Close Welcomes From, Afar! Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe #Nigeria

Nigerian, Musical Legend-CHIEF STEPHEN OSITA OSADEBE-His Performance Of "Kedu America," and the Paintings Of Travel Welcomes! #Nigeria

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Traveling is one of those special moments when we get to experience ourselves in a different world-in a different spacing on these Earthly planes. It is unfamiliar, which makes it exciting. So often, we have been caught in the rapture of experiencing our humanity and selves, within the same environment. It is not to say that we are incapable of evolving, and growing in this environment. Yet, what it does convey is distance in a new space has a way of shaping us in a way, where local demographics cannot. Of course, we are always rooted within our particular environments-our culture, nation, and family structure. However, what does come to move us is a certain challenge in the world. And, Baby, travel forces you to change-even when unprepared to do so! No matter how many travel books you may read, or the number of television shows you may watch, you will never be truly prepared when having to navigate into another country. Therefore, it is always best to work on one’s confidence, beforehand. If you are centered in self, you are pretty much prepared for all of the necessary challenges, which comes to moving to a foreign land.

So, when a person finally arrives in one’s traveled destination, you have to question, what must the vibe be like? How does it feel to dream about another place, only to have finally arrived there? Once you have arrived, what is the aura in having been able to move through that particular space? How do you navigate through your new reality? What does it mean for your person-hood and all of the things coming from it? How do you engage with this new spacing, while staying true to your own culture? And, once you arrive to this new place of residency, what is the proper greeting, that you wish to give to your family back home. What traces do you send back home? And lastly, how do you greet your new spacing? Upon crossing paths, there is that subtle recognition that you and another individual occupy that very same space. You are breathing that same air. And, for that moment, the two of you all have become intertwined with the existence for both of your humanities. It is one of the very epitomes of healing. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Of course, we have songs, which have been written about the power of an initial greeting! Those songs create an intriguing memory within our very minds, bodies, and hearts. They are lasting throughout generations of time. Why is that? Well, perhaps, it is based on the reality of that song having touched the masses in such a way. What does it mean? Kedu America. Of course, Kedu, is in the Igbo tongue. Therefore, what storyline is it coming to depict? Does it tell the story of an Igbo man or woman, who has made one’s first trip to the United States? Does it foretell those tears of joy, in having made it to the “land of the free?” What are the hidden stories of Kedu America? What paintings await such revealings in our conveying for such a term? Ah! Such fickling of the imagination!

Must I say that we are still in Nigerian domains? If you have researched this name, you would already know. For in his legacy, he left us with greetings from America-or at least, the imaginations of it. When you hear this particular song, you feel the movement of winds and waters, and how they join together in conveying the flow of this song. There is a wave of gentility and care. There is tenderness in the very words of “Kedu America.” For this song, and for this vibe, there is a certain journey evolving, where dreams are being expressed. The accomplishment of one’s dreams are being revealed. And Baby, it’s a joyous festival! And so, he took us into the performance of words. What does it mean to make words dance? What does it mean for words to release their own rhythms, beats, and patterns, through a particular song? What does it mean? Kedu America. One Nigerian artist was able to convey one meaning of this very interpretation. His name was none other than. . .

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The waters and nourishing factors of a greeting in one’s own language, in recognition of another land, is a musical performance, in itself. Such a migration process is a particular dance, in its own accord. If the performance is conducted right, then there is ample opportunity for storytelling and imagination. When you listen to the song, “Kedu America,” you envision what that journey must have been like. The visa meetings. Packing. Preparing. Researching. Trying to perfect one’s English. Deciding what to pack. What not to pack. Envisioning what you will do when you get to America. Making decisions on where to live. The list of “must do’s” in preparation to “America” gets longer, each and every day. To avoid any stress and frustration, you simply, sing through it. As you see, the preparation of travel creates its own musical songs. What makes this song so sacred, is that it is clearly a musical celebration for Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe’s performance in the United States of America. It is considered to be one of his best albums. And, let’s not forget about his performance in the city of Atlanta.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There are many hidden metaphors, which have come to be explored and entertained, throughout this particular song. For instance, the very fact that he performed in Atlanta, gives light to how enchanting and beautiful the workings of travel performances. What were his thoughts? How did he envision himself onstage? How did he imagine his performance to be in a her/historical city for a peculiar people, who grew in impossibilities? What did it mean for this memorable reunion? And, of course the whispers of Nigerian winds sprayed their breath across the city, as the space was being blessed from the past ones, foreseeing that day. Greatness was fulfilled. In addition, it had been moved and caressed with a level of tenderness. The festivities of Nigeria’s vibe had reached another culture. What was it like? And, was Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe’s performance one, which followed in the footprints of such greats as Fela Kuti? His performances of AfroBeat, Juju, Highlife, Calypso, Samba, Bolero, Rumba, Jazz, Waltz, Soul, and Funk’ musical forms were indicative of his versatility and attraction to Caribbean, Afro-Latino/a, Afro-Brazilian, Black American, and his own indigenous musical forms of Nigerian-Igbo soil.

Ah! The essence of a travelin’ man, and the culture he brings! What are the blessings that he performs, and how is he blessed in return? Kedu America. Kedu America. Blessings upon blessings. Blessed in every coloring of the word.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If you traveled to America, what would be your musical painting? Well, for Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, “Kedu America” is one of the masterpieces for such musical travels. An inviting art piece for one vocal migratory story! America, you are invited America. The Chief has arrived!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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