Chuck Brown’s GO-ing Performance Of Life’s Beauties! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

How The Legendary "Godfather Of Go Go"-CHUCK BROWN-Reminds Us Of Simply Living! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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We have often been told that life is a race! In fact, a great portion of humanity goes rushing ahead, in order to complete our next tasks, responsibilities, and accomplishments. We are on the clock. Ready. Set. Go. After that initial take off, we push forward at fast speed. Moving ahead in order to ensure that we are not left behind; never lagging behind. Life is hard. We are told that, as well. Should we decide not to play the game of life, we end up becoming bystanders-onlookers, who are left to observe others in the race. When you are not participating in the race, you end up as pawns, within it. Going. Going. Going. Going. And still going. In fact, we have surpassed the energizer bunny, and life continues to move, as things pass us by. We get so caught up in the move, that we do not slow down to savor the essence. There is a reason for that. Of course, this mainstream perception of life, has placed us in survival mode. Fear is consistently designated within our spaces. Fear is heavily depicted to us on television. Should we need to move to the public sector, fear has the power of presenting itself on the streets and others. We are reminded of what could happen to each and every one of us, should we decide to, exit the race!

The truth is how humanity has gotten out of control, as it pertains to our life’s purpose-our life’s journey! So many of us have been trained to “survive,” rather than, live! A great portion of humanity has truly come to see themselves born to work. It’s a vicious cycle, and there have been so many wasted talents. There are people whose talents, we will never know; all because they were focused on, surviving!

There are certain musicians, artists, singers, and creative types, who are sent to remind us for why we were sent onto this Earth. And, it is connected to the very essence of, living! All of the things that we have forgotten, or have not made time for are the very reason for why we are living. Family. Love. Appreciation of our very blessings. The ability for waking up in the morning. Having true friends. Gratitude for the very basics. Yes! All of such is connected with our very essentials for living.

When such artists come to us, they are meant to be respected and honored. After all, their very gifts and messages are encouragements for our ongoing movement of finding happiness, in the midst of all life’s pains. When life’s challenges arise, we could all use some form of inspiration. In fact, it is through our overcoming of such challenges, when we come to observe just how strong and phenomenal, we truly are. Through struggle, we come to realize that we have the ability to tackle and accomplish any problem. That’s just how it is!

Of course, certain music provides us with the ability to feel good, in the midst of. Returning back into the world of Black American music and culture, there are particular forms of music, which had the ability to nourish that feel good, vibe. From the moment it came one, you just had to feel nourished and accepted. There was nothing that could stop you from your happiness. Once a particular song came on, whatever troubles and pains, you may have experienced, simply went away; at least for that very moment. It was a natural remedy! It was a natural therapy. Again, we return to the city of Washington D.C. Another historical site for the Black American experience, and the birthing of Go Go music; considered to be the love child of, Funk! And, there was one name, which came to stand out! That name was none other than “The Godfather Of Go Go” music. . .

Chuck Brown; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Chuck Brown was not only a legend of D.C., but also an iconic name, within a particular genre. He is considered to be the founder of Go-Go music. They are the genres of Funk and Soul, and when you have such genres, in your musical repertoire, there is a wonderful splendor, at hand! Yes! We are aware of his some of his famed classics. Nevertheless, there was also those hidden songs, which were made to restore our faith in humanity. Those songs, reminded us of the good times. Reminding us of good vibes, in the midst of the bad ones. Nevertheless, we were always made to find love and tenderness. It is part of the natural, human psyche seek healing, when tackling the harsh realities of pain. That’s real!

There is one song, which spoke of those daily beauties, when it came to dealing with this thing, called, life! Sometimes, we have the tendency of getting so caught in up our troubles and pains, that we forget about our blessings! So, why not rejoice and celebrate those joyful times, and what we have? That’s a real love! In fact, celebrating one’s successes and blessings, is a form of taking care of our mental health. When times get difficult, such is very imperative! The song is entitled, “Beautiful Life.’ And yes, life is truly beautiful! It is very grand, if we permit it to be so! Life is filled with endless treasures, which can be used for our own delight. In fact, the very beauties, surrounding us, provides us with the momentum and power to overcome our sorrows and pains. They are life’s natural healing ointments. One particular song from such a performer is, “Beautiful Life.” The lyrics are their own elixir. They are nourishing and intrinsic, for all to see.

What a beautiful life All that I got All that I need I got you Baby, you got me What more could I ask for? Beautiful life (beautiful life for life) We got a beautiful life I got a beautiful life I woke up this morning, y’all The sun was shining all so brightly I thought about how good this life is Back in the day it wasn’t always like this

Clearly, within the first stanza, love is in abundance. It is connected with something as beautiful as a ray of sunshine. Just honoring those natural flavors from Earth’s paradise is enough to relish in one’s abundance of joy and love. Sitting outside in the sun is another refresher concerning how one is meant to support meditation, and maintain a level of, stillness. The sun is a living testament to the Creator’s unstopping love . The sun, and any other mechanism is filled with our very Being, and nectar for living. It is a gift from Heaven’s allure. Furthermore, it is an inner reflection of our very Spirit; how our Spirits should be, and how we should be illuminating from within, in order to express it on the outside. Sun rays are the reflection of the many smiles of the sun. There is always a way to embrace its grace and ever growing majesty.

I think about the things we done been through I think about the place that I come from It wasn’t always easy So, everyday I’m thanking GOD for the beautiful people everywhere I go I just need to see your smiling faces at my show And when you feel the real love from the family Everyday is a gift ya’ll, that’s all I need; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the most complex, yet nourishing components in being able to appreciate the daily components of life is the Spirit of family, and understanding the conception of building holistic relationships and familial ties. In addition, we become compelled to navigate through our Spiritual journey. That Spiritual journey is connected to our comprehension to the Divine. Looking back on one’s livelihood and journey, there is a unique eloquence, relating to one’s very comfort and ease. Furthermore, particular themes and dynamics move to assist us in our journey for the long term. Looking back, it always appears that the past has its regrets, struggles, and stories of overcoming. Therefore, when one overcomes such trials and tribulations, we are met with a euphoric feeling of victory. Things seem right. It feels powerful to know that we are alive to overcome them. Now, that’s beautiful. Furthermore, it’s empowering. It means that we have explored and rediscovered those hidden factors, within our very Being. We come to discover things about ourselves, that we never knew. It’s exciting and provided is with that urgent rush, in appreciating the here and now of Earth’s majesty. There are abundant awakenings when past reflections take place. You look back and are amazed in how you overcame those difficult challenges. There is a sigh of relief. It feels well. It feels nutritious and holistic. An individual feels alive knowing that the Creator has looked out for one, during this entire time. It’s the greatest testimony to our experience with wellness. Then, there is that particular lyric in the song: I just need to see your smiling faces at my show. Isn’t artistry beautiful? Isn’t it a healing wonder? For an artist to desire that their audience is healed after every performance is one example of musical therapy, in itself. This song, “Beautiful Life” is crafted and created to remind any human Being, that we have something to be grateful for. That, somewhere, in the midst of our sorrows, we have the opportunity to find beauty in even the smallest, every day things. If there is one lesson, we have not learned, it is this:. Even in the most dire of spaces, there is beauty, somewhere. Somewhere, there is a hint of beauty, love, and tenderness, which can be celebrated, and cherished.

Life is Beautiful, Baby! Even “The Go Go” knows that!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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