Bi Kidude and the Wise Women, For The Universal Drumming Of Age! #Tanzania #WomensHistoryMonth2021

The Legacy Of Tanzanian Legend-BI KIDUDE-And Her Reflection Of Vitality, For Women Of, The Old! #Tanzania #WomensHistoryMonth2021

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And so, a name continues to live on! Not only does it move into a higher energy field, but it continues to showcase herself, as a legend for the land. In a previous writing, we navigated through that particular world, and journey, where Tanzanian Maidens, Mothers, and Old, Wise Women came together to transmit the secrets of womanhood, among themselves. It’s an auspicious moment, when observing the sacred realm of dance, among women. How ageism is eradicated, and the toxic idea of “competing,” with one’s Sisters is a thought; melted away into a far away distance- where the memories of treachery, are no more!

In this special world, of woman, song, dance, and in this case-drumming, are used to color the very creativity and notion, of womanhood! In this space, an awakening of magic ✨✨ glitters through nature’s decor! It also attracts those, from near and far, to gather around for this sacred occasion. Some are familiar with the land. Others are not. Regardless of who comes to dance around, women have that magic spark and power, of channeling healing; throughout a community, and her people. Dancing, drumming, and singing barefoot, the women create a sweet elixir and timber, for those wishing to find satisfaction, within the very Spirit of performance.

Do you remember the story of Unyago? Do you remember the ritual of Indigenous, Tanzanian womanhood, and the stories, shaped from it? Do you remember the very mention of the word? Well, within this attached video, we bare witness to a performing artistry of Unyago. We truly do! What is so enchanting about this display of feminine healing, is how active, the Old Woman, is! Typically, there are too many people, who think of these celebrations, as mainly for, the young. Rarely, do people see the activities and performances of the old women. Imagery of them sitting on the sidelines, with their observations come into play. You will think of the occasional “hmms,” and chants of praise, for the young. Yet, rarely do you see, the Old Woman, being frequently captured in her performance of the drums, or moving so eloquently, in her connection with the young-until now! Illuminating the Tanzanian treasure, known as. . .

Bi Kidude; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Forget about the narrative, that getting older means you are supposed to lack energy. In this eloquent world, we examine how the energy of the old, keeps the young in alignment with a greater Universal force and power. It is the young, who are dancing to the tune of her beat. In this regard, she is leading the way! Through another time, we have to understand what it means to move through this certain skill of passion,  performance, and decor!

Should you dare to go deeper, you will see just how Big Kidude’s energy is far greater than the young women, who dance around her. After all, they have to dance through the tune of her beat. They have to acclimate her rhythm to theirs. It is she, who is the center, of that world! 🌍

It is an invisible island 🏝️ of safety and comfort. They will never feel alone, or in danger, as long as they stay in the watchful nectar of, the Old Crone!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If only women could view themselves, in such a way! If only more women, would see these digital images, as the one, which has been provided. If only. How the world of ageism, and faux perceptions of beauty would dismantle, and with great haste!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Looking more at this open performance, there is also another great image, to be assessed. It is the Spirit of balance between three elders, who are playing the drums. Two other elders are in alignment with Bi Kidude. She is not in isolation, when maintaining this rhythmical heartbeat. Its the drumming, of 3, as they navigate through this journey, together! Creativity blossoms in full bloom! What makes it even more serene is how naturally the younger women are drawn to them. That’s how it should be! It’s an intricate tale in the interplay of womanhood-from Maiden, to Mother, to the Wise woman. Of course, there are those, who are able to personify two of such characters, simultaneously. As with the case of Bi Kidude, she demonstrated her vocal ability, in being both Maiden and Old Crone! That was one of the most fantastical demonstrations, for her musical career.

This performance is a celebration of the circular essence of life’s mystery. After all, they are moving in the Circle. They are dancing in the direction of the Circle. The rhythm of the drum keeps its steady beat and aura. We could even imagine a brief taste of the Universe being demonstrated, our way. The elders sit still in the sun’s centering. For now, we can say there are 3 suns! And surrounding them, are 3 different planets! In the physical flesh, we examine the Universal performance, of the sacred feminine, at work. Again, certain treasures, and spiritual delicacies, maneuver through a particular spacing; awakening us into a greater level of consciousness-an example for how the art of womanhood should be, as opposed to how people have painted it, to become! In our movement towards a greater decor, we are poised to assess what the means of feminine wellness, had already, been! Waiting for confused dames to finally, awaken! That’s the imagery for how it should always, be!

Let’s not forget about the scenery-the environment-for where all of this is to happen. These women are performing on sand. Tourists have gathered around. It means that the very presence of water is around! Close your eyes for one second, and imagine the heartbeat of the surrounding water, for the very Soul, of Tanzania! What does that mean? What does it mean to hear the drums, through the quest of, the water? Lastly, what does it look like to see how the women of one body of land, bring those powerful, healing energies; presenting them through one magic of song?

Well, its very evident that we are observing such a phenomenon, within the attached video! And, what a display and celebration for us to bare witness to! What an exciting adventure and experience! If there is one powerful image for the legacy of Bi Kidude, then such is it! Live, front, and open to the public!

Defying the limits of age, she moves through these spaces of the feminine! Eradicating any limitations and stigmas, which have often been placed on older women! And, here she is! Alive and filled with vitality; performing exploratory music with the younger women! She felt alive! And, all was, well!

This video should be presented, and showcased, throughout every course of time. Of course, it is merely one of many examples for the celebration of womanhood, and that intrinsic phenomenon, for Sisterly vibes! Nevertheless, the celebration strengthens the mood for woman’s revival!

The name of a legend resonates, throughout the land of Tanzania! It is holistic, nutritious, and reflective of that euphoric caliber! It is none other than the deepening riches of woman’s domain! Woman is woman! It does not matter her age. As one professor once conveyed to me, “time is an illusion!” I would like to add, so are the expectations for age! Through her very artistic expression of Universal artistry, Bi Kidude found the avenue to move through numbers; intertwining the different stages of a woman’s life, into one image. Always remember-the Maiden and Old Crone! During her old age, she personified them, both!

Drum on elders! Dance on young ones! A healing is needed in the Earth’s domain! The channeling of passion is ignited for the call of woman, and the calling for Earth’s re-birth! Permit the being, for a holistic release! Grant favor and mystique for wonders to come! And, let us forever to remember the vitality, salvation, and vivaciousness, for. . .The Wise Women, and gatekeepers for, The Old!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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