Bret Buseick Hottest Entrepreneur 2021

Bret Buseick was born into a family of business people. This being said, Bret is a purebred entrepreneur who has been able to make a name for himself over the past 36 months. From managing a massive B2B printing business, owning and operating a gym, building a 7 figure Shopify store, establishing a print on […]

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Bret Buseick was born into a family of business people. This being said, Bret is a purebred entrepreneur who has been able to make a name for himself over the past 36 months. From managing a massive B2B printing business, owning and operating a gym, building a 7 figure Shopify store, establishing a print on demand facility, and launching an Ecommerce Coaching Program, Bret Buseick is one of the most interesting entrepreneurs we’ve had the opportunity to write about.

In February of this year Bret was named 2021’s Entrepreneur To Keep An Eye On by The Los Angeles Tribune. After the article was published online, Bret began self promoting his personal brand on social media and has gained over 40,000 followers in less than 45 days. Bret’s outspoken personality and confidence has led him to drive a surreal amount of people into his stratosphere, and skyrocket his Ecommerce Coaching Program. In the last 30 days Bret has received a massive amount of press coverage from media outlets around the nation, and we felt it was only right for us to write a piece on him.

As mentioned earlier, Bret Buseick comes from a bloodline of entrepreneurs, so he’s been raised with the mentality of ‘if you put good into the world, good will come back to you.’ Bret’s parents, Steve and Diane, run and operate an extremely successful printing business in Louisiana called LePressCo Printing Inc. Rewinding only a few years ago, Bret and his brother, Brad, stepped into the family business and assisted his parents during scale, and they were able to successfully manage the growth of the company as a team. After the business displayed sustainability, Bret stepped out to pursue a business within the world of fitness, a passion he’s had since grade school. Within the next few months Bret would be working 12-14 hour days, managing and operating the gym, and working on the growth of the fitness center. Within the first year of owning the gym, Bret was approached by a buyer interested in purchasing the fitness center. The offer was a healthy one, and it didn’t make sense for Bret to turn it down. 

This leads us into the COVID era. Bret went back to help his family in the printing business, and began working on building a print on demand sector within the company for apparel products. He leveraged the infrastructure and was able to bring on board high level B2B clients for this operation. However, COVID hit hard, and like most of America, Bret also struggled with maintaining his clients. The struggle was real, and luckily at this point Bret stumbled into the world of e-commerce. We were informed that Bret has always had a keen eye for industries and businesses on the rise. The world of Shopify and e-commerce started calling out to him. Bret took it upon himself to self educate on the world of Shopify and how things operated within the space. Bret quickly realized that a Shopify store meant nothing without influencing an audience, having a recognized brand, or understanding the ins and outs of marketing. Bret started researching and discovered that Facebook Ads was one of the biggest contributors to the success of many Shopify stores, and so he began the second part of his educational journey. Bret admitted that it was a gruesome process figuring out the world of Facebook Ads. Structuring a winning campaign that would drive traffic to the website took long days and even longer nights.

Eventually he syncronized the T-Shirt designs, Facebook ads, and Print on Demand portion of the operation, and his online store started booming. Within 4 months Bret hired an additional 40 staff members to assist with the massive demand of his online apparel store. Running ads to specific audiences with designs that resignated with them become natural at this point. Bret was easily able scale the business, and eventually decided to help others in doing the same.

Bret is now dedicated to providing a service to people who want to live a life of financial freedom. Bret understands how difficult it can be to develop and learn the necessary skills to grow a successful Shopify store utilizing Facebooks Ads. Because of these reasons, Bret wants to eliminate the risk and mistakes people could make by attempting this process on their own. Bret has said, “You can easily drain your bank account running ads on Facebook if you’re not aware of what you’re doing or who you’re targeting. I don’t want people to waste their money and lose motivation. Some so many people want to quit their 9-5 jobs but don’t know-how. Some so many people want to work from home or travel the world and still generate an income to survive. This is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing with my coaching program. I’m going to set my clients up for success on the very first day we begin. I’m going to share the secrets, knowledge, and know-how to discover the right marketing plan for their business to succeed.”

Bret Buseick is determined to help others reach financial freedom with his Shopify knowledge. As noted on the Madison Graph, Bret’s clients are coining him the Godfather of Shopify because of his aggressively quick approach to finding success with each store he touches.

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