Clara Nunes’ Vocal Dancing With Waters, In Heaven’s Artistic Delight!

The Digital Performance Of Legendary, Brazilian Singer and Songwriter-CLARA NUNES-Her Song "O Mar Serenou," and Returning To Memory Of Heaven's Paradise On Earth!

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There is something invigorating about large bodies of water. In fact, there are numerous avenues to understanding how water creates music, and serves as a palette for musical composition. They are certain rhythms in how a person is moves through the dynamics of water. You hear invisible notes, that your body becomes akin to. Listeners can’t help but become in tuned, with this new paradise of music 🎶 making. That’s the beauty of it all. Surround yourself with this special place, where nature and the Universal collide. This precious realm of creative thinking, where you observe myriad sculptures of water, and see them intertwine with the other. You experience water’s music on its Earthly platform, and you feel it in the Heavenly atmosphere. That’s what makes it phenomenal!

When an artist sings and performs in the comforts of water, there is a whole other level of artistry, When a singer, entertainer, or dancer performs through the very essence of water, one comes to view the artistry of movement as a sacred dance with water. Floating and being re-acquainted to water’s movements and delight provides one with the nourishment of moving oneself into the essence of compassion and love. Music 🎶🎶🎶 and song is portrayed and envisioned into a different light. Music is guided as a healer and as a powerful tool in restoring healing, nurture, and abundance. In the very singing of any song, in the playing of any instrument, the Heavens move into one harmony and beat. There is beauty and love in their essence. Once they come into the Heavens, love is abound. There is allure in one’s essence, and healing is abound.

When a singer moves, and sings, in the way of the oceans, seas, rivers, and other silks of fruition, there is a vocal connection to a higher realm. A greater realm, where the ancients once knew, and once connected to. They understood that in connecting with the sacredness of water, one could experience the Creator’s love and ecstasy. A magnitude so Divine that safe spacing would have to surround one’s very Being, so that a person not crumble under the magnitude of power, arising from Heaven. That’s how phenomenal the realm of music is. And once you voice that realm to Heaven’s gates, you are inviting infinite wisdom and power into Earth’s domain. Therefore, it takes a certain talent and gift to soften this power 🎶🎶🎶 when it is brought into this domain. There are beauties, nourishment, and elements of nurture to be used in creating one’s lens of beauty and mystique with music’s connection to the Divine. There are numerous components in understanding this particular lens. A singer who can make the musicality of Universal performance, that more gentle, playful, and easier to comprehend, is a master of Heaven’s domain, within her own right.

Once such dame is the legendary singer and songwriter. . .

Clara Nunes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The video for her song “O Mar Serenou” (“The Serenou Sea”) is one such performance of water’s connection to Divinity. Furthermore, it is also a telling of woman, her natural intertwining to the sea, and woman’s ability to bring calm to water’s excitement. In fact, once woman enters, there is a level of being able to move through her intimacies, while bringing such levels to Earthly domains. The richness of the lyrics for “O Mar Serenou” further conveys such measure of depth. Furthermore, one has the power to move through such a cleansing oasis, with a level of grace, playfulness, and gentility. Through woman, the harshness, or “violence” of water 💦💦💦 is not as unstable to deal with.

O mar Serenou quando ela pisou na areia

The sea calmed when she stepped into the sand

Quem samba na beira do mar e sereia

Who samba at the seashore is a mermaid

In this very segment alone, of the song, viewers are taken into a world, where the water maidens are ever flowing and present, with the sea. There is a reason why mermaids were created. Their very Being brings calm and abundance to the the mysteries of water. Here it is that our beloved Clara Nunes is re-aligning woman back to her inner mermaids. Mermaids are adventurous. They are guided into a level of artistry, not comprehended by many. Bringing balance to any hostility of water, they have the power to move through the harshness and perceived “violence” of waters. What may seem “unstable” is none other than the dance of waters. That invisible music 🎶🎶, with the moon and Earth’s domain is the reason for those high waves 🌊 , and “untamed” balance of water. In the video, Nunes performs the role of that mythological creatures, who demonstrated how playful, natural, and intimate the sea can be.

O pescador nao tem medo

The fisherman is not afraid

E segredo se volta ou se fica no funds do mar

It’s a secret whether you stay at the bottom of the sea

Ao ver a moreno bonita sambando

When seeing the beautiful brunette sambando

E segredo se volta ou se fica no fundo do mar

It’s a secret if you stay or stay at the bottom of the sea; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There are precious secrets, seemingly at water’s bottom. Furthermore, what makes it more inviting is the mythology, surrounding it. Certain key figures, as the fisherman, understand dynamic workings of the sea. Fishermen, and fisherwomen, also highlight essential elements of moving through the memories of water, water’s timing, and how we are immersed into water’s knowledge.

Observing the video, one witnesses how Clara Nunes paints herself with the sea. Positioning herself with different parts of its Being, she illuminates storytelling with the dynamics of its dance. She has aligned herself with its rhythms, and through such, one becomes engaged into how the dynamics of water and dance become intertwined. In a terse amount of words, the audience begins to have a more humane essence into those high waves, and vivacity of the sea. In fact, the sea takes on a wonder of its own. We observe the personality and artistry of the sea, within this very video, alone. There is great room for enchantment and for one to envision their greatest dreams, through the telling of the sea.

Another beautiful telling, surrounding this digital artistry is how the Nunes intertwines land and water. They are unique for this level of artistry. Whether she is allowing her feet to caress through the sands, stretching her body across rocks, spinning in circles, or moving her Being with hanging vegetation, grace blesses any woman, who is able to navigate through Earth’s domains and richness. Great things arise from it all. Furthermore, a person happens to understand the jewels of water, in a way that is connected to Heaven’s delight. One cannot help, but to yearn in one’s experience for the establishment of paradise on Earth. Heaven’s divinity is what is desired on Earth.

“Quem samba na beira do mar e sereia.”

Clara Nunes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is peace and serenity in this space. The water is not simply still. In fact, it looks as if there are hints of rain, with the sprinkle of cloudy skies. Nevertheless, she is enjoying the terrain, in all of her personalities. In Clara Nunes, you witness a level of beauty and eloquence, which marries land and water. If fact, you hear that intriguing dynamic within her voice. The fluidity of Earth is revealed. Forget any form of “hardness,” associated with her. Earth’s vegetation is part of the fertility of woman’s creativity. Viewers are reminded that it is land and water, which nourishes woman’s creativity. One of the sacred treasures of Being in this atmosphere, is how it reminds us of who we truly are; when not imprisoned in the hectic nature of the “real world.”

A lua brilhava vaidosa

The moon shown proudly

De si orgulhosa e prosa com que deus the deu

Proud of you and prose with what God gave you

Ao ver a morena sambando

When seeing the brunette samba

Foi se acabrunhando entao adormeceu o sol apareceu

It was crumbling then fell asleep the sun came up; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Another hidden reality within this video is that it hints to this dance and song, being a form of worship. “Proud of you and prose with what God gave you.” Listeners return to the place of Divinity. They are forever reminded of this sacred contract between Heaven and Earth. Sound has the power to warrant such greatness. After all, music 🎶🎶🎶🎶 is the voice of Heaven. On another scale, it creates a level of artistry in performing with Heaven; while experiencing her blessings on Earth. For some reason, the message includes us returning to the Earthly paradise, in understanding why we are given the gifts, we have been blessed with. When it comes to the arena of music, our gifts are not to be exploited for profit, or false notions of superiority. On the contrary, those of us blessed with musical talents are meant to explore those talents in their elevation of the Earth’s vector. Elevating her, so that humanity is awakened to the reality, that Heaven can indeed be experienced on Earth. That’s the miracle of it all.

Let’s return to the power of the Moon. One of the sacred entities of water 💦💦💦 on Earth is how it matches the Moon and Earth’s timing. Watching the high rise of waves, a person experiences this exquisite connection to the Universal. Its another wave of music, being explored. There are delightful and beautiful tresses in how Nunes highlights this anchor between Heaven and Earth. Lots of richness, soothing, and healing for the treasures of music’s placing of Universal artistry. I just imagine those continued dances for Earth’s wonders. On another level, a person is given the platform and formula for the pleasantries of being human. Lay in nature and she will forever be your guide. Should you be lost, you will be found (and renewed) in her womb.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Returning to the elixir and texture of Clara Nunes‘ voice, an aura arises of being part of that decor when navigating the delicacy between land in water. Clarity, fluidity, and depth are found in Clara Nunes’ voice; thereby, having a particular sparkle to it. A listener imagines floating, gliding, or twirling through time. One of the treasures for this manner is part of the movement in one’s ecstasy. You gain that experience in intertwining water’s fiction and reality. Sacred testaments of Biblical gardens are restored, when dancing with water’s time.

Our legendary singer and songwriter bridges through the awakening of having experienced one’s Heavenly paradise on Earth. There are certain pleasantries and personas, moving throughout water. Special people, sacred people, guide humanity into their experiences with water. They are as common as fishermen. They are as mighty singers, blessing their vocality into the given space. Our beloved Clara Nunes has provided us with one example in safeguarding this paradise. Safeguarding the invisible and visible realms of Universal connections to Earth and Heavens’ delight. Earth and water are complements of each other. There are particular efforts in moving through salacious arenas of time. Water 💦💦💦 and moons’ delight serve as such. Clara Nunes wears the elixirs of time. With great regard, both atmospheres are intertwined within the Universal lens. Serenity expands her decor, and water 💦 sculpts our enchantment, with delights of Heavens’ moons, and paintings of love.

When love is spread across the sea, one gains better clarity in the reason for the wildness of water’s delight. It is not to cause us harm, or for violent means. On the contrary, when waves are high, water is dancing. She demonstrates to us, just how graceful, elegant, and artistic she can be. If only we took some time to sit back and observe her artistry, we would understand that water means us no harm. Respect her existence and she will nurture ours. Take care to honor her beauty, and she will sprinkle us with her own. When humanity transitions out of this notion for nature’s water to be “conquered,” we gain a different perspective in how she is to exist. We understand that it is better to align with her dances, than deluding ourselves into thinking she has no dance, at all. Seas dance vivaciously with serenity. Once we find her rhythm, attune ourselves to it. Only then will you find those hidden dances of water’s delight!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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