Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book: Hidden Brilliance

It all began with a moment, a shift in mindset. A realization about myself that couldn’t be unseen.

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This. Is. Real. I held the physical copy of the book in my hand for the first time, filled with joy.

Last year was a transformative year for me. I was still in my first year of owning my own business and I learned a LOT about myself in the process. I came to fully understand my personality, learned about and became comfortable with being an introvert, allowed myself the permission and runway to play bigger in life, and basically transformed into a new person. It’s not that I don’t even recognize myself now, it is that I don’t recognize myself three years ago. I am home. Centered. Whole.

This transformation all came to a head at one point, and the story of “Uncovering the High-Achieving Introvert” was born. My personal journey of self-discovery and turning it into something great became the subject of my TEDx Talk of that title that I delivered in September 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the truest I have ever been in my life. I was proud to have accomplished that personal milestone to give a talk on the infamous red circle. As I was preparing for the talk and deep in my own self-reflection, I couldn’t help but feel like there was more to learn and more to say than 18 minutes would allow on the TEDx stage.

How I Decided to Write a Book

During a conversation with my own coach, I shared with her some of the “goals” I wanted to accomplish in the second half of last year. She took a look at this list and said, “Katie, I am pretty sure you didn’t leave a successful career and high-level position to, quote, ‘find a graphic designer.’ So, what do you really want to do?”

Ugh, utter moment of truth. I thought for a moment and said, well, I guess I have always thought about writing a book someday. By the end of that hour-long coaching session, I was going to write a book.

One thing that is true for me is that I have to absolutely buy in and fully commit before I actually say I am going to do something. And then if I arrive at that level of commitment and say I am going to do it, I do. I simply do not botch those commitments. It took me a bit of contemplation, and within a matter of days, it was decided. I would write a book. Not later, but now.

Writing the Book

Over the following weeks, I read up about how to write a book, plotted out the outline, and made a plan for how much I would write each week and when I would finish. The first day I sat down to write was a little daunting. I had written a lot of blog posts, but never anything like this.

Over several months, I worked hard to consistently hold time and space to write. I made sure that I kept the hours each week that I needed to write sacred (for the most part) on the calendar. This wasn’t easy, particularly during the eight weeks or so I was in the first trimester of pregnancy and felt too nauseous to concentrate on writing. It was a good thing I had built some buffer weeks into “the plan”.

While I was never ready to call myself an “author” just yet, a funny thing happened. I really enjoyed the time that I spent writing, and the opportunity to hold creative time and space for the book. When I handed in my first manuscript for editing, I felt a mixture of accomplishment and melancholy at the idea that I didn’t have any project to sit and write anymore. I liked this new form of creation that I had never tried before. Of course, I realize that this just means that I will write more books in the future.

The Creation of Hidden Brilliance

After much reading, writing, editing and re-editing, the book is actually here! Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert’s Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big has just launched, and I am so happy that it is out in the universe. I will admit though that I had a moment of panic the week before it published when I realized for the first time that people would actually now have to read the book. Before now, it was carefully handed to a few close friends and supporters who would be advocates no matter what. No turning back at this point, even if I did have an introvert freak out moment.

Writing the book was actually the simple part. The rest is where all of the complexity (and where a lot of authors get stuck) comes in. Between uncertainty about how to edit, launch or market a book and simply pushing through the days that lack writing motivation, it is easy to lose steam. Luckily, I have a bucket of trained professionals making it great where I wouldn’t know what to do.

I really struggle with celebrating the milestones, and truly stopping to appreciate the big ones along the way. I am often unimpressed and just keep moving to the next thing, but during this process I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and energy several times. I was taken aback the moment I submitted the manuscript for the first time, the moment I saw the completed book cover with my name on it, and the first time I saw the book in PDF format where the interior design actually looked like a real book instead of a Word document. In each of these moments I felt a surge of “This. Is. Real.” This week I held the physical copy of the book in my hand for the first time, filled with joy.

It all began with a moment, a shift in mindset. A realization about myself that couldn’t be unseen. And that became an “Idea Worth Spreading” on the TEDx stage, and that became a story worth expanding upon in my first (and not last) book. I have immense gratitude for everyone who has been part of the support process to arrive at this point.

Go forth and be the real you. Here is the real me.


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