Both Quality and Quantity of Sleep Impact our Work

Organizations have the unique capacity to promote a “healthier, more satisfied, and more productive society.”

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By Shelby Lorman

Employers take note: it turns out it’s not how much your staff sleeps that matters, it’s also how well they sleep. A recent report, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, adds to mounting data that sleep has a dramatic impact on employee productivity, presenteeism, absenteeism, health, and in some cases, physical safety.

Organizations that prioritize well-rested employees benefit in many ways: the study suggests that though interventions require more resources, they also have the possibility to pay off in the long run given the “potentially high cost of poor employee sleep on organizations.”

A meta-analysis of 152 existing studies on the relationship between sleep and work researchers found that both quantity and quality of sleep can negatively impact a person’s ability to function at work effectively.

The report also notes that organizations have the unique capacity to promote a “healthier, more satisfied, and more productive society,” which suggests that broader societal trends and attitudes about the importance of sleep can, and perhaps should, begin in the workplace.

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