It’s Time to Go Beyond Work-Life Balance

Introducing our Work-Life Integration Editor-at-Large, Jen Fisher.

We hear a lot these days about “work-life balance.” And most of the discussion is about how hard — or impossible — it is to achieve. And that’s no surprise because the conversation is built on a false premise. The truth is that we bring our whole selves to work. Work and life, well-being and productivity, are not on opposite sides needing to be balanced.

They are on the same side so they can rise together. And that can happen when we start from the premise of work-life integration. That means creating workplaces and a way of living and working that acknowledge our humanity. It’s about realizing we don’t have to choose between meeting our life goals and meeting our career goals. The things we value most outside of work aren’t obstacles to success that need to be hidden or apologized for or checked at the door when we arrive at the office. With work-life integration, those things are the very aspects of our lives that can fuel our success.

That’s why we’re both so thrilled to announce that Jen will be Thrive Global’s first-ever Work-Life Integration Editor-at-Large, curating our new Work-Life Integration hub, presented by Deloitte, where she serves as Chief Well-Being Officer. Here you’ll find expert advice, inspiring personal stories, insights, and Microsteps you can immediately incorporate into your daily life to find a work-life integration that works for you.

For instance, there’s “The Thrive Guide to Navigating Work During a Personal Crisis,” which gives you science-backed tips on navigating a personal crisis or major health issue at work. There’s “The Thrive Guide to Creating a Gratitude-Focused Workplace,” which offers practical ways to strengthen your company culture — and your own sense of perspective and resilience — through the amazing power of gratitude. And there’s the “Thrive Guide to Rediscovering Your Purpose at Work,” which helps those who are feeling disengaged to rediscover their purpose in their careers.

Work-life integration isn’t without its challenges. The world is always changing and so are our lives. Work-life integration isn’t a box to check off, it’s a way of living and working that needs our constant care and attention. But we need to start with the right premise — that being connected to what makes us human and what we value most in the world are the core of our well-being. So, stop chasing the myth of work-life balance, and make our Work-Life Integration section your guide to thrive in all parts of your life.

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