Black Lives Matter

Amani Williams on March for Black Lives!

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Between COVID-19, parents increasing stress levels with the reopening of schools, a succession of Black Lives being decimated as a result of police brutality, peaceful protesting becoming overshadowed by escalating rioting, the looming controversial 2020 Presidential Election…it would be a gross understatement to not only express the obviousness of collective overwhelm felt by all in the midst of navigating unprecedented times, but also acknowledging that we are doing so in the spirit of heightened lawlessness coupled with an intensity of growing outrage and repulsion for how one human being is capable of mistreating another human being. 

Although there perceivably exists a correlation between much of what I opened with in the aforementioned…this Feature Article will solely focus on BLACK LIVES MATTER; BECAUSE THEY DO! What continues to exponentially unfold around the world as it pertains to race relations, magnified brutality, and all a result of one’s skin colour, is nothing short of reprehensible. This is an accelerated cancer; exponentially metastasizing within our global ‘family.’ This out of control issue deserves and demands EVERYONE’S undivided attention for the egregious epidemic it historically has been, and for how it inhumanely continues to prevail.

As a fellow human being, co-existing within the human race amongst ALL my global brothers and sisters; irrespective of creed, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion – – I feel deep heartache. I feel intrinsic outrage. I feel perpetually sickened and appalled by the senseless, needless, ongoingness of what is beyond comprehension to those of us who have an intact moral compass, and whose spirit on this planet is embroiled with only love, inclusivity, compassion, receptivity, and equality for ALL.

Yes, I most definitely purport that ALL LIVES MATTER however; ONLY when BLACK LIVES MATTER does ALL LIVES MATTER carry total and all-inclusive currency and truth telling!

Although I pride myself on being an abstract thinker  – one who operates and critically thinks within the grey of most subject matters – figuratively speaking of course, this is a black and white, no-brainer issue for me. Although a multi-faceted; multi-layered; multi-complex issue – – simply put – – I only ever wish to be on the right side of humanity. From my perspective, this is indicative and reflective of wholeheartedly aligning myself with those whose core soul is congruent with the core beliefs and the core values of equality, inclusivity and human decency for ALL. This does not, and would not include, nor would it support unethical or inhumane hierarchical supremacy or race superiority with respect to views, actions, behaviours, speech which its intended purpose would be to hate, oppress, marginalize, abuse, discriminate, denigrate, disenfranchise, objectify, isolate, disempower, humiliate, alienate, annihilate, obliterate, or silence ANY human being on the basis of the colour of ones skin. 

The Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald international radio/podcast show in conjunction with myself as the show host, had the immense honour and the impactful privilege of interviewing a remarkable #BLM Activist, staunch advocate and tireless leader by the name of AMANI WILLIAMS! Amani was a must-have guest on my show, which you yourself will come to understand why upon clicking on the enclosed podcast link; following our remarkable interview on the radio airwaves last Friday!

In today’s current culture of leadership, it increasingly takes much to impress me. Amani Williams impresses me and for all the right and important reasons. As an empowered (albeit a fed up) black woman, Amani took a swift and monumental stand upon learning of the incredulous circumstances related to the murder of George Floyd. As a result of her immediate action-taking and launch into leadership role-modelling…Amani’s newfound and widespread community presence has quickly catapulted her into becoming regarded as an accurately characterized CHANGE-MAKER! 

As deserving an accolade as this is for Amani, it is however, bittersweet. Fighting for equal justice of and for yourself and others who look like you to hopefully live another unscathed day; hopefully escaping the REAL threat of being brutalized, taunted, targeted or even murdered is simply preposterous and highly ludicrous. And yet, in Amani’s day-to-day reality and those to who share her skin colour – – it remains a vitally crucial component for daily survival. UNBELIEVABLE. SHAMEFUL. 

Amani’s plight, mission and actual movement has far exceeded the, “Been there, done that, own the t-shirt” phase. Amani has kicked her zero-tolerance for racial injustice and inequality into full-throttle momentum and has taken this unending message of BLACK LIVES MATTER to the streets through peaceful, formal organization of her movement MARCH FOR BLACK LIVES. 

It is beyond unfortunate that Amani Williams embodies the first hand experience(s) which qualifies and quantifies her credibility of being a leading authority on this flagrant racial epidemic. 

Thank you, Amani for your ongoing and tireless efforting, liaising, endeavouring, leading, action-taking, and for your exemplary example-setting. The pursuit of educating, advocating, while raising the consciousness and the awareness of the collective is always a noble cause, however insulting and offensive the undertaking must be, particularly when individuals such as your brilliant self have to do so as a result of lingering, systematic ignorance and hatred. I can only imagine and appreciate how asinine and counter-intuitive it must be and feel for you to have to continually expend your output of energies on not only something that never should have existed in the history of humanity but has yet to be fully eradicated; even still in the here and now of the 21st century. Surreal.

Thank you to you the #ThriveGlobal community for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article I have written on this amazing woman; Amani Williams. I also wish to express my immense gratitude to each of you for additionally clicking on the enclosed podcast link of this exceptionally impactful and profoundly enlightening interview between Amani Williams and myself. We appreciate you.

For anyone who wishes to connect with either or with both Amani and myself outside of this spectacular forum…please know that it would be both our individual and our mutual honour to be of further service to you in any which way you deem to be an appropriate and suitable fit. We welcome your feedback. Thank you. We appreciate you!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Amani Williams is the Founder of the non-profit organization March for Black Lives. This organization was created to maintain the focus on the anti-racism movement to create a platform for many oppressed voices. The mission statement is, “To Rebuild the black community through policy reform and educating the public.”

Amani founded this movement in response to the brutal killing of George Floyd. As someone who has personally almost lost a family member to police brutality, George was the last straw for Amani.

Amani wanted to do more than just post her frustrations online to her friends. She wanted to look in the eyes of those who cared while she spoke with the purpose of making a bigger impact. As a young black woman, Amani has experienced many injustices and much discrimination from childhood; following her into adulthood.

Amani hopes through her movement, she can keep the urgency spotlight on anti-black racism while also creating a judgement free zone whereby those who are not as aware of the issues; can gather to learn more. Through her rallies and marches, Amani aims to educate the public of the many black victims of police brutality which goes unnoticed. Amani also focuses on educating the public about Black individuals and their unique experiences, petitions to sign, highlighting the unjust systems in place while also holding those in positions of power; accountable. 

March for Black Lives has been operational for three months to date. Amani has hosted three rallies thus far in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. These events have worked to highlight the continuous injustice on all facets of the marginalized communities lives through police treatment, the justice system, schools, work and in everyday life.

Amani Williams moderates a Facebook page with many local community members called, “MARCH FOR BLACK LIVES HAMILTON” where she continues to maintain the momentum post scheduled marching events by informing the group of circulated petitions, numbers in which to call, emails to send as well as stories of the ongoing injustices in both America and Canada.

Amani believes it is crucial to keep the momentum alive both on the streets via marching and also with a consistent online presence. Amani also manages an Instagram page – @march4blacklives where she networks with local black activists and leaders so as to support and to promote their movements as well. Photos from past marches are also often shared on both the Facebook and the Instagram pages, which captures the true energy experienced by those marching.

Amani Williams has been interviewed twice by the Hamilton Spectator Newspaper in addition to her featured appearances on many occasions on the newspaper’s front cover; recognized as a change-maker in the city. During the interview process, Amani touches upon what sparked and catapulted her to start the foundation as well as honing in on her identified goals for March for Black Lives.

Amani Williams has also been interviewed live on three occasions on air by Scott Thompson from the Global News CHML 900 radio station. These conversations dove into topics such as recent injustices, white supremacy, non-black allyship, systematic racism and much more. 

Updates on the development, future plans and upcoming events for March for Black Lives can be found on Facebook and Instagram. A website for the organization will soon be released and made available. In the interim, for anyone who is not connected to social media, Amani is accessible through email at [email protected] for enquiries.</a>

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