Burn out – it happens to all of us

The Next Big Health Crisis

Actually I have been teaching and have written an educational course on Burnout for health, fitness and yoga therapist. Here are parts of it:
Pressure is mounting and time is compressing and speeding faster than a nanosecond. Competition is fierce, deadlines are looming, communication is faltering and the stress factor is breathing down your neck. Everything around you starts to suffer. Collapse is imminent. You are headed for burnout.
Burnout is not something that we normally study when it comes to our professions, however burnout is not only very real and prevalent; it might just be our next big health crisis. It affects every aspect of our health, our work and our life; body, mind and soul.
We are all aware of stress and the effects stress has on both our physical and mental health, and we have some ideas about what methodologies will help us cope with and reduce the stressors in our lives. But burnout is not stress. However, you may be heading for burnout if constant stress has you feeling exhausted, disillusioned and helpless. When burnout hits it crosses the line from stress to a place where it is almost impossible to muster the energy to care about anything. Everything seems futile, bleak and insurmountable.
Unhappiness and detachment are components of burnout. Isolation and collapse threaten jobs, relationships and health. It all begins to feel like everything is out of balance and nothing is worth the effort of attempting repair. However, with the right knowledge burnout can be healed. That is the purpose of this course. To examine the factors surrounding burnout and then examine how we can help our clients, ourselves and others prevent and heal from burnout.
Like everyone else I too have experienced burnout. Being a high octane soul, I put tremendous pressure on myself to uphold a certain standard. Determined to always be strong and readily available to take care of everyone’s physical and emotion needs, I often times forget to take care of myself. Perhaps you can relate? You feel spent and resentful as you begin to sink deep into the abyss of darkness. Tears come and exhaustion permeates every aspect of your life. This is Burnout.
Just remember this – Stress is the gateway to burnout. It is not burnout. With stress we still believe we can control things, but with burnout we crash and burn. Therefore we need to manage stress before we burnout.
How? Be awareness of the stressors, except what you can handle and what you cannot and then take the time to regroup. Stop and learn this important word, “no.”
As a Naturopath my course takes a natural health approach to Burnout. Using the natural world we can rebuild a healthy body and mind from the center of the soul with a reminder that in the scheme of life what may be important right now may mean nothing a moment from now so stop and “smell the rose” because the most important thing in your life is your health.

Doctor Lynn

Lynn Anderson Ph. D. N.D. C-IYT, ACE

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