Bestselling Author Summer Augustine Lays Down The Law

There is no one in the literary world who can weave a story quite the way bestselling author Summer Augustine can. She makes the law so very intriguing, thrilling, and yes steamy in each and every book. “White Jr’s Trial,” her new book, hit the bestseller list in record time just like all her books. […]

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There is no one in the literary world who can weave a story quite the way bestselling author Summer Augustine can. She makes the law so very intriguing, thrilling, and yes steamy in each and every book. “White Jr’s Trial,” her new book, hit the bestseller list in record time just like all her books. Her work is definitely trending with readers. “White Jr’s Trial” has an enthralling plot, while also delivering her trademark thrills. The characters she’s brought to life will have you wanting more long after you finish the last page.

Perhaps it is also the realism that she injects into her work that also captures the hearts and minds of readers. Interestingly enough Augustine is also a lawyer, with a very distinguished career, having been a top trial lawyer for two decades. Augustine was gracious enough to sit down with us to give us more insight into this fascinating author and let us in on what is next for her. 

You are a world-renowned author, and your books have been on the Bestseller list. Most authors aspire to have this kind of success, can you tell us a bit about what it took to get here?

It starts with passion.  I love what I write. So, I think just pouring that energy into what I was creating naturally produced books that other people love.  Also, I ignored the conventional wisdom that tries to box you into a single category. Instead, I let my writing take its natural course.  The result is a lot of life’s most intriguing passions delivered to you in a single book. So, the key is don’t hold back. If you love creating it, chances are other people will love consuming it.

Not only are your books thrilling in terms of plots that keep readers engaged from beginning to end, but you also include a lot of heat and passion in your books. White Jr.s’ Trial (Prosecutors – LA) continues this trend, what was the most exciting part of writing this book for you? 

The most exciting part for me was daring to mix hot personal passion in the same book that gives you heated courtroom drama. I was hesitant at first. I worried that people might be offended, thinking the two subject matters don’t belong in the same book. But it was the right thing to do for the story and the characters, so I decided not to hold back.

I think it works because the best and most well-known stories mix love and war.  Think of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Think of Helen of Troy.  Courtroom battles are really just civilized warfare. So, I’m glad I wrote in a way that allowed the novel to deliver just as much romantic drama as it does courtroom drama.

It’s hard to pick which part I had the most fun writing. For example, watching Kelly Luthan and her fiancé struggle to rekindle their past love from a more innocent time, while Kelly was hiding her past conviction of prostitution from him, as the looming trial summoning her appearance threatened to reveal that secret, was just as much fun as creating scenes where the defense lawyers were plotting to destroy her credibility in front of the jury.

As a writer and a lawyer, you certainly know the power of words. Was there an experience that you had when you discovered the power words have in the world? 

Wow. The power of words. I love this question. Yes. I think it actually started with childhood. My dad always taught me to be very mindful of the words I use because of the effect they have on people.  Of course, he was always trying to teach me to be kind, and generous with compliments, because that was his nature, to spread love and joy, to encourage success, and to lift people’s spirits.  In contrast, as an adult, I had to learn to use words as swords in the courtroom, either to tear down a witness for the defense, or to tell the jury a story that would make them feel the pain of the victim so they would vote to convict the offender. So, I guess I’ve been practicing the power of words my whole life. I started out sweet, but I learned to be dangerous. LOL.

What is the most interesting feedback you have received from a fan about White Jr.s’ Trial (Prosecutors – LA)?

Most commonly, I hear that fans can’t put the book down, or I hear about their appreciation for a book that was obviously written by an attorney who really knows what she’s talking about. But the best comment was from a fan who described herself as someone who only likes crime novels and doesn’t like romance novels.  She said that during parts of the book, it felt like she was reading a romance novel, but she still loved every page of it anyway. So that was really the best thing to hear, given my initial fear of including romance scenes in a book about a criminal trial.

Your books are rather addictive so I have to ask – is there another one coming out soon?

Thank you! That’s a huge compliment! Actually, two books are coming out soon.  The Suspect is coming out in the Spring 2021 and The French Art Heist is coming out in the Summer 2021.

In The Suspect, an extremely seductive con-artist who leads an international crime ring is going to ensnare Jack Wayne into her love web, threatening his career goal of becoming District Attorney when she sets him up to take the fall for her own crimes, in a jurisdiction far away from LA.

In The French Art Heist, a private art collector, who readers meet in White Jr.’s Trial, becomes the victim of theft. Readers’ favorite characters from the other novels in the Prosecutors-LA series will have to track down the priceless work of art and capture the thief.

“White Jr’s Trial” Is available on Amazon.

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