Burn the Shame — Ignite the Flame!

In the world of personal development, we recognize that what we put our attention to grows stronger in our lives — becomes magnified.

In the world of personal development, we recognize that what we put our attention to grows stronger in our lives — becomes magnified and larger than life. In knowing this to be true, we either consciously or subconsciously invite more of the same, which may or may not prove to be healthily serving us.
It is never too late in our lives to seek out and create our preferred state of reality. How does one authentically set out to achieve this in one’s own life and to the degree of observing one’s own desired results?
I have personally found, that by only choosing to focus on what I wish to see show up in my world and align with me in my own life, as opposed to alternatively focusing my time, attention, and energies on what I do not wish to see show up in my life, is truly the magical ingredient — that is, of course, followed up by exercising massive daily action to create and manifest what it is I tell myself, that which is most important to transform and achieve for myself in my life.
The mind, is hence creating a healthy, positively focused, and intensely driven mindset that usually involves initial deconstruction and deprogramming of all the false beliefs and concepts which have immobilized us in fear, and which tend to keep us stuck and spinning our wheels with no purposeful direction. It is a counterintuitive approach to living life, yet still all the while, expecting fundamental changes to occur. Recalibrating our thoughts; reprogramming how we choose to view ourselves, others, the world and our intimate relationship with all three, is vitally essential to thriving and embracing a well-deserved life of yumminess!
When I chose to burn the shame, which I carried for so many years as an incest survivor; when I chose to actively reclaim my voice; honed my sense of worthiness, and dug deep to find my soul’s purpose, it was then that I replaced shame with igniting my own inner flame.
I have reconciled my relationship with all the darkness which plagued my mind and haunted my soul that I had needlessly clung to for so many years until one day, I got exceptionally clear and became fiercely firm with myself and decided to use it all to my full advantage so as to serve others and to pay it forward; acknowledging that I was never alone in my feeling that these events in my life were specific to me.
We are all profoundly impacted by a plethora of circumstances, which transpires for each and every one of us throughout the course of our life’s entirety. None of us are immune from trials and tribulations, however, we can choose to make friends with our losses, our heartaches, and our disappointments. We can decide to abolish shame; purge the toxicity; starve the negative thoughts; embrace the lessons, the insights; recognize them as gifts, as opposed to a life sentence. We can rebuild, repair, recalibrate, and refurbish our mindsets. Transform ourselves and the lives of others, and set our souls on fire. We can, in fact, all decide to choose this for ourselves. I am living, breathing and thriving proof that it can be done; that to live fearlessly is beyond possible and that anything you set your intentions on is achievable!
Ready…Set…Go! #LivingFearlessly

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