Biztuition and The Infobesity Epidemic with Julie Christopher

Charismatic and Confident Leaders Attract Abundance, Love, and Success.

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Biztuition and The Infobesity Epidemic with Julie Christopher #LivingFearlessly on #ThriveGlobal

I am always immensely grateful to anyone who takes a keen and active interest in myself as well as my brand #LivingFearlessly  – regardless of whichever platform or vehicle of shared messaging finds mutual paths intersecting, and journey’s interweaving! When the world keeps getting momentously smaller; you know this is a tell-tale sign of universal alignment, co-creative synergies at play, and authentic kinship! I take nothing lightly or for granted, which I will never grow tire of reiterating to one and all who graciously take the time to listen! Thank you! I appreciate you!

Each guest I have ever showcased on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald over the course of the past four and a half years of doing global radio and podcasting, has brought something truly memorable, and uniquely extraordinary to the airwaves. The cherry on the top for me is when that particular guest also equally vibes with me at the quirky, geeky, and free-spirit, energetic level. A guest/person who is so extremely comfortable in their own skin, that engaging in a no-holds-barred, quick-wit banter, all-exposed conversation, almost immediately ensues – usually resulting in an unforeseen and abrupt burst of laughter and giddiness – forgetting that there are thousands if not millions of people listening to us or who will later click onto the podcast link, following our live interview. I got to experience this breath of fresh air experience with recent guest, Julie Christopher!

When one reads this woman’s bio, which I always do prior to showcasing prospective guests on my show – my mind cannot help but to conjure up an image for how I sometimes envision this persons perceivable persona to be, and how that might transmit and translate over the airwaves. The more impressive the bio; the more notable their specific accolades or connections – it’s not difficult to imagine or to anticipate a truly composed, polished, reserved, politically correct, always on-point calibre type guest showing up for the interview. All guests, regardless of whether this has been the case or not – are all fabulous! 

Julie’s bio and career history is one that could easily intimidate others…YET…she is so down to earth, hilarious, genuine, and exudes an instantly unique appeal signature to only herself. Julie is playful, adventurous, and has truly…LIVED and continues to do so. I instantly felt and experienced the lightness and the brightness of her spirit and her soul. There was zero pre-tense or guardedness present in either her voice or in her delivery as she openly shared with myself and the loyal listeners. I believe this is the hallmark of Julie’s track record for ongoing success, and why she resonates with people as easily and as consistently as what she does. If I were a prospective client of hers and had an initial consultation with her – I would instantly be won-over and hooked just based on her demeanour and disposition, let alone her impressive suite of services. I am a Julie Christopher fan – she won me over – and I am not an easy sell. I have become very discerning as a consumer and as a ‘fan’ or ‘follower.’ Julie, not unlike myself, is in an oversaturated industry. What hooks me in first and foremost, is the person – not the product or service, necessarily. A quality and integrally based person is usually synonymous with a quality and credible product in my humble opinion!

I could go on and on and gush over the plethora of reasons for why I appreciate and admire this spitfire of a woman, and although my intuition and instincts may carry weight with many people, for which I am immensely grateful for, I will instead let you decide for yourself after tuning into our awesome interview together via the enclosed podcast link. Julie and I are of the same elk, and on the same page when it comes to empowering others to empower themselves – we don’t need to elevator pitch anyone into anything – the proof is always in the pudding and in the results – results don’t lie! ENJOY!!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More!

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly  


Julie Christopher is a professional speaker and bestselling author who is the world renowned expert on business intuition, aka Biztuition via her proprietary process, Julie has empowered C-level executives and entrepreneurs globally to become better leaders and scale their businesses faster by harnessing and cultivating their skill of Biztuition.

Julie has since been widely recognized for her unique contributions to the Business World. She has been interviewed on show’s like, Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, and more. Julie has also been featured as one of the world’s preeminent experts on sites like Forbes and Authority Magazine. 
Julie is also a regular contributor of Thrive Global and other media outlets, and has even graced the set of the popular television show, Shark Tank!

Julie found her path as an Entrepreneur first as a professional musician and recording artist in France. It was a heightened sense of intuition that led her to America with only $50.00 in her pocket, a guitar on her back, and no English. Despite her humble beginnings, Juliehad a vision and believed that she could make a difference. Her early struggle only fuelled her dream of helping people realize their full potential.

In mastering healing arts like Yoga, Reiki, and other proven techniques, she has since been called on to assist and guide entrepreneurs on their missions, today! She helps executives, professionals, and corporate teams develop their own innate skills and abilities with Biztuition – ultimately guiding them into becoming charismatic and confident leaders who attract abundance, love, and success.

Throughout her career, Julie has successfully helped entrepreneurs from all walks of life to navigate and overcome the challenges of growing a business. With her keen power of Biztuition, she foresaw that a quantum shift in the business world was inevitable, and she quickly realized the need for leaders to seek help with modern day difficulties like the Infobesity Epidemic. As a result, Julie created a special combination of teachings to ease her student’s journey towards self-awareness and in the process, reveal core strategies for getting to the heart of self-realization and transformation.

The power of Biztuition is the first of a series of events where Julie guides entrepreneurs and professionals towards making better decisions and realizing their full potential in business and in life through Biztuition. Julie is also available for private consultations, group coaching, workshops, corporate trainings, retreats, and speaking engagements.

Julie is always looking to spread the love by interviewing others with successful and inspiring stories. So if you want to be interviewed on on Julie’s ITV Show and podcast, drop her a line. Julie greatly honours those who have the courage to follow their truth, in-spite of risks and adversity. For the highest good!

Julie and I wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you, who has graciously taken the time out of your own hectic schedules, to kindly read this article, to listen to our radio interview together via the enclosed podcast link, and to anyone who chooses to reach out to either or both of us!
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