Break Out of the Prison of Doubt

Trading the ego mind for the cosmic heart.

Photo: Gabriele Diwald, courtesy Unsplash

When I am in mind I cannot see around corners.
When I am in heart my eyes see the order of the cosmos.

Sometimes I wake up in the night and worrying thoughts fly into my mind and begin nesting. I might toss one or two out but that just seems to invite another flock in. The ego mind, that little recorder of memories electrified with remembered emotions, shouts out warnings to keep you safe. Keeping you in fear seems to be the mind’s modus operandi for keeping you from perceived harm. If this takes hold in your daily activities you soon discover yourself in a prison of doubt. What if this goes wrong? What if he says that? What if? What if? What if?

This is the time to put a leash on that ego mind puppy and train it to heel. There is nothing fearful around the corner waiting to leap out at you even as thoughts bark, “Look out!” What is around every bend just out of sight is your life unfolding. If you remain in a heightened state of reacting to the unexpected, you are not creating your life, but responding to everyone else’s.

Living is an act of continual creation. By its nature, creation is sometimes chaotic, sometimes wild, sometimes unexplainable, sometimes even weird, but always wonderful, an adventure. You, by the very fact that you live and breathe and are reading this, are an expression of creation. But unlike a mountain or flower or wolf, your creation is not on autopilot. As a conscious being you get to choose how you, as an aspect of creation, play out. You are in charge. And your heart is your pilot, not your mind.

Letting your mind lead the way is like having the secretary, keeper of the database, chair the annual shareholders’ meeting. It is just not equipped. It can only fetch from the past and because memory is based on emotion, it is not an entirely accurate past. In being somewhat faulty and subjective your ego mind cannot be relied on to be your dreamer and planner. In worry mode it can only end up being your saboteur, stopping you from the very things that will bring you joy and self-fulfillment.

Your heart and everyone else’s heart is the centre of the cosmos. This is our umbilical to creation. Love and the cosmic understanding of wholeness nourish it. This is the font of your inspiration and intuition — those vast luscious dreams of the most beautiful and complete expression of yourself and all you might be. This source of creation connects with the people and circumstances that will bring it about. Around the corner is the loving relationship you desire, the mentor you need to start your own business, the means to travel and write your book.

There is order in the cosmos. Our minds will tell us that as human beings we are somehow outside of this cosmic order — and to be sure when we act from mind we do feel disconnected. We often act against our own best interests in terms of expressed potential. Fear and lack of trust hold us in smallness. Stunted.

The wonderful thing is this order is implicit in our being. There is nothing to get, only to allow. You can allow it right now. This minute. Just go quiet. When your mind leaps up with limiting thoughts, just acknowledge it, pat it on the head and gently bring it back to heel. In time, you will have a happy relationship with your mind. When it’s not busy with worry, the mind can do what it does best and that is to look forward with trust and act on opportunity for joyful fulfilment.

To your most awesome YOU!

❤ mh

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