Cem Karaca’s Silent, Rockin’, Sound!

Listening Moments Of Turkey's Rock Legend-CEM KARACA-and A Silent Activity Of Hearing An Iconic Song, "Deniz Ustu Korpurur!"

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The world of Rock N’ Roll has moved through different parts of the world. Through this Black American art form, people have taken it, redesigned, and re-crafted it into a way, which suits their culture and nation. Its an interesting style and art form. For the most part, it comes to comprehend just how certain cultures interpret another form of music. How do they take it all in, and craft it into a style, which suits them? How does the world of Rock n’ Roll create a level of authenticity, regarding how cultures are able to reflect their person, within it? This particular form of Negro music, within United States soils, has that level of impact. It is no different than other sounds, surrounding musical elements of that peculiar sound. What makes it even more fascinating is how it comes to manifest and bring forth a level of understanding for another group of people. Placing oneself, immersing oneself, within the aura and elements of another people’s experiencing. What a wonder it must be to perform, and take that experience, to move through the confines and domains of another group of people. They birth forth different vibes and auras. Furthermore, they go to connect with the most important parts of that music. It provides them with the capability to see reflections of their own cultural journey, within the delicacies of that particular music. It is intrinsic and nourishing. Seeing oneself, and presenting oneself, as part of being within a particular musical decor, is what brings forth an intrinsic perception within musical expression.

One of the most auspicious elements of living in Turkish domains, and this region of the world, in general, is how Rock music takes on an intrinsic touch. It adds a unique realm for how we are to move through myriad dimensions. There are particular levels of beauty and intensity when people are moving into a different culture, not of their own. Something about the Aegean Sea, provides a particular scene to how artists are able to fully highlight the presence of water. Its holistic. Reflections of jeweled water seep through!

When listening to the Rock scene of the Turkish nation, we are made aware of one particular legend. One particular man, whose voice kept a low and docile touch. It is heavenly, should you come to think about it. There is one singer, in particular, who knows just how relevant it is to connect with that deeper and rich tone. Let’s not forget to navigate the dynamics for being open to playing around with the vibrato. We hear that through the sacred tenderness of one Turkish singer. His name is. . .


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ntv.com.tr/amp/galeri/sanat/anadolu-rock-ozani-cem-karaca-olumunun-16-yilinda-aniliyor,20pIbwLtbEOEJiWYRvBQgQ; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a lot which could be articulated about him. However, for this time around, I simply want you to listen. Listen to his song, “Deniz Ustu Kopurur,” and play with the imaginary wonders of how this song permits Turkish people to connect with the Soul of music, within their nation. I could speak on so much. However, for the purposes of this piece, I would like you to simply. . .listen! Hear and allow the music to create its own interpretation. Take your time. Take your precious and sweet time. And, we will allow Turkish sweetness, to bring you into its own haven, known as Rock n’ Roll.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ntv.com.tr/amp/galeri/sanat/anadolu-rock-ozani-cem-karaca-olumunun-16-yilinda-aniliyor,20pIbwLtbEOEJiWYRvBQgQ; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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