Bi Kidude’s Trinity Of Woman and the Unyago Of, “Beru Bi!” #WomensHistoryMonth2021 #Tanzania

The Legendary, Musical Mother Of Tanzania-BI KIDUDE-and Elements Of Feminine Tradition, In the Song, "Beru Bi!" #WomensHistoryMonth2021 #Tanzania

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There are certain voices you don’t always see again. For they come for a particular lifetime, with a purpose for guiding humanity (and the spaces they occupy) into a particular plane. Such voices are age defying and ageless. Their texture, type, and unique aura hint to a great understanding, when it comes to numbers. Even in old age, they have still maintained that power and eloquence. It is youthful, euphoric, and establishes a manner of wellness, for all! In fact, even in old age, they continue to sound, young. Of course, such a gift is one that only Heaven can create. Nevertheless, it is real and it is there.

There are those voices, who are made to bring tenderness, care, and power into our lives. Such are meant to navigate a shaking into the spaces and lives, for where they reside. They are meant to provide nourishment, and an illumination, for the people, who occupy such territory. Not only are such voices powerful enough for the local territory, but they can be heard throughout the hearts, minds, bodies, and Souls of people, throughout the world! When they sing, it is more than a performance. In fact, it is a special calling; a calling meant to attract others, for a mental shaking, which is needed, within society-throughout the world!

A move back into East African terrain takes us into the nation of Tanzania-by way of Zanzibar, to be exact! There was one dame, whose voice was a gentle streak of lightening, throughout a given territory. Not only did it strike throughout the very spacing, but it melted its way into that particular Earth; creating a level of vibration into the soil. It is a sacred pact, which has been created. For once, such voices have implanted their timber, within the Earth. Their vibration level will be felt by the masses, when it begins in song!

We go through one legend-one considered the Grand Dame of Zanzibar music, and who ensured to incorporate those Indigenous teachings (and cultural traditions) for the nation of Tanzania. It is a name that continues to live on as a coloring of memory, for many to come-for the future generations of Tanzania. Such a name is none other than. . .

Bi Kidude; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Born in the Zanzibar City, in a village known as Mfagimaringo, she was cultivated into land’s jewels. She was the daughter of a coconut seller. What is it about coconuts, which has a certain way, with the musical persuasion? What is it about the very Spirit, and understanding of land, which creates a certain navigation into the mysteries of artistry? Its connection to the majesty of Universal aesthetics? After all, there is a certain wellness, when it comes to the very beauty and illumination, for our connection to Divinity! Fruits and vegetables are the physical manifestations, of the Creator’s desire to bring healing and wellness to our Being. Then, of course, there is the sound of the coconut 🥥🥥🥥! What is it concerning a such a sound, which reveals certain treasures, within the musical world? How are certain singers blessed with the gift of reflecting the timber of such a fruit?

Examining the work and life of Bi Kidude, there is one particular, traditional folk tradition, and musical form of Tanzanian identity, which is moved into understanding the very craftsmanship of that Indigenous tradition of womanhood, within such a nation. While we are aware of one musical form, which was dominated (and performed) by Bi Kidude, there is clearly another, which should not be left out. It is known as Unyago, and such a tradition is the celebration for one component of womanhood, and the artistry of matrilineal culture! What is pleasing regarding this tradition, is that it is birthed from the natural existence of Tanzanian landscapes, and soil. Its the natural essence of Tanzanian womanhood. From there, we move into the natural essence of Tanzanian mystique and womanhood-one that has been untampered with, and has stood the test of authentic femininity’s time! Going into brief details, the practice of Unyago is a cultural and musical tradition, for a certain delight. For starters, it is that connection between the young and the old. It is a sacred activity for the elder women to pass on certain teachings to the younger generation of women (and girlhood).

It’s a sacred ritual, you know? That wellness from girlhood to woman. Who would ever know that such a sacred ritual could continue into this time of, within womanhood’s domain? And yet, it does. Through all of her pain, and the attempts to silence her, she continues to, exist! And so, such natural rituals, will always exist! A brief description for the ritual of Unyago is that it is also a “coming of age,” practice for young women, and especially, when they are getting married. It is the older women, who teach the younger women sacred rituals about intimacy with a man. Ah! It’s interesting how such a holistic expression is thought of, in a different context, when it is expressed through a woman’s tongue! Much different, indeed! When it is spoken through the very testament of womanhood, and with the sacred factor it deserves, there is a particular celebration, arising! A higher awakening with the Universe, is established!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is pleasing concerning this musical artistry, with it having been rooted in the feminine, is how that energy is transmitted into dance and song. Mix it up with that coconut 🥥🥥 texture, and your are in for a real treat-a true awakening. Delving into the career of Bi Kidude, there is one particular song to be highlighted for this literary painting. The song is called, “Beru Bi.” Even in old age, she had the power and ability, to navigate through coconut’s artistry. Her voice performed in a way, as if you were walking gracefully, through a distant timing. When you hear her voice in “Beru Bi,” you desire to travel to the direction, where it is projecting to. Like the tapping of two coconuts together, you experience the timber, and how it presents this Earthly tapping. The irony of her performance, within this song, is that it illuminates a richness within the “dryness” of air. There are treasures to be illuminated within, so-called, dry air. It has a certain metallic feel about it. Furthermore, there is also a particular dry feel, relating to how it moves through the air. You want to envision those treasured, and sacred elements, that are present, within the winds of Tanzania, and Zanzibar. What is there? What natural remedies are inside the air? Furthermore, how does one come to fulfill those nurturing elements, and metals, within the air space? Beru Bi” is one of those perfect songs, which illuminates to this remedy. Of course, you have to close your eyes, in order to see such treasures.

Another technique to be heard within the song, is a certain release of the music. When she sings, the coming ending of the notes gives a feeling of being silently released. It appears as if there is a certain wave, and rush, of the timber. Once, you know longer hear, Bi Kidude’s voice, mental imaginings of an echo come into play. After her vocal release, it feels that the musical coloring has been sprayed throughout different directions, into the air. And, the listener is forced to wonder, what direction, they will take next. Such is one interpretation of “Beru Bi.”

Another particular factor, surrounding the performance of this song is the connection between the Maiden and Mother. Do you remember our brief introduction of Unyago? Well, you definitely hear it in the performance of this song. How so, may you ask? For starters, you have the fact that Bi Kidude sounds like a younger woman, even though she is old. It’s that age-defying remedy, that we are sure to hear of. What is the sacredness of Unyago than the intertwining of two different generations of women? Passing in those life-saving teachings from each generation, in order to ensure that the culture stays alive. That the young never forget the wisdom of the old, and the stories of womanhood, from times, before! Through this song, the very timber (and performance, alone) highlights the blessings of Maiden, Mother, and Old Crone.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The audio attached to this song (and which is posted within this article) highlights Bi Kidude wearing a purple scarf. When you see, the color purple, you have experienced Heaven’s whispers. And, therefore, you should listen, and listen, well! With that being stated, one Wise Woman has spoken, and through a Maiden’s sound of Tanzanian soil, she has spoken, well! Let those silent whispers expand into the wellness of those airy treasures-restablishing the order for the sacred trinity of womanhood’s metallic, delight!

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