Career Opportunities Enabling You To Serve Humanity And Keeping Your Pocket Warm

All of us strive to do and achieve something in life. As they say, life without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. Studying for humanistic careers has many more opportunities than you might think. These sectors offer many degrees, many of them being among the best paid in the US. We will […]

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All of us strive to do and achieve something in life. As they say, life without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. Studying for humanistic careers has many more opportunities than you might think. These sectors offer many degrees, many of them being among the best paid in the US. We will show you the potential of changing people’s lives through the right career choice while keeping your pockets warm.

The highest-paid humanitarian careers

There are many career options within the humanism career field. Social and human science can also offer high pay. At the same time, you dedicate yourself to what you like, your real vocation.

So, if you want to follow your vocation, but you also want to qualify for a good salary, forget about those engineering firms. With other more humanistic options, you can obtain a very decent salary to live comfortably. At the same time, you will do what you like and put your skills to the best use. Within the sector of humanist careers, we find professions that require successful experts. These people receive outstanding compensations for their performance.

Let’s discuss some of the best fields to try.


If your dream is to become a lawyer, you have to study at a law school. Today, you can make an average of $1,500,000 in the fourth year of graduation. Employability goes as high as 80%. Undoubtedly, it is training with a great future for people who wish to serve humanity. Most students are choosing an online pre law degree for career orientation before kickstarting their law studies.

Public administration

All companies, including governmental organizations, need managers who know how to handle the company’s money. For this reason, this career offers an excellent salary, and you directly serve your country. During your fourth year after you obtain the degree, your earnings can amount to more than $1,300,000. This career offers a 90% employability rate.


Journalism is another highest-paid humanitarian career around the world. Only truthful and verified information can make society grow in values and education. For this, these professionals are indispensable and receive extraordinary salaries. If you choose to study Journalism, you can find a job with relative ease. 83% of graduates achieve it in their first year after finishing their studies. Then, the mean salary rises to about $875,000 per year in the fourth year of graduation.

Social workers

It is the most interactive career when it comes to working with people. Yes, you can do a lot with social work. You get to work with young or older people with diverse backgrounds and social origins. Whether it’s trauma therapy, sheltered living, social counseling, educational assistance, or community work oriented towards social space, your role is always humanitarian. As a social worker, you can take on an incredible number of different tasks and learn more than in any other degree course. You get the first-hand experience of treating people with respect, appreciation, and the necessary professional distance. A little tip: In my opinion, a university of applied sciences makes more sense than a university. Make sure that the state recognizes the course. That gives you more job opportunities.


Here, too, it is clear that you are helping people directly. You can help traumatized and mentally ill people through your practice or a salaried job. The way to get there is not easy: If you want to work with adults, you need a master’s degree in psychology and at least three years of costly education. If you’re going to work with children and adolescents, you have to study psychology, educational science, or social work (masters). The more affordable but challenging way is to study medicine to become a psychiatrist or medical psychotherapist.


Special projects need particular experts. An NGO abroad may offer educational projects from kindergarten to adult education and perhaps also a large number of health projects. In such cases, it needs excellently trained, highly specialized professionals who are familiar with them. Here the gender researcher can advance equality. A peace and conflict researcher can help rebuild a post-war society. A political scientist can develop civil society political structures. The only problem is that such positions are limited and have very high requirements, including many years of professional experience. It will help if you research beforehand about what you can do with your studies until then.

Health and social managers

Helping people doesn’t always have to mean that you are working directly with your target group. In hospitals, social institutions, and nonprofits, there have to be people who keep things going. Someone has to take care of the finances, make personnel decisions, develop projects, and have them worked out, plan strategically, and manage public relations. It may sound boring, but it is incredibly diverse and quite an exciting field of work. It becomes an option for many people in their later years after blowing off steam in social work. You can also saddle up your studies in health and social management, focusing on a master’s degree in health science, social science, or economics.

PR consultants/speakers/employees

Public relations are the be-all and end-all for many nonprofit companies. Without good advertising, there are no donations. That is why we must develop campaigns for television, online, and poster advertising. Companies create flyers, newsletters, brochures, and information materials. The website and social media must always be up to date. For this, organizations prefer to use people who specialize in PR. It is an excellent opportunity to combine creativity and purpose in your job.

Health care professions and healing professions

You can name doctors, health and nurses, geriatric nurses, pharmacists, midwives/obstetricians, and emergency paramedics who serve humanity. In the health sector, it is probably pretty clear that you help people directly with your work. There is also a massive need for nursing and doctors’ jobs but pay, working hours, and stress is negative points, especially in non-academic professions. It is best to find out beforehand through internships or ideally a house job in the hospital.


If you set out to do something for the world and people, forget about skepticism and get involved in one of these careers. Each of these careers may pose many challenges, but being ready for it is what counts. This article covered the highest paying careers that allow you to serve humanity and make a difference.

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