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Ken Knorr on Digital Marketing

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It always amazes me when I exercise self-analysis of my overall evaluations, for how differently my initial interpretation sometimes has been, for how a prospective radio guest may in fact genuinely resonate with my global listening audience, or the inner questioning I sometimes have when pondering how the interview itself will unfold or take shape when my guest and I eventually take to the airwaves. When in a position to contrast the incredible takeaways only AFTER…having interviewed my guest on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald; my mind is often blown!

Ken Knorr’s specific skill set for how and what it is that he does, particularly within his niche market of highest-ranking expertise, is admittedly outside of my complete realm of comprehension. Add to that, my inability to readily compute, (cognitively speaking) that which remains foreign to my professional aptitude for interpreting or understanding. It is of course, always easier and oftentimes preferable, for an interviewer to default to subject matters, which may feel more intuitively relatable, or synergistically aligned, and yet, surprisingly, the conversation I had with Ken Knorr, has become one of my top-rated discussions with radio guests of whom I have had both the honour and the pleasure to have interviewed in my over six years of hosting my own show! Another reminder to self and to others, to ‘never judge a book by it’s cover!’ 

I was incredibly impressed with Ken’s natural ease and his demonstrated ability in which to simplify the complexities of what it is he does for a living. Ken was proficiently coherent in clearly and succinctly explaining it all, and doing so in such a way, that anyone could walk away from having listened to our amazing conversation with one another, (podcast link enclosed in this Feature Article) with not only the understanding of Ken’s specialized vocation as a serial entrepreneur, but more importantly, anyone listening would be able to appreciate Ken’s aptitude for longstanding success. I personally am inclined to attribute Ken’s overall success as being only even possible due to his down-to-earth disposition, and because of his light-hearted demeanour. One could literally know nothing or understand very little about what it is that Ken excels and ranks in, and yet, still be left with the belief that he is seemingly one of the most relatable individuals on the face of this planet; particularly within the business domain. In and of itself, this is what I believe constitutes the main reason and the common denominator for Ken’s journey of lifetime success and ongoing achievement. Well done, Ken!

I have immense respect for people; including of course my radio guests, who demonstrate the innate ability to promptly get to the heart of the matter. Who swiftly get to the point in articulating and characterising who it is they are. Who make the expressing of their life purpose; abundantly clear. Who are exceptionally and consistently onpoint with their messaging. Who are immediately compelling in their gift for storytelling. Who are staunch and definitive in declaring what it is they in fact stand for, what it is they ultimately believe in, and who proclaim and declare what their core values comprise of both personally and professionally. Essentially, I have immense respect and appreciation for the guests, who choose to assume it as their personal responsibility to uphold what it is they deem as their fundamental priority for unpacking all of these fantastic deliverables, right out of the gate, upon going live with me on radio. 

It is these types of high calibre guests, who because of their conscious choice to bring their whole selves to the show…who choose to rise in every which possible way as my show guest…it then results in the acceleration my own performance of choosing to boss up as the show host…to the highest of levels. This is how I describe and characterize magic being at play on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. When it all aligns, as it did for both Ken and myself, this is when I know it has been one heck of a terrific interview! These are the combined interview ingredients having blended exceptionally well, thus proving to me that both the guest and the host (me) have proven successful in mutually pulling our weight for the overall benefit of the listening audience and for the podcast subscribers. Thank you, Ken Knorr! I greatly appreciate you!

For any business owner, startup or entrepreneur who has had to swiftly pivot accordingly so as to adapt to the myriad of ways for how we have had to acclimate our business presence online; primarily as a result of this pandemic  – – this is the podcast interview for you! For those of us whose goal it is, to not merely survive but to ultimately thrive and flourish amidst the Covid tsunami we have all been pomelled by, resulting in necessary, rapid and perpetual changes made to the business landscape…this is the podcast for you! If being tech savvy or not understanding how algorithms, metrics or data actually works so as to keep your online business presence at the virtual forefront within a highly competitive and an oversaturated market space…then I believe this podcast interview in particular, is for you! If you are a small sized business, a medium sized business or a large sized business…then I believe this podcast interview is for you! If you are interested in acquiring the information you seek from the best of the best in this arena of specialized business acumen…then I believe this is the podcast interview for you. I also believe that Ken Knorr is a vital resource who should be incorporated into one’s list of contacts, particularly if time management and overall efficiency is crucial to one’s day-to-day operations or if time constraints continue to affect, impact or impede one’s ultimate bottom line or projected target margins. 

We don’t know what we don’t know, however, when shared resources such as the availability of this podcast interview are freely made available and accessible to the overall collective, coupled with the recognition and the awareness of knowing that knowledge is power…the bigger question for business owners, startups and entrepreneurs who are in vital need of this knowledge, these necessary adaptations, this particular skill set, this specific high level mastery from a repeated award winning, and high ranking, consistently sought out expert in the marketplace, what then becomes the excuse for not taking advantage of the wealth of resources, which do in fact exist? Ken Knorr is an important name to be mindful of. Again and as always, “I Want For You What You Want For You! ~ Byron Katie.

On behalf of both Ken and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article! We also wish to mutually extend our appreciation for those of you who intend to take the additional time in which to click on the enclosed podcast link of our amazing conversation with one another! For anyone here who may also wish to connect with either or with both Ken and myself, please know that it would be our sincere honour and our immense pleasure to hear from you outside of this brilliant forum. Once again, thank you kindly for the gracious gift of your time and for your active interest. Ken and I appreciate you!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Ken Knorr is CEO and Founder of the white label digital marketing company.
“That Company.” Yes, the company name is literally, That Company. For over a decade he has built a company that supports marketing firms in providing high quality, SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Reputation Management Services all under their respective brands.

With over 400+ agency partners, That Company has become the most widely trusted name in white label services, that provides a true end to end white label solution that’s scalable.

Ken is a leader who believes that 1+1 = 3. Through his consensus through debate leadership style he believes the best solutions are created with his team, not just by himself.

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