Claiming Peace in Turbulent Times

Peace is an inside job.

Alice Donovan Rouse, Courtesy of Unsplash

We can’t ask for or expect peace in the world when we can’t claim it for ourselves.

When we direct our search for peace, security or happiness outward, we give over our power and potential to reach the deep and inexhaustible source of the qualities that make life worth living. Tapping into the source of creation by whatever name feels right for you is to discover unconditional love and limitless possibility. It’s the same spring that every human being is free to access, but few know of its existence let alone drink from it.

Instead, we look to people of power and worldly influence to assure us of that over which they have no real control. Investment in the material world can only result in the finite and in the finite there are winners and losers, the haves and have-nots. Your membership in a category largely depends on who is winning in the moment. And we all know that might meaning right was perhaps suitable in Neanderthal times, but not in these eons of evolving consciousness.

The evolving consciousness of man is keeping apace with the exponential technology that has broadened the axis of dichotomy between the beneficial and malignant. We live in pivotal times. The Earth will undoubtedly survive, but we as a species may well not. Or if we do it might be in an environment that to some of us would be worse than annihilation. Violence, aggression and hatred cannot do anything but breed itself. And when we allow ourselves to be distracted by these forces — either in agreement or in outrage, the effect is the same. We feed the negative. The unsettled. The turbulent.

Instead, resist the urge to engage in all that is ‘wrong’ in the world, other than to see it as an alert to stay clear. Go instead within and discover the peace that gives you the space to breathe and get clear on your priorities. If it’s peace and happiness you desire, then that is what you have to nurture. The world then becomes a reflection of your inner state. The peace you feel will immediately affect your relationship with yourself and others. Like a pebble dropped in a still pond, the waves extend to all shores.

Peace be with you.


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