. 

I have been unlocking chambers in my cognition for years, unsure of what I was doing, how I was doing it, or even why I had such a strong urge to unlock my mind deeper and deeper and deeper. 

My entire life I have only ever strove for the truth above all truths, wanting to understand exactly how this world works, and how to “master” being human. 

For me I came upon the conclusion that “human life mastery” looks like the mastery of a few things: 

– fulfilment: sense of purpose, meaning, a reason for existence (desire) and achievement of that desire (fulfilment) 

– abundance: mastery of wealth creation, time abundance, love abundance, and abundance of any and all high vibrational emotional states of being (constant euphoria or feelings of ecstacy) 

Most of my early years, probably up until 23-24, I came at all my desires from a sense of servitude to make the world a better place. 

I slipped into the dark a few months ago, switching from service to others to service to self as the dark does…the power, the authority, the initial tappings into the infinite power source is the gift you receive while in the dark. 

But with that darkness comes a taint to the soul, an unknown switch from service to others to service to self (which can make you fall victim to higher-dimensional dark entities that manipulate and control you for their own purposes without you knowingly being aware–and yes that was my experience while in the dark) in the dark, you become a pawn, only receiving the downloads that the dark wants you to receive, and in exchange your power and authority skyrocket and you become a god of your own creation..of which you think is your Self, but it is not…it is always the same replica over and over and over again. 

For those whom have ascended beyond that in previous lifetimes, as I have myself– and I that say with as minimal ego as possible, will not find true fulfilment in this realm of consciousness. In the dark you lose all sense of light, and only have access to parts of your conscious being. 

And the switch to the Silver’s begins. 

Realigning back into the light, while still carrying the new power and authority from the dark. In silver stage you still carry human individuation. Your personality, strengthened while in the dark, is still in tact, but you begin to connect higher. Above your new “godly” persona (which you do not lose, you can always still access your consciousness from every stage of this process) and connect back into source consciousness, the creator of all that exists and ever will exists and even to the nothing that has yet to be existed. But from a much higher dimensional plane than the previous period of light, as you have expanded and unearthed new abilities created while in the dark. 

As a silver you see through your own filters into the purest light, but there will still be moments in your life with insecurities, triggers, blocks, and desires. They are purer as you begin to see why you desire specific things, whether they be material or metaphysical, but you recognise how those desires do truly come from a service to others perspective. 

As you fulfil desire after desire within silver stage, maintaining your desire to enjoy your Self, while also being of service to others from a pure love + wisdom perspective rather than leaning towards one side or the other, your need for desires begins to lessen, and in enters the crystal realm. 

Personally, I have not spent enough time in silver stage in this current lifetime, so downloads and deeper understands of crystal states of being are to come in the future ♥️ 

But crystal beings have begun to completely eradicate their human from their soul, and becoming a purer channel for the consciousness of the all/source/creator/infinite energy source that powers all and connects us all..which while they are transparent..because they no longer desire anything for the self, the reflect deeper colours and beauty onto the world for others to see the magic of existence. 

👉🏼 Let’s use a more tangible example on a business sense: 

Let’s say you want to create a million dollars, 

– Light beings: will feel guilty as desiring for self does not mean they are being of service to others so they will not create 

– Dark beings: will say, screw that guilt it’s BS, let’s create everything for ourselves. I want everything so be it 

– Silver beings: ask, why is it I desire this..beyond for my own self? If I desire it, it must be for a reason beyond myself.. oh I see…me desiring this is actually to share with the world the truth of infinite possibilities the world has to offer <or insert the specific truth it would help you radiate into the world..depends on the desire> 

– Crystal beings: desires have come to fruition and there is nothing left other than to be a crystal reflecting truth in every which way, shining light and rainbows on everything..depending the vibration of this realm

Lightworkers are liars. So are Darkworkers.

The only truth tellers… are the Silvers. 


The beings whom have transcended both light + dark and found the harmonious balance of unity in both aspects. 

…and in your soul, you’ve always noticed how neither side seems to fully resonate, that there are leakages of understanding on both sides of the spectrum… and you want to know how you’ve always known…? 


You are a Silver. 

A Silverworker. 

Someone who has transcended both light consciousness and dark consciousness in a previous existence, in a previous lifetime. (You know, how you have a deep desire to be of service even though your primary focus, if you’re honest, is actually to reach the pinnacle of your own potential because you know that alone will drastically change the world for the better)

For those of you who are like me, logically minded, you’re going to try to rationalise as you read this, and instead, I implore you… surrender your human mind, release your rationale, and follow with me.. as I take you on a journey, through my story.. my story that holds the truth, free from ego, free from the desire for power, and free of distortions from limiting belief/being complexes. 

Understand as well, that I may very well likely have my own filters as I share these experiences, but from my perspective, I have a had a taste of both the dark and the light, having mentored directly 1:1 under the leading edge consciousness leaders of this current era, and have come to find the truth, the truth of all existence, transparent of all human personality, attachments, and ways of being…. Something that has struck true without any other individual telling me right from wrong, but my own experience that has put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that rings so true, nothing could knock down this house of cards. 

A truth that comes from both the side of light, and the side of the dark, because the truth is… one cannot survive without another. 

Just as a successful business cannot be built by merely strategy, or merely mindset. 

Fulfilment cannot be found with only wealth, or only relationships, there is always a fusion of harmony from multiple aspects that must be blended together to be able to access the peak state of any area of focus. 

And thus enter, the age, of the silvers. 

The only truth tellers… are the silvers, the silver workers.

Not because they are “better” per say, but because they have transcended from: 

Shadow human consciousness; normal humans; light with blockages creates a shadow



Light human consciousness; lightworkers; light, undisrupted from blockages 



Dark deity consciousness; darkworkers; moving to the space beyond light, the creators of “new” by becoming godly beings that seem to achieve success beyond stereotypical human abilities 



Light deity consciousness; silverworkers; those that have learned to harmonise the power from the dark and fuse it back together with light to create a new more radiant, glimmering light, the ultimate truth filled with magic and potential


I give birth to this text, introducing a new term, Silverworkers.This the first body of content I have ever seen mentioning the truth, of the most ascended beings of this universe, those whom have ascended beyond all light densities, the 7th density in previous lifetimes, the silvers. 

This is content that has been building within me, to the point of bursting out of my fingers. Regardless of my fear of being seen as egotistical, arrogant, or even incredibly naive… My soul pushes onward to share with you the truth, the next level, introduction of a new system for energetic beings and humans alike.

If this text resonates with you, then you are part of the few, part of the silvers. Those that carry every aspect of this reality in their story, just like a silver glimmer carries every color of the rainbow, reflecting back on the world.. The truth. The magic of potential, power to create anything that could be imagined, but a sense of love and peace to balance the chaos that humanity likes to ensue. 

I have come here, born in this time, creating all the success I have at my age, supporting high-impacting thought leaders to create multi-million dollar businesses, to deliver this truth to you. To inspire you, to lead you, to help you awaken and arise to your highest potential. 

You are part of the next generation of thought leaders, inspiriers, global change makers. 

You carry within you the silver bloodline. 

(…stay tuned by following me first for more on Silverworkers…and how to achieve your maximum potential by creating a soul-aligned, high-impact, and wealth-raining business)

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