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Forgiveness Equates to Freedom!

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Who as a human being hasn’t faced being on both sides of the forgiveness coin – as the individual, personally asking someone else for their forgiveness as well as being on the receiving end of being asked to provide forgiveness to someone else who has perhaps – wronged, hurt or betrayed you?

Who hasn’t also been in the position of contemplating forgiveness to someone who never actually stepped up or stepped in to assume personal responsibility or ownership for their behaviour toward you or others for whom you care and love?

Who in a mentoring/coaching/leadership role has not had to delve deep within themselves to do the painful yet necessary self-work, self-assessment, expanding ones own self-awareness so as to know how to effectively and authentically work with their clients, and to be the tangible example of someone who has committed themselves to the ongoing journey of healing, and personal development?

Who here, perhaps finds it easier to more readily forgive others than to forgive ones own self?

At different junctures within my life, I have belonged to all of the above categories as I am sure many of you readers have as well. It is also very common for one to find themselves entangled in simultaneous ‘dynamics’ and scenarios as it pertains to the matter of forgiveness. Life is messy; humans are complex. It took me a very long time to fully embrace the art of ‘letting go’ – letting go of the past, letting go of previously held resentments, letting go of hurt and anger, letting go of negative people and toxic relationships – essentially, letting go of anything and anyone who has proven unworthy or undeserving of remaining in my life. The same holds true of course, for anything which may resemble regret, shame, blame, victomology, or counter-intuitive thought processes.

What makes this an achievable task for me, is the daily reminder of how preciously fleeting time is – how sacred life is – how invaluable emotional energy is and the role it plays in the mind, body, spirit…triad. Internalizing negativity – harboring resentments – living in the past – fixating on that which is out of my control and is of no relevance or benefit for me in the here and now…only stands to hurt and impede me and in all aspects of my life. Allowing or dis-allowing myself to move forward then becomes my choice, and THAT is in fact within my control. Attitude, no matter the circumstance, is ALWAYS a choice. My priority in life (outside of my two beautiful children) is to only do, think, feel, believe, and act in accordance with whatever positively serves me so as to maintain operating at my highest vibrational level. This is sometimes easier said than done, yet I remain fiercely resolute in my commitment to doing so. This is the gift I give myself and anyone else I claim to love, respect, value and cherish. The choice to honour myself by being the best version of myself has only been made realistically possible as a result of me choosing to be in consistent integrity with myself. I have come to learn, and not easily or quickly mind you, that being in integrity with myself means surrendering past hurts, unresolved issues, self-defeatist thoughts, while forgiving myself in addition to forgiving others.

More so than ever, I appreciate and value simplicity. More so than ever, I appreciate and value the inner peace I feel when I am in (the) flow with all aspects of my life. I have operated within both realms of contraction and expansion. Contraction is spiritual death. Expansion is energetic bliss. Living within an expanded state has improved my health. Living within a state of expansion has magnified and intensified all of which I value and cherish in my life – my children, my mindset, my business, my momentum, my relationship with self, my outlook on life – everything which is profoundly pivotal and integral to honouring myself as a human being. Exercising forgiveness no matter the circumstance…is the gift you give your future self. Exercising non-forgiveness is an additional assault and injury on your own soul. Extending forgiveness (directly or indirectly) is not synonymous with declaring that you condone or dismiss someone else’s actions or behaviours – rather, it is indicative of you placing emphasis and priority on your own need for accelerated healing, growth, and progress in your own life. Forgiveness is choosing to become unburdened. Non-forgiveness keeps you stuck, depressed, bitter, and immobolized. As quickly and as wholeheartedly as I can, I am committed to learning the lesson, embracing the lesson, and then sprinting as fast as I can to escape the clutches of the infamous rabbit hole that so easily tempts the ego.

Life is cleaner, healthier, and more stable when we as human beings feel lighter and brighter. Life is full of promise, potential and opportunities when our spirits are thriving and flourishing. To feel truly alive and to know that we are living life on purpose can only authentically derive from the sphere of clarity. Clarity can only be achieved when our minds are absolved of the toxins and poisons which fuel our fears – causing us to feel unworthy, undeserving, and unlovable. It is never too late to create a new beginning for yourself. It is never too late to adopt a healthier mindset. It is never too late to relinquish the past and embrace the future. It is never too late to forgive yourself. It is never too late to forgive others even if only possible to do so within knowing so, yourself. Forgiveness equates to freedom. Freedom embodies what it is to feel ALIVE! Feeling alive is vastly different to merely being alive. Nothing in this world changes unless we do and it starts with self. For anyone I have ever hurt or wronged along the way, please know I am sincerely sorry with every fibre of my being, and please know I accept responsibility for my actions and/or inaction. For anyone who has hurt me along the way, please know I have already forgiven you even if unbeknownst to your knowing. “When we know better, we do better.” ~ Maya Angelou.

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!

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