Be Honest, Are You An Energy Vampire?

What are you willing to relinquish in order to embrace?

Let’s be honest, we all know of at least one person in our lives who has a problem for every proposed solution; the person who sees the challenges versus the opportunity; who spews toxicity as opposed to love and who renders themselves a prisoner to their own mindset as opposed to embarking upon the path of self-assessment and personal exploration.
Perhaps, this descriptor carries remnants of an ‘older’ version of yourself. Perhaps, this was your own ‘story’ that you continued to feed yourself once-upon-a-time. What I absolutely love and appreciate about self-transformation is that it can be fully indulged during any circumstance, any age and during any particular leg of one’s journey.
Self-transformation embodies the governing principles specifically related to, and inclusive of, simultaneous relinquishing and embracing, and for those who grapple with the concept of ‘control’, the beautiful gift within the process of self-transformation is that YOU get to 100% decide on what goes, what stays, and what you choose to invite and welcome into your realm of existence. Personal outcomes, both negative and positive, can always be measured in one’s own results based upon self-directed choice and intentional execution.
So, what are you willing to RELINQUISH (that which no longer serves you) in order to EMBRACE (that which does)?
You can kick-start your own results; your own reinvention process…NOW! You can script yourself a newly infused and revitalized life…NOW! You can begin to fall in love with your outcomes and objectives and begin rewarding yourself, accordingly…NOW!
Rewarding yourself with healthy inner dialoguing, tangible progress and momentum, which only serves to reinforce to yourself that you are remaining steadfast and true to YOU!
Where some people love to pick and choose their daily wardrobes, or create their weekly menu, or treat themselves to a pre-planned vacation get-away or an exciting shopping-spree — all actions indicative of self-care — I myself can only truly value and appreciate those individual experiences if the clothes I choose to wear and purchase, the food I choose to prepare and consume, and the destination I choose to holiday at, and the joy ‘attached’ to all these aspects of life and living, are fully maximized and genuinely appreciated if and only if the person adorning the wardrobe, tasting the food, and enjoying the change of scenery — ME — is doing so with an intrinsic love for self, first and foremost. True gratitude and love for life is always richly derived out of a healthy and loving sense of self.
When we acknowledge our own inner beauty, our own worthiness, and our own deservedness, then there is no coincidence of us then finding ourselves deeply appreciating everything outside of ourselves. The value we ascribe to anything external to ourselves, begins to shift based upon the value we ascribe to ourselves, internally. This is how we determine our priorities and acknowledge as well, to the degree we pay either more or less attention to that which occupies our time, space and energies. When this inner magic becomes illuminated, everything then begins to look better, taste better, smell better, appear and feel better and not just, ‘better’ but beyond magnified in its magnificence.
Call me selfish, but I would much rather choose to be a nurturer of abundance than a glutton for punishment, on any given day!
Be honest, if you, yourself are not an energy vampire, do you still however, wish to have them in your life contaminating the core essence of your spirit?
I encourage you to start LIVING FEARLESSLY by purifying the air you are choosing to inhale into the fabric of your soul. Always a choice to love yourself enough to do so! Be your own Hero, be your own Shero, be your own leader!

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