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Life is all about individual choices no matter the circumstances. May we all choose wisely. May we all choose to honour ourselves. May we all choose to consistently love ourselves.

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Be Your Own Hero. Be Your Own Shero. Be Your Own Leader. Be Your Own Best Friend. #Grateful #LivingFearlessly

As we all approach a brand new chapter of 365 blank canvases to turn into individual masterpieces for ourselves and for others, I would be remiss if I by-passed this opportunity to extend a huge shout-out of gratitude to 2017 — every single day of 2017 and every single person, growth opportunity, collaboration, partnership, life-lesson, conversation, exchange, soulful gifts of wisdom graciously bestowed upon me!

Insights I have become exceptionally clear on and will continue to hone in 2018 consists of the following:

When my internal dialogue takes precedence over external chatter, opinion,and judgement — I am waling my talk and owning my own truth. When my commitment and focus of positively and healthily revolutionizing myself remains the core priority — I am the living example and agent of change in my own journey. When I choose to remain committed to only ever becoming the best possible version of myself — I know that I am only ever in authentic competition with myself and no one else. When I genuinely love myself, I am capable of loving others. When I am able to forgive myself, I am capable of forgiving others. When I choose to navigate and maneuver my own life from a sphere of love as opposed to a place of fear — everyone surrounding me benefits and reaps the intrinsic rewards. When I say, “I want for you what you want for you,” (Byron Katie) I wholeheartedly mean that with every fibre of my being. When I choose to view every mishap, obstacle, struggle, disappointment, and perceivable setback as only an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand, to learn, to evolve, to improve, and to rise — then I am in Universal alignment and living with eternal gratitude. When I choose to surrender anything and everything which does not honour my intuition,my heart, and my soul — then I am choosing to un-burden myself and free myself from unnecessary suffering and pain. When I choose to remember that every additional day I am here in this realm of existence, and choose to appreciate it for the gift and miracle it truly is to be here — I then choose to maximize all gifted opportunities, maximize ‘time’ to its fullest, and know that I AM LIVING and THRIVING as opposed to merely surviving and existing. When I choose to recognize, appreciate and hone myself — I AM a better human being to everyone else. When I own my own BS, raise my own standards, and raise my own bar — I elevate my own vibrational level and emit those energies out into the Universe — becoming a contributor as opposed to a contaminator. When I realize and continually remember that years are comprised of individual moments, multiplied and added up — I make it my sole responsibility to ensure that when evaluating, reflecting, assessing each year in retrospect, that I do so knowing I held myself accountable so as to make each year the most meaningful year possible regardless of whatever went awry or was out of my perceivable control. When I wish each person all the love in my heart, and my very best with regards to your own personal and very individualized journey — I mean that wholeheartedly, lovingly, and compassionately.

I am consistently mindful and fiercely committed to personal growth and personal development so as to rise in my own life — recognizing and respecting that it is a full-time, 365 days-a-year, responsibility, and personal accountability piece. If or when others you know, only to choose to subscribe to this practice/discipline on selective days of the year because of social conditioning — do not choose to become angry, offended or insulted. Rather, respectfully invite those you know to dig deeper the other 364 days-of-the-year — and not for you — for them. Respectfully ask if they are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and if their honest answer to this question is a resounding yes, then further prod by asking what they are prepared to do differently so as to derive a different result in going forward. Offer your help in their journeying.

Alternatively, if one is not genuinely receptive — nor chooses to assume personal ownership, rather choosing to resist support even if one is seemingly asking for guidance and solutions — if one has perhaps not reached their un-fulfilled or joy-less ‘bottom’ or if status quo is easier and more comfortable than challenging oneself to sign on in becoming a healthier, joy-filled, kinder, open-minded, open-hearted, more compassionate, and loving version of themself — we must remember (myself included) this is in fact everyone’s personal right to choose.

Rather than accepting your vibrational level to tank on any particular day of the year just to perhaps placate someone else on the opposite end of the energetic spectrum — focus on what you must do to continually honour yourself. If this includes changing your traditions, your daily rituals, your tribe, removing yourself from people and spheres of space that only serves to insult your soul, hold you back or weigh you down — then have the courage to do it. Those filled with negativity may opt to blame you, scapegoat you, rate you, condemn you, criticize you, and ostracize you, regardless. Dummying down or dimming your own light so as to make other people who are already struggling within their own skin to feel more comfortable does not set them free — is not empowering and is quite honestly — counter-intuitive in nature.

Here is to all of us (myself included) choosing never to succumb to bitterness, misery, resentfulness even if others (no matter their relationship to you/to me) choose to be or choose to remain bitter, miserable or resentful. Life is all about individual choices no matter the circumstances. May we all choose wisely. May we all choose to honour ourselves. May we all choose to consistently love ourselves. GO. FLY. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY…this 2018!!!

Here’s to making every single day count so that when we wish each other a Happy New Year — others know and inherently believe it is not just a catch phrase, lip service, hollow words or generic pleasantries being offered or exchanged. May each of your 365 blank canvas days for 2018 burst with colour and brightness!

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
Be Your Own Hero. Be Your Own Shero.
Be Your Own Leader. Be Your Own Best Friend.
#Grateful #LivingFearlessly

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa

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