Bebe Manga’s Earthly Passions, For The Pleasures Of Contagious Dreams!

The Energy Of Passion And How Its Contagious Nature Heals All, In The Song, "Ma Passion," By Cameroonian Singer and Legend-BEBE MANGA!

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If passion could be characterized, or colored, in a particular fruit, what would it be? If you could craft it within a unique fruit, what would it be? How would you craft and design it? How would it be colored? Of course its presentation would vary from country to country-from culture to culture, language to language, and sound to sound! Honestly, that’s the exciting part! It means there are different interpretations and opportunities in highlighting the passion painting. Evermore an adventure into how we craft, and conceptualize, this euphoric treasure!

What makes passion such an enchanting aura is that it touches the mind, body, and Spirit in such a way. It cannot compare. Passion is the reason why we decide to pursue our heart’s desire. Passion is the rationale for moving through certain dynamics. Furthermore, passion gives us the power to transform our current realities. Passion provides happiness. Passion gives reason for living. It gives value to the human experience! Lastly, passion permits one to give value to the very nature of one’s very, self.

Passion is powerful. Passion is colorful. Passion is the very illumination of one’s self! There are certain levels of beauty and fascination, when it comes to how we exert this illuminating element! Then, of course, there is another particular element to the realm of passion. It is the vitamin of, healing! Just thinking about a magical rainbow. Reflect upon the passion, within the very context of nature. When we awake in the morning, what are reflective things, which drives our inner passion? How does it translate into certain healers and vitamins for the Soul? Within passion, there are many healing mechanisms for the mind, body, and Spirit. Art is one medium. Music is another.

If the very vibe of passion had its own song, what would it be? How would it sound? Even more, how would it vary from nation to nation? Oh, the wonders of that inner illumination! So, we are back to the realm of Cameroonian landscapes. We have returned in a way that is salacious, jubilant, Divine, and holistic! Coming from the voice of a legendary songstress, we move into understand the power of passion, through the voice of Cameroon’s one and only. . .

Bebe Manga; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She was known for “Amio,” and yet, there were other hits to her name. Many may not have been aware of them. Yet, that didn’t make their presence any less significant. For BEBE MANGA (Elizabeth Bessem Ayamo Manga), passion has a steady personality; an upbeat personality. It carries with it a level of a healthy, social vibe, and holistic celebration! Throughout the song, Bebe Manga is strategic, diverse, and creative in the use of different timbers and tones, for how she articulates the very Being of, passion, through song! There are certain light wails. There are traces of echos. Particular layers of soft touches come to decorate the song. Then again, there are the Earthly textures, which affirms the Cameroonian presence, as part of the euphoria of paradise. Let’s not forget that kind of glittery, angelic, air-texture, which can be heard at the beginning of the piece. That initial introduction is a welcoming moment, concerning the very pleasures of the piece. It feels good! It sounds good! And Baby, it is a euphoric entity surrounding the nourishment of it all! Lastly, there is the audacity, which can be heard in Bebe Manga’s voice! Let’s get to that moment, of passion!

Through the song, passion feels, free! It feels, well! A person does not have to naturally think about it. It simply, takes place! It’s as natural as, drinking water! You don’t have to think about it for too long. What is even more auspicious, is that the very singing of passion comes to ignite the passion of others! You hear it within the song. Such is an underlying theme. Passion is not meant to be kept to oneself. In fact, the more it is shared, the better off humanity, will be.

There are lots of Earthly colors, within the song. One can hear the personas of brown, red, orange, yellow, and others. Closing your eyes, a person can envision how they are able to pop up like tiny glitters of different coloring. Can you imagine being in a darkened place, a nightly place, and see a coloration of different lighting from the moment, Bebe Manga, begins to open up her voice? Now, that’s one example of passion. Of course, there are different stories, which arise within the very blessing of passion. Let’s move further!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

With the very term of passion, comes a plethora of stories, which are bound to flourish and bloom. Soon you come to question how certain people are moved to explore, passion. In one’s journey to experience its elixir, what are those daily, every day stories, which moves one into those passionate gardens, and vibes? Could it be one’s imagination, and desire to experience a beautiful future? Maybe there is that young, Cameroonian schoolchild who hopes for a better future. So, every day she or he studies, and sits in front of the class; hoping that one day they will receive a scholarship to a prestigious University. Could it be a young Cameroonian woman, who has fallen in love? She hopes that the love of her life will one day pop the question. Or maybe its that mother, who works overtime. She takes on those extra shifts, and extra hours, in order to ensure that her children will stay in that expensive school. After all, she wants them to have the best. Or maybe, its the elders, who sit at the cafes, remembering those special memories-how it was in the old times-and reminiscing on those passed times. Let’s not forget about those University students, who work and study; hoping to enhance the lifestyles of their families, and themselves! You see? Passion has many stories.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

That’s the power and beauty of imagination! Somehow it brings a unique elements to one’s virtue! Imagination overcomes any barriers, when it comes to language! One doesn’t have to know a language, in order to feel the Spirit, behind it. Of course, it means you have to have developed a certain level of sensitivity for another culture; another human, whose tongue is not of your own. It is through those dreams of the human experience, where a person connects with another precious Being. Through passion, one has the influence to create myriad stories! It is through such imaginations, where the passion, behind dreams, come alive! Passion is crafted in the wellness of the very psyche! When a person is mentally healthy, passion is able to thrive! And should one’s Spirit not be filled with such a precious aura, the passion of others can spread into that wellness! However, it is only if a person permits themselves to embrace it!

Passion is contagious! Passion provides the emotional medicine for a person to move through this phenomenon called, life!

So, what’s your passion? How do you live through your passion? Furthermore, what is the very nature, surrounding how one’s passion is cultivated and thriving? Let’s never forget that passion is meant to be shared. Passion is designed to bring forth love and creativity, in how one journeys, towards the healing of others!

To listen to more songs from BEBE MANGA, you can click on the link, below:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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