Career and its aspects a brief overview

To have career wellness means that you have chosen a profession that you enjoy, which allows you to exercise your natural abilities and skills.

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To have career wellness means that you have chosen a profession that you enjoy, which allows you to exercise your natural abilities and skills. To achieve career wellness, you also need to create a balance between work and home life. If you are in the wrong career, it can cause frustration and aggravation in your daily life. This exhaustion will affect your domestic and social life. Some people feel stuck in careers they dislike and even fall prey to drug or alcohol abuse.

Psychologists often stress to their clients the importance of finding the right career and the importance of a proper work life balance.

A Gallup study on well-being describes that there are five significant elements of wellness:

  1. Career wellness
  2. Social connections
  3. Physical health
  4. Financial stability
  5. Community

How to improve your career and well-being?

  1. Evaluate your situation
  2. Develop a progressive mindset
  3. Balance work with life
  4. Make room for hobbies

What is career coaching?

Most of the time, people consider their job as work. They think that they are doing hard work to meet their goals and save their job. A career coach or career counselor understands that the ability to use your strengths in your work is vital for healthy career development.

The career coach’s job is to provide information and guidance on career growth opportunities to help people become more successful in their chosen careers. You get a defined path to follow to reach the apex of prosperity. The coaching can be started from any phase of life; it doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a person in the early stage of your career, or even if you are a senior citizen. The real work of a career coach is to make you believe and work your way to success and fulfillment.

What are the benefits of career coaching?

  • You get personalized, expert advice
  • Your specific situation is addressed
  • Dedicated time to focus on your career
  • You get to test new ideas 

What to expect from career coaching?

  • Find your sweet spot
  • Gain career confidence
  • Find inspiration
  • Pitch yourself in a compelling manner
  • Know your next career step
  • Know how to work towards it
  • Be able to highlight your strengths 
  • Learn how to minimize your weaknesses

What not to expect from a career coaching program?

  • A fortune teller
  • Someone to make your decisions for you
  • Someone to do your work for you

What is an Aptitude Test?

Your aptitude is the natural or acquired ability to perform a particular task. Your interest doesn’t always define your aptitude. Sometimes it happens that a person has a great interest in math, but is naturally more inclined in reading and writing. When you have an aptitude to perform activities and tasks, your actions become effortless, and you accomplish the goals more efficiently than others. These tests can help you choose a particular trade or profession.

Aptitude test is beneficial to you:

  • When your unsure of your future
  • Need to determine your strengths and areas of improvement
  • For educational and career advice
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