Botter Boy Nova Shares How he Avoids Burnout & Distress!

An article on avoiding burnout.

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Botter Boy Nova is a Youtuber that showcases his sneaker reselling operations on Youtube.  Nova shows his audience how he manages to get his hands on shoes that are seemingly impossible to buy for the ordinary shopper due to insanely fast sellout times. In this article he shares a few tips on how to avoid burnout & have successful habits.

Distress Tips

Botter Boy Nova’s biggest distress tip is embracing the stress, his economics teacher from highschool who is also a very successful entrepreneur told him “If you want to be rich, just do what rich people do. Rich people listen to Marketplace radio. Rich people are also avid readers- there is wealth to be found in books and information.” Nova said at the time he was sure his teacher was delusional and didn’t really think much of it. The mere thought of doing more, other than relaxing after he finished his studies stressed out Nova even more, which caused him to not take his teacher’s advice. After three weeks, his teacher had asked his class who had listened to the Marketplace Radio last night, which only then 1 student had raised their hand. Novas’ teacher proceeded to point at the student with their hand raised and stated “ This is why only 1% of people in the world are rich.” This inspired Botter Boy tremendously, everytime he learned new skills, stepped outside of his comfort zone, or applied himself to a project, which is bound to lead to prolonged periods of stress, Botter Boy would think to himself  “the reason why I will succeed, it’s because 99% of people will not be willing to put themselves through this stress. I am the 1%.” Nova stated that this method of embracing stress turns out to be actually comforting and converts stress into motivation. 

Another distress tip Botter Boy has is taking things one step at a time. He believes the majority of people are too concerned with trying to over achieve in a short period of time, which often leads to people picking up a hobby, trying it out, and immediately getting discouraged if their results are below their expectations. He knows if someone wants to be truly excellent at anything, it is extremely important to appreciate any amount of progress made, no matter how small and pointless it seems at that moment. Nova wants people to know that many mistakes will be made, as well as low points throughout their journey, but it is extremely crucial to keep in mind that failure is only a reality once they give up. 

Avoiding Burnout

Nova knows everyone has different levels of tolerance for stress and extremely long work hours, and even he himself is unsure that he has it all figured out as well, avoiding burnouts and stressful days of course. During 2019 and 2020 Botter Boy worked every waking hour, including weekends and holidays, which caused him to make a lot of sacrifices. He feels that his consequences were catching up to him for neglecting his mental health, which resulted in less productivity levels for him. In 2021 his goals is to find an ideal work life balance and to maximize his productivity to ensure high levels of efficiency whilst he works. Nova is aware that it is not as easy as it sounds but hopes it is a goal he can accomplish. 

Success Habits

A main tip for successful habits Nova does is always having a to-do list. He is aware that everyone can get easily distracted from work and restrict them from reaching their goals, so it is important to stay on track and be aware that everything they plan to do gets done.   

A second tip Nova has is conducting a time audit, which he then explains that a time audit is breaking down exactly where your time goes. He recommends for one week straight to log every activity, down to the smallest detail. An example he gives is “at 7:30AM I woke up and was browsing reddit until 8:00 AM when I got up and did my to do list, and was editing for 15 minutes, and then at 8:30 I started fulfilling orders.” Nova claims once someone has done all their logging, they’ll realize how much time they are wasting while getting caught up on social media feeds and entertainment. He then says that we should realize after a period of time how much that all adds up to, chances are it’s going to be a big number of time being consumed. “You can then use this data to better manage your time to minimize activities that are ultimately unproductive.” is Botter Boy’s claim. 

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