Body image and you – how to improve body confidence

Body image and you - Sometimes it's all about how you feel about your body. Through these tips, you will learn to appreciate your body for what it is.

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If you’ve ever dreaded looking in the mirror, you might have an issue with your body image. People have probably told you that you shouldn’t stress about it, but only you know how it feels on the inside. 

Body confidence issues are especially rampant today, with the advent of social media and internet culture. It’s easy to have a negative view of your body if you are using everyone else’s opinion as the basis for your own. However, a lot of that negativity stems from the way we treat our body image. A proper perspective on your body isn’t innate. It’s something that is learned. If you know how to treat your body in your mind, positive thoughts and views will follow.

Embrace those imperfections

Nobody is perfect. It goes without saying that nobody is perfect, either. However, people often strive to achieve what they see as a perfect body. Some do it through training, while others prefer diets. In some more extreme cases, they opt for surgery and modifications. Chasing some imaginary form of perfection is a pointless endeavor. This is especially true considering that there’s no such thing as perfection. Despite what social media might tell you, everyone has their own view.

Your own ideal body is something you can strive for, but make sure that you’re not judging yourself for pointless things. It’s ok to try and improve yourself, but some things don’t need improvement. A lot of people think that moles or stretch marks are in some way “imperfect”. However, who’s to say that others would agree with them? It’s very likely that someone would consider these details as a requirement for their own perfect body. If you’re stressing about how others might view your body, remember that there’s no consensus on what is “perfect” – because everyone has their own version/

Kind words go a long way

Compliments aren’t just there to sugarcoat your day and make you feel good about yourself. They can significantly impact how you view yourself. It’s a natural part of humanity to enjoy positive feedback. However, the compliments you receive don’t have to be from other people. You can and should spare a kind word for your body each and every single day. Something as simple as telling yourself that your body is worth loving is going to make your day feel a lot better.

What if you don’t feel like giving your body a compliment. For a lot of people, insecurity runs deep enough that they truly don’t like their body and they wish they could change it. Well, turns out that nobody gave our brains the memo. Despite this insecurity, a kind word or two will still make you love your body more. Simply saying the words will make you feel that they’re true, paving the way for making it true. It’s funny how our brains work this way, but it’s something that can really help people get more comfortable with their bodies.

Change how you look at exercise

Exercise is often viewed as a means to an end. It’s one way to reach an ideal weight or form that will make you happy. Because of this, most exercise regimes fall flat and produce very few results. The way you look at exercise has a huge effect on how it will impact your body and mind. If you treat it as a band-aid for your body image problems, it’s not going to have the positive impact that you want. 

Physical activity is supposed to be an integral part of your life. It doesn’t have to become a stressful chore that takes up too much of your time and energy, though. Something as simple as walking or riding a bicycle is more than enough to keep your body healthy and strong. 

Being physically active affects your mind as well. Pedaling just a couple of miles on a bicycle releases endorphins which can help relieve pain and stress, improving your mood significantly. Combined with a natural backdrop for the ride, you can leave your trip feeling as refreshed as ever. Compared to walking, biking gives you more variety in terms of natural scenery. You can hit the road and find yourself a natural refuge or you can go off-road and see where that takes you. As long as your bike is up to the task, you should be good. Most retailers like Bikes Online have a wide variety of bicycles you can choose from. Whether you want to ride your bike through the park or go through the country, there’s a type of bike specifically tailored for you out there somewhere. 

Show some appreciation

For all the things your body does for you, you need to cut it some slack. Our bodies are capable of some amazing things that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Consider all the times that you managed to push through your own limits despite being tired or uncomfortable. In those trying times, your body has proved to you that it’s worth some love and appreciation.

Looks aren’t the only thing that your body gives you. If you’ve ever run a race or a marathon, you will have noticed that the body and mind are at odds with each other at times. Motivation and confidence let you push it through tough challenges, even when it hurts.

Women should appreciate the wonderful miracle of childbirth. It’s something that affects the whole body and leaves a woman feeling drained and exhausted. Even though it’s a stressful and difficult process, every mother has gone through it. It’s a testament to the limits our bodies can break in the pursuit of happiness. Why not show it some of that love in return? 


Everyone wants to feel good about their bodies. Sometimes, it’s not about what you do with it, but rather how you look at your body. Your mentality can have a significant impact on your body image, which is why it’s important that you put yourself in the right state of mind. Follow some of these tips and you will learn to better appreciate your body for what it is, and enjoy it.

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