Charlotte Mbango’s Wellness Party, In “Konkai Makossa!”

How The Legendary Cameroonian Makossa Singer, CHARLOTTE MBANGO, Performs The Serenity Of Healthy Love, In A Healthy Party Atmosphere, In Her Song (and Video), "Konkai Makossa!"

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The very Being of parties are wellness centers, in their own right. It takes the right music, the right people, and the right atmosphere to pull off a party environment, that is healing and soothing to the Soul. It’s safe to say that too often, the party atmosphere has become depicted as a space of corruption; where trouble occurs. Such is especially true, when it relates to the mentalities of the moral police. However, on the contrary, the party ritual is naturally suited (and designed) for our well-being; more so than the destructive side, we have seen. Should we interpret the party experience, as party of a holistic ritual, we can say that they can be a safe haven for the channeling of healthy energies among attendees.

Let’s be real! Parties are fun. They are that Special World, in the midst of the Real World. Parties are meant to create that fictional domain, where our immersion with imagination, come into fruition. Lights. Decorations. Music. Food. Festivities. Nutritious people. Abundant spacing. The list goes on! All of these components come together to reflect the Universal aesthetics of celebration and meditation. Keep in mind that fun is a form of therapy. Shall we get precise? Clean and holistic fun is a form of therapy. For it channels the natural aura of our happiness. We come to understand just how jubilant our natural state can be, when it is allowed to flourish in the right atmosphere. Parties and holistic celebrations remind us of our humanity, and how we are supposed to experience our lives on Earth. Of course, parties can be interpreted as an escape from the real world-the stress, hardships, responsibilities, and deadened energy; which overwhelms so many of today’s working society. However, there is a catch to that. Transforming parties into a temporary “escape” has its consequences if one is not using them as sources of healing, or mental and Spiritual cleansing. If a person uses parties for alcoholic addictions, intoxication, or the draining of another’s energy, then one is truly operating outside of its holistic realm. Let’s explore a little further.

There is a way with parties, which has to be crafted and designed to ensure that attendees gain that holistic experience. First and foremost, it’s the energy of the space. Holistic vibes needs to have been spread within the spacing, prior to the arrival of any visitor. Such could relate to the use of candles, perfumes, and other sensory attributes. It also means that the hostess has to have internal peace, within. It is they, who set the mood for the blessing. The right music, and sprinkles of energetic nutrition, enter in order to fulfill the spacing. Then, of course, there has to be those particular guests, whose energy is compatible to the spacing. It doesn’t mean they must always be in a happy mood. Yet, their energy must remain pure and nourishing. Sometimes those drained Spirits need the elevation of their Spirits. Sometimes beautiful people may not always come in with that high-passionate energy. People are looking for regeneration and the replenishing of their own Spirits. That’s why they come into the party atmosphere. So, how does the party scene cater to that particular need? How can parties be designed and crafted to cater to one’s particular needs, desire to be restored?

Certain songs have that party-themed vibe and aura. You know when you enter into the party atmosphere, there is a certain song, which has to be played. There is no other way around it. It must be performed. It’s that song which gets the vibe and them, going. Again, it’s the very reason for why people decide to come to a particular, social theme, or atmosphere. That one song makes way for a beautiful, holistic, and healing night.

Another return to the nation of, Cameroon. Coming across those legendary singers and musicians, that knew how to get the party started in Cameroon; and get it started, well! There was one Cameroonian dame, who seemed to comprehend how to make that party, the very talk of the night. Even if you are not Cameroonian, there is still a particular vibe, where you simply want to get up and dance to the song. Whether you know the literal translation to the song, or not. The vibe is simply surreal. It makes you feel alive! For this time around, we focus on a well known songbird, with a song that got you prepped up for the party, before you even arrived, there. Her name is none other than. . .

Charlotte Mbango; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She was one of the well-known Makossa singers of Cameroon. The year 1988 was the time, which catapulted her to international fame. Her album, Konkai permitted her to achieve her first, Gold Record. Born in Douala, Cameroon, it is evident that musicianship had not escaped her. For she had come from a family of musicians. And Baby, when you are born into the musical world, there ain’t no stoppin’ you! Her family connections are derived from one of the legendary figures of Cameroonian music-EBOA LOTIN! And, when you are born from greatness, you are expected to be, GREAT! In fact, one’s talent is repetitiously tested over and over, again. That’s just how it is! Once it enters into your very Spirit, it blossoms from, within.

In every musician’s career, there is that one song, which is a legendary, party anthem. It has that power to transform any boring space into that fun-filled wonderland, that we often dream of. From the moment it comes on, you already know the reaction of fellow party attendees. The vibe is more than lively! The energy carries on throughout the space in waves, that one cannot imagine. Simply close your eyes, and imagine a huge wave of Universal coloring overtaking the atmosphere; clearing away any areas of toxicity, which may linger. Hearts, which may have been broken, and those bad days become irrelevant, as a new wave of energy becomes dominant. What’s so fascinating about this specific party experience, is that it does not require any delay in time. In fact, from the very moment that the song comes on, one already experiences, the beat. The initial sound colors the very Spirit, at any party engagement. If we are to be more frank, we can also state that memories of the song, already preps one’s anticipation to the party. The song is already in your head, when getting dressed up, glammed up, and made up! You have played the song in your head so much, that it’s a given it will be one of the highlighted moments for your time at the party. It will be one of the best memorable times at the party. That’s for sure!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

For this particular moment in time, we have the one, and only, Charlotte Mbango, and her song, “Konkai Makossa.” Watching the music video, while listening to the song, a level of excitement automatically enters into the atmosphere. And finally, the magic comes to life! That fictional world we have yearned to be part of, comes into reality! When the fictional comes into reality, there is a great praise into the Universe. Heaven is truly pleased, when wellness and holistic perfumes are sprayed onto Earth’s domain. That’s another level of love to be assessed.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

“Konkai Mokossa” is not only catchy, but also gets straight to the point. There is no need to introduce, fun. Fun is already, here! The video for the son clearly opens up with a young woman, who is getting ready for the party. Already she is feeling the vibes. Enjoyment will not wait. Yet, it seems that her efforts for enjoyment have been delayed. She wants to get to the party. The only question is, how? Clearly, her father does not approve. Yet, the adventure of feeling good, and feeling alive, is imminent. Finally, she makes it there. Right along with other positive, and healthy spirits, who yearn to partake in the very healing arts of music and dance. After all, that is truly what they are! The arts of natural healing.

There are no ulterior motives for being at the party. People are there because they cherish the very artistry of, living. Of course, engaging in a healthy, and loving atmosphere, with another person is also at the party. Young love. No strings attached. No methods of control. Just connecting with another person because you are feelin’ their Spirit. You want to connect with them spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Materialistic motives are not part of the equation. In fact, when parties are designed in truly embracing life’s aesthetics, the humanity of people attending, are enriched. It’s that clicking moment in understanding what it means to experience a natural intimacy, with others, who have come to join in on the party. That natural humanity of love, and prosperity. It feels nourishing and well. It simply, feels good!

The young woman in this narrative has achieved her aim. Clean fun. Dancing. The meeting of a new beau. There was no harm, which came from this. Love’s restoration was celebrated. And, there was healing in that very moment. When parties happen, within the course of nighttime, a level of healing and bliss is illuminated, in a way of fireworks. Our lovely, Cameroonian dame was able to acquire something beautiful, within the course of the night. Having a party within the decor of the night’s sky ensures that the magic is felt! Magic is our ability to reach the aesthetics of imagination’s bloom. Bringing traces of that into an Earthly spacing, will ensure that one is filled with a level of comfort and euphoria. Euphoria is complemented with a space of wonder and tenderness. The willingness of releasing. The desire of being vulnerable; while embracing those sacred delights and treasures of the night.

Everything about the song, “Konkai Makossa,” is suitable for healing. The beat. The pace. The different rhythms. And, the voice! The voice of Charlotte Mbango cuts through so fluidly. It makes healing, through song, as natural as drinking water. Any barriers to the overall process are immediately, washed away. Her voice illuminates the song, and it soothes the listener. Even if one decides not to venture off to the party, the song is one of those feel good vibes for an after work, happy hour. Driving in one’s car. Having a break during office time. The opportunities for wellness are endless. Throughout the course of any given day, they consistently rebirth themselves over and over again. And, when you have gifted singers as Charlotte Mbango, one can never go wrong in feeling, alive!

Makossa music is a treasured jewel of Cameroonian landscapes. Those legendary singers, such as Charlotte Mbango are the very reasons for why the nation of Cameroon will continue in its alignment and nurture to the very richness of Universal healing. Consistently, and intimately, restoring herself, through time’s elixir. Through those gifted Spirits, and the music of holistic delight, she will continue to restore the very wellness of Cameroon into a grander level of existence. Every nation, and every culture, has their own interpretation in how they connect with their unique Universal celebration of artistry. It’s that silent energy between the Heavens and the Earth. And, it’s main purpose is for the restoration of the Soul. How does one heal, and intertwine, themselves into Heaven’s domain; all the while ensuring that one’s very existence is a blessing to the Creator’s will, on Earth? A healthy party, in the midst of nighttime, is one way of expressing this. Channeling loving energy throughout the very spacing, while ensuring that every person in attendance is being nourished by it. There is no room for neglect, nor for using love (and healing) as a source of vanity, or for others to feel envious of you. No! When the party is sacred, everyone benefits!

In fact, the party never stops when healing is at the very center. Even after the show, the energy is carried through. So, continue to enjoy those healthy nights, and sacred parties, where wellness is channeled to all who attend. Celebrate that love from, within! And, ensure that wellness still thrives, when the party is over!

To listen to more of the music from Charlotte Mbango, you may click on the following link:; Edits By Lauren Kaye clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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