Big Ideas: “How we can ban single-use plastic on the governmental level” With Author and Yoga Expert, Dashama

Dashama is an award winning international happiness expert, author, speaker, life and business strategist with a thriving global community of over 300,000 health conscious spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and seekers on the path. She has spoken at the United Nations, Sony Motion Picture Studios, University of Virginia, Warwick Business School in UK and collaborated with […]

Dashama is an award winning international happiness expert, author, speaker, life and business strategist with a thriving global community of over 300,000 health conscious spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and seekers on the path. She has spoken at the United Nations, Sony Motion Picture Studios, University of Virginia, Warwick Business School in UK and collaborated with Harvard Medical Professor Dr Sat Bir Khalsa. Dashama has written 5 books and has starred in and produced 32 yoga, mediation and health related instructional DVDs, numerous online and offline training courses, certification programs and hundreds of videos reaching millions of viewers through her media and TV partnerships such as QVC, ATT Uverse and Broadband TV. An international media favorite, she has been featured on ABC news, Oprah Winfrey Network and Discovery Channel Seeker Stories, Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan Germany, Teen Vogue, and Men’s Journal to name a few. She has worked with and/or been sponsored by fortune 500 brands such as Nike, GoPro, Puma and Banyan Tree Resorts. 

Dashama travels the world spreading the message that anyone can heal and transform their life and create the life of their dreams. Connect with her through social media @dashama or at one of her online or live trainings world wide. Learn more about the Oneness Movement #Om4Oceans campaign to solve the United Nations Global Goals at or learn more about Dashama and her other initiatives, retreats, training programs and receive free access to meditation downloads at Dashama.comor register for free access to her popular abundance webinar at:

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I was guided to my career path in 2005 when I became deeply depressed, burned out and disenchanted with my work and life. I was working a corporate job and making a lot of money, but the environment wasn’t healthy and I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. I was killing myself working too much at a job that brought me no joy and that was one of the roots to my suffering at the time. The other root of my pain was from a car accident I had been t-boned by a fast moving car that was driving 45 miles per hour and hit me while I was riding my bicycle across a 6 lane highway. That accident caused me to develop scoliosis and lose the curve in my cervical spine. Those traumas, combined with my childhood growing up in foster homes and other things really started to rise to the surface all at the same time. 

After a year of depression, which led me to deep introspection about what could bring me joy, I concluded I wanted to dive deeper into my movement, yoga and meditation practice, which had been my saving grace over the years. I finally took a leap of faith and enrolled in a yoga teacher training to find inner peace and it changed my life completely. With daily meditation, yoga, chanting, vegetarianism and selfless service, it was the first time in my life I had truly experienced inner peace and the ecstasy of silence in my mind. 

Originally it was not my intention to be a yoga and mediation teacher, I only went for my own personal healing journey, but the universe had its own plans for my destiny. I started to attract so many students and clients who had heard the story of how I healed my spine, so I launched one of the first yoga and meditation based channels on youtube in 2005. I created the first online yoga challenge called 30 day yoga challenge, which went viral, that’s when I started to see this was the best path for my life. I was feeling so fulfilled to help others along the path while healing myself in the process. 

In 2009 I wrote my first book Journey to Joyful, which was later published through Random House and in 2011 I started my yoga school, Pranashama Yoga Institute, to train and certify yoga teachers. In 2016 I was invited to speak at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness and for the past 14 years I have be spreading my message of hope, healing and happiness all over the world. For this work, I was featured on many magazine covers, TV and global brands such as Nike, Puma, Vitamix, Zico and GoPro.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

Since I began my career, I have had numerous very interesting things happen. One experience that truly changed my life and shaped my career happened in the very beginning. When I was 18 years old I was in a near fatal car accident, all the doctors told me there was nothing that could be done to reverse the scoliosis of my spine from that accident. It caused me a lot of pain and I felt it was something I’d have to live with forever. A few years later, I became very depressed, despite the fact that I had a great high paying job, a loving relationship, a lovely home and what could be seen as the perfect life. I was in top fitness shape and was even a bikini model on the side. I looked great on the outside, but inside I felt completely empty, depressed and dead. I was burned out from working too much and it was as if all of the life was gone from my heart and soul and I couldn’t even connect with the feeling of gratitude. 

I prayed to God and asked for guidance. Soon I was guided to go to a yoga teacher training, which changed my life forever. I was finally able to connect with my heart and soul again. The love and wholeness began to return to my soul and I regained hope for life again. Soon after that, I learned about a yoga teacher who had healed her spine with yoga and that gave me even more hope. I vowed to make this my focus and dedicated the next few years to healing myself, while sharing the healing with my clients and students along the way. 

Soon after that, my mother was killed in a massive fire explosion. Although I was raised in foster homes, and not with either of my parents, the pain and trauma from the loss of my mother was severe. I was so grateful for the healing gifts I had learned through my yoga path, which helped to heal my heart from this grief and loss.The breathing, meditation and mantras were especially healing for me at that time. As I healed my broken heart, my health issues and life, I attracted many students and clients so I could help them heal their pain. It felt fulfilling and empowering to be able to help others through their hard times and to create a better life. 

Fast forward a few years and my career was really taking off. My youtube videos went viral and I had millions of people following my 30 day yoga challenges online. Many people were contacting me to share how my teaching was also transforming their life. This inspired a massive global yoga movement, which spread through social media starting in 2008. I started to feel the true meaning of yoga, which is union, to unite in oneness and connection with the global family of humanity. Soon after that, I published my first book, Journey to Joyful, which was released through Random House international in 2010. From that book, I was invited to speak at the Sony Motion Picture Studios, several Universities and even at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness a few years later. I felt these invitations were a message from the universe which clarified my mission to help humanity and my desire to share my personal stories of overcoming adversity, in order to help others through their pain. I had over come such deep and painful experiences, and along the path I learned to heal myself and others. I learned to let go of the pain and suffering and forgive even those who hurt me the deepest. It became clear that this is an important part of my dharma and life path to share this message with the world, to help put an end to unnecessary suffering of humanity. I learned that when we let go of the past, we create space for miracles to flow into our lives. That is what I am practicing daily now. 

I call this the Flow State which means to be free from the past, living fully in the now and connected to the infinite source of abundance, appreciation and love that exists in the universe. Through the power of pure positive energy, love and compassion, we can experience happiness and live in alignment with our life purpose and destiny. So this is part of my mission now and that experience shaped me in so many ways, along with many other deeply painful, yet powerful experiences, over this lifetime. All of these experiences lead me to the conclusion that Oneness, Flow and Love are the pure essence and source of all life and it is my mission to spread these teachings throughout humanity, as this can also solve many of the worlds challenges which will absolutely change the world. 

Can you tell us about your “Big Idea That Might Change The World”?  

I have come up with 2 solutions to change the world. 

The first solution: The Oneness Movement 

The United Nations global goals are focused on 17 vital aspects of our planet and humanity that are essential to sustain life on earth. After I was a speaker at the United Nations in 2016, I realized that the UN is really open to working with citizens and organizations who have solutions to solve the global goals.

Here is the link to my United Nations Speech:

Over the years I have noticed there are numerous entities, organizations, individuals and corporations working to solve the global goals, individually and making some progress, but its not happening fast enough to keep up with the climate change and rising issues facing the world. 

From this understanding, I came up with a solution to solve the world’s major problems. To unite all of the efforts to maximize the energy and optimize the results is the missing element. For example, the plastic pollution is a global problem that has been affecting the oceans and the sea animals as well as many other aspects of our earth. Now we see some  large movements to help solve this, such as the Stop Sucking plastic straw ban at Starbucks, or the end of plastic bags at grocery stores, even WWF launched an initiative recently for this issue, etc. We are even seeing somecountries making a commitment to end the use of single use plastic as well such as Costa Rica, EU and UK. Although this is only taking place on a small scale. 16 counties so far have committed to this. 

So the Oneness Movement ‘OM’ vision is to unite all of the countries and efforts, with the help and leadership of the United Nations, to create agreements similar to the Paris Agreement, but for each of the world’s major issues. 

Om4Oceans is the first campaign, and it focuses on first promoting a petition that was initiated on by the UN in Bangladesh, to Beat Plastic Pollution.

Our intention is to get the media, as well as influencers and celebrities with a large reach to help promote the petition to gain at least 1 million signatures. From that, we propose the creation of an agreement, similar to the Paris Agreement, but called the Eco Plastic Act, that would encourage all of the counties unified by the United Nations, to sign and commit to ending the use of single use plastic, on the governmental level, and mandated to all corporations of each country, penalized by fines for those who don’t comply. The agreement would replace single use plastic with eco sustainable plastics made from bio-degradable resources such as corn starch, bamboo or hemp for example as these substances have been proven to work for single use plastic purposes and they bio degrade, so they don’t harm the animals, the oceans, the consumers or the environment. 

This campaign is called #Om4Oceans since the plastic pollution is most dramatically impacting the oceans, with the infamous plastic island over in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii and the beaches and oceans globally being devastated by the pollution of plastic in the bellies of the whales, dolphins and other sea animals, which are essential creatures that keep the ocean eco systems in balance. The ocean provides the earth with 50% of our air that we breath for humans, so this is not a small or light matter and is absolutely critical to focus on healing the oceans and creating sustainable solutions and balance on earth. 

After we can successfully achieve the goal to get the United Nations to get all the countries to commit to the Eco Plastic Act, that is one small step toward solving the rest of the global goals. There are 2 sides to this coin: stop producing plastic pollution and to clean up the pollution that already exists. We have seen some great solutions to promote that are working for the clean up as well. 

The next focus after the Oceans and Plastic Pollution, we aim to solve with the Oneness Movement, is to focus on the Amazon and other deforestation. This is another major world concern, as we get the other 50% of our air that we breath from these forests and they are being clear cut by the millions of acres to raise cattle and to drill for oil. This has to be stopped. The Oneness Movement campaign for that will be our 2nd campaign and will unite the influencers, celebrities and foundations that are committed to solving these global goals, to catalyze massive change. The #Om4Amazons will start with a petition to gain at least a million signatures, to end the rain forest clear cutting and protect these critical forests. This must come from the government mandate and with the help and support of the United Nations. From there, we can focus on reforestation, planting the trees again and protecting the global resources and indigenous cultures that are essential for life on earth. 

The other global goals, such as poverty, education, water, etc are all also on the agenda and we have solutions for each of these and are also open and welcome other solutions to be contributed. Our primary focus with the Oneness Movement is to unite the change makers so that the actions and efforts can be amplified and the solutions can be optimized. Instead of hundreds of efforts being spread out, it would be one unified effort that creates massive and lasting change for the world in all the ways that are critical right now. 

I’d love to share more about this with Ariana Huffington and the Thrive Global team to see how we can get more support from the media to maximize our efforts. 

Dashama Media Kit :

The other solution / initiative we have on the agenda is called the Flow State.This is a global movement to awaken humanity to health, healing and happiness. The flow state is a psychology term that was previously only considered relevant to artists, athletes and people with natural born talents for example. We are expanding the understanding to be relevant for all of humanity, as we see that this critical knowledge can heal much of the suffering plaguing humanity.

The Flow State is like the secret to the secret. Instead of only focusing on the Law of Attraction, the flow state teaches about all of the universal laws that govern humanity to provide a system and structure to guide people to live their best life now. The life of happiness, health, abundance and fulfillment is available for all who have the proper understanding about how to access the flow state, to live in alignment with the flow of life. 

Like Bruce Lee said, be like water, and that is the premise of this concept, to be in the flow is to be fluid, open to life and in non resistance. 

In order to live in this way, we must learn to master the mind and emotions, which is the primary focus of the flow state movement. Through proven practices and by interviewing the flow state masters who have learned to harness the power of the universal forces to stay and live in the flow of existence to manifest their dreams and intentions into the world. 

Through the Flow State movement, we are creating a movie (documentary style with interviews, a bit like the Secret, but more creative visually), a book, an online summit and a school to teach these powerful practices. I already have the USPTO trademark for the Flow State for books and movies and our next stage is to interview the experts for the movie, the book and the online summit. 

We are also in the process to get approved to provide CME (continuing medical education units) to doctors, nurses and therapists to teach the flow state practices, so they may be shared with medical patients to help heal humanity. In the flow state, the state of pure positive energy, appreciation, gratitude and love, no sickness, disease or illness can exist, this can be a solution for humanity to heal and transform, eliminating the suffering of the world, starting with healing and mastering the mind and emotions.  

You can see more about the vision at 

and my trademark for the flow state is registered on USPTO now for both the book and the movie. 

We would love to interview Ariana Huffington for this movie and the book as well as talk with the Thrive Global team about how to work with you to spread the word about this movement as well. 

How do you think this will change the world?

Both the Oneness Movement and the Flow State have a common purpose and intention: to solve the suffering of humanity and regenerate all life on earth. This is a big mission, which is also the reason we need a unified team effort to make it happen. This is not something we see can be done by one or just a small group of people, this requires a massive shift in the way we are operating as a species. To come together, to move beyond all differences and to see our similarities. To understand that what we do right now is crucial to the future of our planet and humanity. And to guide the actions and efforts of the masses to contribute to the betterment of our world. This is feasible with the proper support and collective understanding. This is a TEAM approach ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. No problem is too large to solve, since we have 7.5 billion people on earth, and more then enough intelligence and resources for all to live happy healthy lives. This is not a plan for the redistribution of wealth, this is a plan for the education and unification of humanity to work together for a common goal to make the world a better place for our children and for all future generations. 

Keeping “Black Mirror” and the “Law of Unintended Consequences” in mind, can you see any potential drawbacks about this idea that people should think more deeply about?

The main potential draw backs to the flow state is that people may become discouraged if they can’t experience it right away. It’s not a magic pill or a quick fix, it’s a long term solution to healing ones life, to be able to access the field of pure potential, healing, happiness, abundance, creativity and success in life. I also see that some western trained medical professionals can be skeptical in regard to eastern philosophies, but since we have ample university and medical research now backing these thousands of years old proven practices, which are also combined with modern technology and practices that are also proven to work for health and healing, its not a matter of who is right. Its a matter of doing what works and remaining true to the intention, to heal the mental, emotional and physical state of humanity and that takes great courage and a sincere commitment to be of service to humankind. 

The main potential drawback about the Oneness Movement is perhaps the corporations who stand to profit from the continual destruction of our planet may fight back against this, as this is a true and rapid solution to solve the 17 UN global goals through the power of the collective and those who stand the most to lose financially, also often have the greatest power in our world. So we will need extra media to support this and protection to ensure we can run the campaigns and achieve the goals. 

Was there a “tipping point” that led you to this idea? Can you tell us that story?

The tipping point for the Oneness Movement came from my experience speaking and teaching globally, especially in the Asian countries. I was in India 10 years ago and horrified by the amount of trash, sickness, poverty and disease. Also while I was in Israel I noticed that the water in the lakes, rivers and even the dead sea was drying up and the wars between Israel, Lebanon and Jordan for example were based on the water shortage. And a few years later I was swimming through a sea of plastic trash in Bali and finally felt enough is enough. This has to stop and there must be a rapid solution. I sat on the beach and cried for the planet, the rivers, the children, families and the oceans that day and asked God what can we do. This solution came to me, since I’ve been a social media influencer for many years and I have many friends who also have millions of fans. I see so many influencers want to do something to help, but don’t exactly know what to do. I see the Oneness Movement and the 17 UN global goals ‘OM’ campaigns as the best solution to unify those who have power and influence and to make fast and effective changes to benefit the earth and humanity. If just 1000 influencers who each have 1 million followers support each campaign, we can reach 1 billion people with each campaign, in just a short time. This is the power of leveraging the power of Oneness.

The tipping point for the Flow State came to me over a lifetime of having to learn to let go and not be attached to anything, starting with my parents at age 6, I was shown that we must let go and like Bruce Lee said, Be Like Water. When my mother lost her mind, it taught me the deepest compassion for humanity’s suffering and also the importance and power of mental health, which I feel is the #1 key to solving all the world’s problems right now. The dysfunction of the human mind and the resultant toxic emotional state that ensures as a result, is so rampant, my friend Dr Khalsa from Harvard said currently 80% of humans have a mental disorder in one form or another and mostly they are not even aware of this, but it is causing all the suffering in the world. 

I started teaching people how to access the flow state 14 years ago through yoga, mediation, breath, mantras, cleansing, healing and love and have been dedicated to this path for many years. The tipping point was just 3 years ago when I was dating a guy from Germany, who also happened to be autistic and a narcissist, and the pain from that experience brought me understand intimately the depth of this very common mental disorder and I worked with him very closely to heal it. The Universe must have been watching because after that experience I was invited to go meet with the professors at Warwick University in UK and Harvard Medical school to create this research program for corporations how to teach the flow state and well being to C level executives and employees in corporations. That experience really solidified my understanding that the Flow State has the power to transform the world. Not just high level corporate executives, but all humans on earth can benefit from mastery of the mind, emotions and energy. This can heal the world. As the Dalai Lama said if every 8 year old would learn mediation we would have world peace within 2 decades. This is the start of that intention and I believe fully we can spread this wisdom and educate humanity so people can heal themselves. This will not only end the wars, and unnecessary conflict (over time), but contribute to a more enlightened state for humanity, as people learn to observe their mind and actions, we can restore harmony and balance to earth. And through this, I see that the doctors, nurses and medical professionals can learn to share these powerful practices as well, thus creating a truly powerful healing system through our medical system, as that is where people turn for healing and yet the current solutions are all based on prescription drugs, which are just a bandage and not a true solution. 

What do you need to lead this idea to widespread adoption?

We have already began to lead both of these ideas to create widespread adoption, yet we will need a lot more support from the media. 

For the Oneness Movement, our first campaign is about the ocean and plastic pollution. (see here: I have been working on getting the United Nations to confirm the partnership with us, but the contact I had who invited me to speak at the UN in 2016 has since left and now we need a new contact there. We have found a number of great partners including unify.organd many influencers who are eager to be on board for a combined reach of a hundred million fans so far, but our most important step is to get the partnership with United Nations confirmed. We have another potential partner, who has built a special technology to integrate into video games that will allow us to reach 2.5 billion video game enthusiasts, and this has also been approved as a collaboration with United Nations, so they are going to be one of our technology partners to reach over 30% of the population on earth with the Oneness Movement and that is just the start. From there we aim to unite another billion people who are not video gamers, but who care about the earth and want to see a real and lasting change. The partners are coming together rapidly, so now is the time. As the pieces come together, we will need more media support and technology in place to be able to reach the goals rapidly. 

For the Flow State, I already have the USPTO trademark for both the movie and the book and have confirmed a list of celebrities and influencers to be included featured with a total combined reach over 100 million fans. We have the distribution in place for selling the DVDs in Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and other retailers as well as Amazon, Netflix and Gaia TV, broad band TV and ATT Uverse in addition to the network of the featured experts and influences who are being included. We are also in the process of getting the program approved to offer CME’s (continuing educational units to medical professionals, doctors, nurses and therapists), for live events and online training courses. 

So what would really help at this stage is to get the support of a major book publisher and film crew so we can film all the interviews and publish the book. Since there are several aspects of this project, the more support and funding we can get for this movement to create and launch project will really expedite the process to spread this important message to heal and uplift humanity. 

I had a vision perhaps we can start a video series on the Huffington Post website and youtube channel to share some of the interviews and spread the messages of the experts we are featuring to go viral like Jay Shetty did for his making wisdom go viral interview / video series on the Huff post Thrive Global platform. We are open to introductions as well to flow state experts and masters, as we have a great list of them already confirmed and we would like to also include Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Ariana Huffington, Missy Copland and some of other top experts in each field. 

What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why.

5 Things I wish someone told me before I started: 

  1. True leadership is not about me, it’s about we. In the beginning I thought it was all about me and what I was here to offer the world, and I was really focused on finding my purpose and what I am here to do. Then with time and many successes, failures and set backs, I learned that it’s really not about me at all and that it’s about service to humanity and through selfless service I have gained the greatest fulfillment, success and support. As I studied Gandhi, Mother Theresa and others who came before me, I have seen that a true leader is just a vessel and that to sacrifice greatly is part of the journey. To get to that place, I had to experience a few ego deaths so I could understand that my ego wanted it to be about me and the soul knew the whole time it was never about me. This has given me great liberation to understand this and to live in the footsteps of the masters who came before guiding the way.
  2. Successful accomplishment ofglobal projects requires a lot of help.Right now for these projects we are operating with a slim team and we are very open to more support and help. An example of how I learned this has come from the past mistake when I was just getting started on Youtube in 2008 my videos started to go viral and reaching millions of viewers. I was so overwhelmed by the response, with thousands of people emailing me about their pain and suffering as well as about their success and I didn’t know how to respond to it all, so I just shut down and stopped responding and stopped posting videos on youtube in 2010. That lead to block the growth of my youtube channel and many other challenges, I wish I had known back then how to ask for and how to receive help and now I am learning this important skill. 
  3. Work and life balance have to be in balance for optimal success and happiness. All of this work must be seen as a marathon not a sprint, so take your time and enjoy the journey. This is something I have learned over the years through complete workers burnout. Last year after teaching 7 yoga teacher trainings in 1 year, I was completely burned out. I went to Bali to heal this and it was actually how I came up with this vision to heal people through the Flow State, as it is a way we have to find balance in life, stay connected to the flow of pure positive energy which is not present when you’re working too much and out of balance. I had to learn the hard way, but that painful journey really taught me this lesson very deeply and now I’m ready to share it with the world. 
  4. Be open to receive support.Since I was very young I didn’t have the support of my parents, I had to learn how to do everything for myself. This self reliance was useful for a long time, because it taught me independence, but later that wasn’t useful when it was time to grow fully into my destiny. I am here to lead the Oneness Movement and Flow State which both require me to be more open to trusting the support of the universe and other people. 
  5. There is no path straight up to success. There are many pitfalls on the way to the top and to achieve anything great, we learn the most from the lowest moments of failure and pain. I have learned so much from suffering and failure and from that wisdom, it has really helped me to become a powerful leader with a strong commitment to my mission. I’m so grateful for this now, but in the beginning it was very painful to go through it. One example of that was when I launched my first DVDs. Back in 2009 I produced and starred in a series of Family Yoga DVDs to help heal families. At first I invested $20,000 of my hard earned cash into that project, but I had no plan or idea how I would sell the DVDs. Soon after that I attracted a partnership with MVD for DVD distribution into Target, Walmart, Best Buy and other sellers, but I had purchased a huge inventory of these DVDs and wasted a lot of money with an outdated shipping and warehouse method, which cost me all my profits. Since then, with the digital print on demand options, we have a lot less of this stress and wasted expenses, but that early journey taught me a lot. Now I welcome all the challenges, as they are here to help us grow, but I aim to learn from these challenges to operate from more wisdom instead of from the pain of my mistakes.

The future of work is a common theme. What can one do to “future proof” their career?

To future proof one’s career: 

  1. Its important to set yourself apart.I teach a business coaching course called Master Business Academy and one of the first steps is to understand your mission, vision and purpose and then to create a USP, which is the unique selling proposition. This is how someone can stand out from the crowded marketplace. 
  2. Stay connected to your inner guidance,especially through meditation, you gain guidance to know what is the next step, what to let go of, what to move toward and who to connect with. So to ensure long term success, it’s not a matter of doing one thing or another in your business field, although all of that will help. It’s mostly about staying connected to your inner guidance. 
  3. Connecting with others, partnerships are the future for all careers. They help you to grow, to expand and to reach more audiences, as well as to ensure you will have a continual flow of work and support for your projects, which brings continual flow of income and sustains the career beyond any market fluctuations. 
  4. Stay open to allow your career to evolve and transform over time. Very rarely does anyone stay in one exact same field their whole life. As you are open to the flow of life, it will lead you to the next best thing for your life work and path. That is the key. There is only one constant in life and that is change. Stay open to change.
  5. Be open to learn from the experiences of your past,which will guide you toward your dharma/ life purpose. Listen closely and deeply to what life is asking to be born through you. Be willing to put in the work, time and investment to make it happen, regardless of the external circumstances. 

Based on the future trends in your industry,  if you had a million dollars, what would you invest in?

Since I’m in the yoga, health, happiness and mindfulness space, I believe the teachings of the Flow State, which is the next level, as it combines the wisdom of yoga, meditation, breath, movement, mental health, emotional well being, healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits into one system that can appeal to people from all walks of life to help them achieve greater health, well being, healing and happiness. As yoga and meditation continue to expand as accepted and proven methods (backed by science and medical research) to help humanity achieve optimal health, we are creating new avenues to reach unique audiences globally with this education, wisdom and information. The future of my industry is in online education and sharing across multi media platforms, as well as live experimental events and the integration into other sectors where people live and work, as a holistic approach to health, healing and well being for humanity. 

So I would invest into the creation of more online education through multi media production, as I am already doing, but integrated with greater technology to reach the masses not only though direct means, as we are now, but also through partnerships with government, school systems, corporations, etc. With a million dollars I would invest some of that into the production of the Flow State movie and the other media for the Flow State brand as we have a tremendous amount of momentum growing for this and the only piece left is the financial backing for the movie, although we do have a few investors who we are meeting with soon who have expressed interest already. We are open to others who wish to meet to discuss possible consideration as well. 

I have created hundreds of videos that reach millions of people through various platforms, distribution and partnerships. As we expand to reach more people, we are also translating my teachings into Chinese and other languages. Right now I see that the language barrier is the only obstacle to reaching billions more people. One partnership I have is with Daily Yoga app, who has 30 million subscribers, 27 million of them are Chinese speaking, so we have created Chinese voice over versions of my video trainings programs for them. We are also expanding to other forms of media, to expand the reach. Through audio (for example the Flow State summit will be all mp3 audio based), podcasts, and radio, as well as TV, movies, online courses, apps, video games, products and live events. 

Beyond the Flow State, I would also like to invest into the research project my friend Dr Sat Bir Khalsa from Harvard Medical School proposed to do a national research to show how meditation is essential for children in schools so we can show through qualitative data how impactful this can be for the future generations and that could lead to a national government mandate for all children to learn mediation in school, which would also change the future of our world. As Dalai Lama said, if every 8 year old would learn to meditate, we would achieve world peace within 2 decades. This is a worthy endeavor and that research project needs funding. 

And with a million dollars, I would invest into the Oneness Movement as well, since this is an urgent and important project that can and will change the world, it just needs more resources to kick start the first campaign and to build the technology to support the on going campaigns. 

Which principles or philosophies have guided your life? Your career?

The principles and philosophies that have guided my life and career have come from my studies about virtue and how to live a life in alignment with the Noble Path as taught from Buddha, as well as the 8 Limb Path of Yoga and the Teachings of Jesus about love and compassion, as demonstrated by Gandhi and Mother Theresa. The principles are based on the dedication to contributing to the betterment of humanity through self less service, and to living in alignment with goodness. I went to church as a young girl when I was living in foster homes and later became interested in studying the lives of the great people who lived on earth. My aunt gave me a book called ‘How to Be Like Women of Influence: The 20 Greatest Women of the 20th Century’ that featured Mother Theresa, Oprah, Elenor Roosevelt, Ann Frank and other great women. That booked shaped my vision for my life early on. I knew I wanted to be like those great women and even though I was not always perfect, I always tried my best and over time have been guided to release any vices that stray from truth and dedication to the service of humanity, to stay true to myself and find a nice balance of enjoyment and happiness in life as well. My father was Jewish and mother was connected to shamanism, Christianity and Buddhism and my aunt who I also lived with later on was Christian and she had sort of a small orphanage at our house, so all of that taught me acceptance of all paths, as I saw all are the same at the core, which is to love one another and live in alignment with truth connected to God and with compassion and love. 

Can you share with our readers what you think are the most important “success habits” or “success mindsets”?

Success habits that I live by include: 

  1. Always give your all and do your best. Sometimes people get lazy, but I learned that we can take breaks when we get tired, but it is the endurance through the challenges that sets one apart from success and failure. If you never give up, you will inevitably succeed. 
  2. Stay focused on the positive. Life is full of pitfalls, negative naysayers and critics. I choose to ignore them and that is a huge key to success. The mind wants to sabotage success by finding fault and that path leads to failure. When we stay true to our highest vision for life and aligned with the inner source of guidance, we will succeed eventually. 
  3. Don’t give up. It’s so easy to want to give up when things aren’t going well. That is the pitfall of life, but we must persevere and see the light at the end of the long journey to stay the course though the obstacles and we will eventually be successful in all endeavors. 
  4. If one way isn’t working, seek another route. Sometimes one way is not working because its not the right path. This is the way life guides us, so we must be open to trying a new pathway to achieve our goals if the way we are attempting feels like too much resistance. 
  5. Self care is an essential key. When we take care of ourself, prioritizing feeling good and being healthy, the rest of life can flow and we have much greater impact and success. 
  6. Mindset is key. Mental health is all about how we see the world. When we choose positive thoughts and to see even the greatest challenges as a gift, that is when we will have the greatest breakthroughs. 
  7. All of life is a blessing. When I could see even the greatest suffering as my teacher and not take a victim mindset, that has been the greatest shift for my success in life. Everyone goes through challenges, but these occur so we can grow. No matter how painful, every experience is our teacher. 

Some very well known VCs read this column. If you had 60 seconds to make a pitch to a VC, what would you say?

After 14 years impacting millions of lives as a global leader in my field, a speaker at the United Nations and a successful published Random House author about happiness and healing, I am certain I was born to guide humanity to experience the life enhancing benefits of the Flow State and to help relieve the suffering of the world through the Oneness Movement. The Flow State and Oneness Movement are both essential vehicles to catalyze massive change and action on earth, both for the rapid resolution of the UN Global Goals through the Oneness Movement and the healing of the mental health and state of humanity through the Flow State initiatives, I am certain we can create a massive shift in consciousness through the plan and vision I have in place. If you are a VC that feels a calling in your heart and soul to leave a legacy of true and lasting impact, to leave the world as a better place for our children and future generations, I am very open to meeting to discuss if there is alignment for your involvement and I welcome any and all support. 

How can our readers follow you on social media?

I am on all platforms :

Thank you so much for joining us. This was very inspirational

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