Business Animation and Marketing Sense, With Marissa Hayes!

An Interview With Business Woman, Marketer, Consultant, and Owner Of Hayes Collective Consulting, LLC, MARISSA HAYES, and the Power Of Healthy Communication and Interpersonal Skills In the Worlds Of Marketing and Advertising!

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Marketing is a game. In fact, it is the heart of the world of business. Not only is there an artistry to this very world, but it is a reflection of human communication; and the styles connected with its capturing to the attention of another. How does a person retrieve ideas, concepts, and imagination in the creative sectors, to bring them into fruition? How does a person illuminate the richness of particular channels and marketing concepts, where they are attractive to certain energy sectors? For the purposes of this article, “energy sectors,” will refer to the realm of small businesses and large corporations. These are specific entities, which have been successful, abundant, and fair; engaging in holistic balance and exchange, when it comes to industry and finance.

The field of marketing, is about understanding the art of personal relationships with people. Stimulating the excitement of individuals, and their desire to create effective systems and strategies for product, sales, or service exchange, is the very Soul of marketing. Highlighting the creativity for this particular arena, radiates a unique vibe in the whole of marketing. It truly becomes a wonder of aesthetics, in how an individual creates and designs platforms, strategies, and designs for the exchange of finance. What is more innovating is the ability to experiment and test these designs for their greatest capability. What works? What doesn’t? How can we make it better the next time around?

For one Texas native, marketing is about mastering those interpersonal relationships between people. There is a great wave in finding out what makes people tick, and how to initiate that initial spark. A great wave of magic stimulates the wellness of marketing and business, when we simply bring humanity into the mix of it all. Perhaps, it was destiny, which led her into the workings of marketing and advertisement. Sometimes, it can be the simple matter of jumping into new territory, only to realize you are really good at what you do.

In the world of entrepreneur, business owner, mother, marketing strategist, consultant, owner of Hayes Collective Consulting, LLC and Texa’s own, MARISSA HAYES, the story of jumping into the unexpected, was simply, that!

(Photograph Provided By Marissa Hayes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)-N&W outfit released in 2019, purse by Touch by Stacy Mathis

Lauren K. Clark: Take us on a journey of when you first got into the marketing game.  Did you have any formal education in the field?  What made you a marketing powerhouse in Austin, Texas?

Marissa Hayes: I started social media advertising for my friend’s tax service- Bernard Blake former Green Bay Packer and Colorado state college start-as a hobby. Within a couple of months, the results were amazing. He encouraged me to pursue it as a real career. I believe what makes me a powerhouse was the pace I took off. It was never a question if I would make this happen, but I exceeded my own expectations within a year. My business associates and I worked extremely hard last summer being everywhere and anywhere to build the brands, and it worked.

Lauren Kaye Clark: Are you originally from Texas? Tell us about the atmosphere and environment.  What was the rich culture and heritage of Black American communities in Texas?

Marissa Hayes: Yes. I grew up in a town about 30 minutes outside of Austin called Bastrop, Texas-small town vibes. Friday night football games were the highlight of the town; graduated high school with the same kids I started kindergarten with. Everybody knows everybody; very safe and low crime. It was, but it wasn’t. I say that because we had annual events, but as I got older I found that other places celebrated Black heritage 24/7, at a higher level. That showed me I missed out on a lot of experiences being from a small town.

“I’m getting ready to step into the tech industry and create my first app. I moved down here to be closer to my mentor and coding team, as well as expand my clientele. My goal is to be able to have a strong business connection between Black Austin and Black Atlanta.”

Marissa Hayes, founder of Hayes Collective Consulting LLC

(Photograph Provided By Marissa Hayes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark); With Deon Price-Owner Of Normany & Westin

Lauren Kaye Clark: Let’s go back to one of your major marketing disappointments.  How did it feel?  Did it make you want to give up on business and marketing?  How did you bounce back?

Marissa Hayes: I was extremely excited for South by Southwest 2020 in Austin, Texas; been working on a lot of projects for about six months, and it was very disheartening when South by Southwest was canceled due to coronavirus. As a result, we were unable to have our annual Normany and Weston fashion show. But giving up and letting go is something I’m not very good at, so as a result at this time we’re considering a virtual fashion shows till things go back to normal.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How would you describe your journey of building your own company?

Marissa Hayes: One word: BLESSED I’ve had a lot of advantages from the support of friends and family. Its only been a year. So, this is just the beginning, but I’m off to such a great start even with the bumps along the way. I’m still learning something new every day. I’m beyond excited to see what new projects are headed my way.

Lauren Kaye Clark: You have recently moved to Atlanta.  What made you want to come to one city of the Black American mecca?

Marissa Hayes: I’m getting ready to step into the tech industry and create my first app. I moved down here to be closer to my mentor and coding team, as well as expand my clientele. My goal is to be able to have a strong business connections between Black Austin and Black Atlanta. But since ‘rona I shifted my focus to music and started a project. I hope to have completed by the end of the year. So be on the lookout. Lol!

“Every major city in Texas has a completely different social vibe. What you find in Austin, you won’t find in Houston or Dallas, and vice versa. San Antonio is completely different from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. From the crowds to the price for attending social events, every city has its pros and cons on the social scene.”

Marissa Hayes, Founder of Hayes Collective Consulting, LLC

Lauren Kaye Clark: Have you worked with other cultures in the world of business and marketing (i.e. Mexican-American or others).  What have those experiences been like?

Marissa Hayes: Being from Texas there’s a huge Mexican-American presence in everything. I never got the chance to create the collabs I wanted to before moving. So that’s something I aim to persue in Atlanta. I recently started working  with The Raising Star Group(RSG) here in Atlanta,GA, and we’re working hard to cross collab the urban market with all cultures. We have lots of upcoming projects from music, fashion and tech, that we believe will create needed positive connections with all Americans and Black culture.

(Photograph Provided By Marissa Harris; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: Give us one of your fiercest lessons in the world of marketing and networking.

Marissa Hayes: Its not what you know but who you know. You won’t be friends with everyone but you definitely don’t want to make enemies with everyone because you never know who someone knows. Networking is everything in business.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How are you feeling, with the current corona epidemic, and its restrictions for your new residency to Atlanta?

Marissa Hayes: I can admit it has been a little depressing. It has taken some time getting used to this new normal. I came here ready to hit the ground running just to be completely halted with every project I had going. With so much uncertainty, I don’t know how to plan events like I normally would.

Lauren Kaye Clark: After the epidemic is over, what will be your first academic, in exploring the city?

Marissa Hayes: Hitting all the major business districts. I came here to expand my business, and that definitely starts from networking with the local business owners.

Lauren Kaye Clark: If you could highlight some of the most memorable businesses, you have worked with in Texas, which ones would they be?

Marissa Hayes: First and foremost  Normany & Weston clothing- my very first client ever. Backed by Bam foundation, RefundExpress, House of Noelle, Phenomenal mink lashes, Spade Boost, Stay Sipping bartending services, Jeweled by Jalise,’ Touched by Mathis, Spinners Bar and Grill, MyBrother&Me Ent.

Lauren Kaye Clark: What is the social vibe in Austin, Dallas, and some of the other major cities in Texas?

Marissa Hayes: Every major city in Texas has a  completely different social vibe. What you find in Austin you won’t find in Houston or Dallas and vice versa. San Antonio is completely different from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. From the crowds to the price for attending social events, every city has it pro and cons on the social scene.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How would you assess your current position, in your career?  Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished?

Marissa Hayes: I’m very very proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I’m definitely far from satisfied. I’ve set the bar very high for myself as a future CEO and entrepreneur. I know that I have much more to learn and go through.

Lauren Kaye Clark: We didn’t get a chance to talk about your company.  Tell us a little more about that.

Marissa Hayes: Hayes Collective Consulting LLC, provides assistance with marketing and branding, social media advertising, and event coordination. I have spent the last year making connections with venues vendors and distributors, that I’m able to provide my clients successful marketing strategies online along with promotional events, with the help of my network of business owners. I’m manifesting that one day I will have 3 offices(Austin, Atlanta, and Cali).

Lauren Kaye Clark: In being one of the biggest game changers, in Austin, Texas, what quote defines who you are as a woman, mother, and businesswoman?

Marissa Hayes: “She did because she can.” I’m very headstrong when I have my mind set on something, whether it’s a business project or in my personal life. I have to get it done and nothing stands in my way. I don’t let me being a women and mother slow me down from being a businesswoman. I remind myself everyday, that I can have it all if I work hard enough for it.

Drive is one of the pertinent factors when being able to digest the complexity of marketing, business, and consulting. In fact, that is half of the battle. However, the other component is being able to navigate those interpersonal and communication skills with others, who share that world with you. Marketing, social media, and advertising are those special business havens; highlighting just how animated those very worlds can be. Who ever knew that the way one communicates ideas for financial enhancement can be colorful and magical? Sure they are! In fact, they always have been. There is something about using communicative design for the wellness and empowerment of the marketing and business worlds. Its easy and as natural as can be! The perfect recipe for bringing waves of humanity for marketing sense and advertising’s decor!

(Photograph Provided By Marissa Hayes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

(Photograph Provided By Marissa Hayes; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)-Dress from House Of Noelle in Austin, Texas)

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