Children’s Winter Wellness Of Fantasy, For Chronicles In A New Song!

How The Importance Of Childhood's Fantasy Is Presented In C.S. Lewis, "The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe," and Its Liberation Of The Human Spirit!

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Children and the winter season have a sacred power in how they convey the aesthetics of imagination. The innocence, adventure, and compassion of children, creates a realm of guardianship. Children are sacred angels, into how their illumination and reminder into the worlds of fiction, imagination, and creativity are important for the sweetness and wonders of reality! Fiction and reality operate hand-in-hand. Fiction is part of that enchanting reality; operating as complements of each other. Contrary to what many people think, these particular realms operate together. Its a magical world. The word, beautiful is an understatement in comparison to the amount of wealth, which is housed in the Universal realm. There are unique conversations, when it comes to delving into this creative and magical world. These conversations forces us into releasing ourselves to our inner child, as adults, in order to experience it all over again. That’s the pleasure and beauty of it all. Its a healing process, and it moves through different levels of serenity and nourishment. Whatever pains we may have experienced in the guises of children, whatever fears continuing to plague the existence of our psyche, we are able to return to the guises of imagination, in order to bring that healing to the forefront. If we have to return to fiction, in order to understand reality, childhood permits us to do so.

So, in the guise (and course) of winter, one again comes to move through those tales of winter, of childhood’s playground and dreams. There are different grounds, which are inviting to this world of fiction, and reality’s timing. Certain tales have come to re-awaken our imagination and hopes for these current vibrations. They are those tales of courage, wisdom, bravery, and understanding. They are those tales of fulfillment, wonder, love, and bravery in the hope of navigating those precious joys of love, family, and laughter. Yes, there are those tales, in which triumph against evil reigns supreme, as the truth always, prevails. Often, the secret of victory does not lay within the fastest, the strongest, or those taking on a larger than life physicality. On many occasions, it is the figures of those persons, whose image is that of innocence. Their presence appears helpless. In fact, many times they were not even through be taken seriously. Nevertheless, there power remains hidden, for it is more powerful, and sacred, than what many could even imagine. One particular tale, is the Chronicles Of Narnia!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

It is a tale by author, C.S. Lewis, which colored the power and bravery of children; and why Heaven treasures them, so very deeply. It is why Heaven views them as a mighty force in the triumph and victory of good! There are great wonders in observing what brings certain things to the aesthetics of love and kindness. Children are reflections of that force, for they remind us that other worlds exist; and they should never be forgotten or left behind. In fact, it is within those “forgotten” worlds, where the secrets to life’s victory lays, in waiting.

Journeying to the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, one comes to find the journey of four brothers and four sisters. Not only do they become important in a magical land, but they end up being the secret prophecy for the salvation of that land. They are what Narnia has been waiting, praying, and hoping for.

Peter. Susan. Edmond. Lucy. They are the Pevensie children, who escape the suburban realities of German bombs in the United Kingdom, during World War II. Taken to a safe haven to live in the countryside, with Professor Digory Kinke, their housekeeper-Mrs. Macready makes it very clear that Professor Kinke is not to be disturbed. In dealing with such limited confinements, it becomes very clear that the children yearn to seek for new, and uplifting, adventures. A brief transformation of the home into a hide-and-seek playground leads them into the magical world of Narnia. And yet, it is Lucy, who is the first to find it. Isn’t it amazing how the youngest are often the bravest to enter into the world of magic’s unknown? Isn’t that fascinating? Isn’t it enchanting?

Lucy initiates the finding, meeting her friend-a faun, known as “Mr. Tumnus.” He has never seen a human before. Of course, that is what makes it even more profound. For the prophecy makes it clear that the Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam, will ensure Narnia the victory in defeating the “White Witch.” Ah! The prophecy has come fulfilled. And so, how will it be treasured and fulfilled? Of course, finding a special world, behind a wardrobe doesn’t sound convincing, when addressing it to her brothers and sisters Of course, it will take a child’s eye, and faith, to keep this prophecy alive. For Lucy, Adam, and Edmond, they would have to make that journey into Narnia, in order to believe its wonderful tales. It would have to be an awakening, in order for the children to truly understand their calling.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the fascinating beauties, pertaining to this winter tale of childhood’s domain is that children are placed as the superheroes of this narrative. Children are placed within the story line, and depicted as the true source of inspiration for the salvation of Narnia. What does this say about the mental wellness of the adults, and wise ones, who are in the story? Well, for one, it states just how sane and awake, they truly are. There are many layers to this story. For one, there is the intermarriage between fiction and reality. The fact that the fantasy word was aware of the human one, demonstrates a higher level of spiritual awakening. And why did the prophecy not choose adults to save them? Perhaps, its because so many adults are too realistic to comprehend a greater world of knowledge and being. Perhaps, that is what makes the story of salvation, so profound. The apparent “frivolous” nature of children and their audacity to dream, imagine, and seek what is hidden, is why Narnia’s prophecy mandated that children would be the saviors of this fantastical land.

In Narnia, there are different characters: talking beavers, fauns, half animals and half human creatures, eagles turning into fire, and of course, a lion. His name is Aslan, and he has been preparing for this battle, in the victory of life. And four, precious, and sacred children would be his most viable weapon. Biblically, lions have a sacred space in Heaven. They have a sacred connection, while resembling vibrations spaces on Earth. Courage, strength, and wisdom is what characterizes their presence. For lions are part of the prophecy in Heaven’s victory and reclaiming of Earth. Hmm. . .Interesting. Perhaps, that is another hidden message. Its the message that Heaven, “the fiction,” and Earth are intertwined into a Being, in which the masses of people do not see. That Heaven and the “fictional” domain reflects themselves on Earth, in ways that we do not know. Whether it be through art, songs, poetry, music, decorations of the human body, or whatever methods of Universal aesthetics, which reflects itself onto Earth’s spacing, fiction has made its presence aware in this Earthly paradise. Of course, reality’s recognition of this enchanting world is real. We observe such through folkloric traditions, fairy tales, “mythology,” and others. However, how often is its fast-paced world utilized through the lens of, everyday living? Of course, such is for a deeper reflection, and meditative Spirit to be analyzed. These things are rather useful, would you not agree? In fact, they are more than “useful.” They are healing, as they provide that nurture and nectar for the delight of movement and navigation, into the hostilities of the “real world.”; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The fictional world for reality’s gate keeping are important. In many regards they remind us that our purpose for living, and working on Earthly planes, are not merely for labor and “surviving.” Not at all. Humanity has been placed onto this Earth for a greater reason. There are more reasons and rationales for our presence on this Earth. We are here to bring balance. We are on this Earth to restore what has been taken away; all the while ensuring that balance blossoms for eternity. Fiction directs us in our reason of living. Without its consistent immersion into our lives, we become hardened and removed from our humanity. Its why our connection, and protection, of children’s domain (and their lives) is so important. Protecting children is the salvation and sanity of humanity.

Our reflections on this intriguing film continues to make sense as to why “the White Witch” wanted Lucy, Edmond, Peter, and Adam gone from both fiction and reality’s timing. Their Spirits were intertwined with Divinity. Heaven had ordained their blessing, and their journey. It was ordained because they, believed. Now, that’s a reality. Blessings come to those who believe in Heaven’s delight. Rewards come to those who spread that delight to others and their well-being.

And so, as we move to delve into the world of love and fiction’s nectar, let us always remember the sacred presence of children, and their fantasy. Their dreams. Their knowledge. Their connection to this hidden power. Watch them play, and inspire stories of make-believe. I promise you, that you will see it. There you have it! Its proof in the wellness and beauties of fiction’s delight, and its movement into the blessings of dreams. It is Heavenly. It is beautiful. It is Divine! You will not ever have to worry about forgetting who you are, and your own journey; as long as you remember the world of, children’s play. Bring it into the origin of humankind, as the Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam spread that eternal love. Sharing that love from a child’s eye. The only factor is that, this time, they won’t be kicked out of the Garden. This time, humanity will find comfort, safety, and knowledge, with a new haven, of fantasy’s garden!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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