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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE and i don’t mean that in terms of all the things i have because i do not want to have a lot of things
my beautiful life is in the conversations i have with people and how inspired i get from the mosaic of ideas we share. some happen in The Mosaic Podcast conversations i have and some just happen in the day to day conversations i, and i am sure we all have.
several of those conversations over the last 2 days really touched me. one was with Kara Sultana Rea (highly recommend her) around the boundaries i create to keep myself from looking at my uncomfortableness and how important it is to sit in my uncomfortableness and find peace in that.
the second was a Mosaic Podcast interview that will air soon with Kylie Slavik around story. after this conversation i started to sit with how much agenda i carry and what it would be like to live life with an agenda less agenda
one of my big takeaways from conversation with Kylie was how stories that have an agenda don’t resonate with people because they feel manipulated but stories that are agenda less inspire and transform (that MOSAIC Podcast interview will be coming out soon)
in my battle 🙂 to keep agenda i watched myself rationalise how important it is for me to have an agenda for my life – finding saints i trust who say if you have no agenda in your life, life will put its agenda on you
and that brought to mind the beautiful conversation i had with Jon Butcher, the founder and creator or Lifebook on my latest Mosaic Podcast ( and how important it is to think about and create in all 12 categories the life you want to live.
and i sat in my meditation contemplating the mantra: agenda for me, no agenda for others just love all was going well until i read a beautiful email i received from Arielle Ford and i sat with her email and allowed her words of Wabi Sabi love to enter me and wondered, can i lead an agenda less life for myself too. no agenda, only love.
and that is where i sit thIS morning in the beautiful life of beautiful conversations with beautiful people and realise as if for the first time the beauty of The Mosaic (available on amazon) ) which simply says we are all beautiful people.

#BeautifulConversationsWithBeautifulPeople #WeAreAllBeautifulPeople #TheMosaic #Lifebook #KylieSlavik #KaraSultanaRea #Gratitude

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