Baris Manco’s Earthly Nurture Of Rocky Vibes In, “Gulpembe!”

How Legendary Turkish Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Television Producer, and Composer-BARIS MANCO-Presents The Gentility Of Masculinity In His Song, "Gulpembe!"

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Rock legends have that level of artistry and charisma when it comes to illuminating the different styles, in Rock n’ Roll. In fact, there serves to be something about a particular style in the overall scheme of Rock n’ Roll, when it dwindles into far away lands. When a person adds particular instruments and elements into the mix, Rock n’ Roll brings forth an intrinsic, and holistic, vibe. It tells a story. Nevertheless, it goes into a more Earthly arena, concerning the gateway for moving humanity into an aura of peace and serenity. All too often, people grapple with the sense of getting into that special place. Its that nectar of being in an open space-in nature’s open realm. Its simply you and the Creator, and you surrender into a balance of comfort and open artistry. Things begin to make sense. Suddenly, you realize your purpose for Being. Suddenly, you are moved back into a space of calm. There is nothing else left to say. Its that “aha” moment for why you are on that particular journey. There is a reason for why you are within a certain position. Nevertheless, you stop, ponder, and reflect. You have made peace with this specific point of your life. And finally, it all becomes, so very clear!

When Rock n’ Roll leaves United States soil, and migrates into other lands, there are certain vibes, which reflects how this Black American, musical genre is reflected, and interpreted, within the distant land. Quite honestly, it becomes a necessity to comprehend such, should one decide become more aware of this level of artistry. For one particular artist, there is a certain level of sentimental awakening, for a man who has realized, or found, his way. A person cannot escape that particular feeling. Its a sense of mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation. That moment when a man has found himself in connection, and in tuned, with the environment and world, around him. There is a level of eloquence and gentility, when he is able to connect with this part of his Being. For he is allowed to express his feelings, and experience the wealth of his humanity, in a way in which he has truly desired. For once, he is removed from the shackles and chains of emotional entrapment. Music makes this, ok. If it is done through the musical realm of Rock n’ Roll, it is an even greater dynamic to unfold. ‘

And so, we are back into the world of Turkish landscapes, for another time, and another vibe. This time, the voice takes on a masculine approach. He is one whose artistry has colored the worlds of musicianship, singing, songwriting, composition, acting, television production, and television host. Nevertheless, through such accolades, there is one specific song, which continues to color (and highlight) the watery vibes of his Turkish masculinity. Keep in mind that, those of us, outside of Turkish domains, may not know the lyrics to the song. However, in our sensory, and through the feelings of our humanity, we DO feel the vibe. Through his song, “Gulpembe,” listeners come across the Earthly sound of Rock n’ Roll. It is evident that he was selected to perform, and record such grace. Clearly, it radiated in the level of his musicianship, and where he was, on this particular journey. Simultaneously, we cannot undermine the reality of the pains, which brought him to this journey. Clearly, the narrative must be a sacred one. The one man, whose sound colors this song, with the whispers of a Turkish touch, is none other than. . .

Baris Manco; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Sitting back and listening to the very introduction of the song, a person feels as if they are returning back to distant memory. They are those lessons learned, and those, yet to be, unearthed! Sometimes it takes a while for lessons to go through. The instruments used in the song, bring listeners into that centering-that particular space, where nature and humanity have intertwined themselves, in order to give honor to the Creator of Creation, and creativity. Of course, music is the highest form of praise to the Heaven’s domain. Yet, there is something about this particular song, where Rock n’ Roll takes on a much more truthful touch. Suddenly, misconceptions of this musical genre are shattered, and its real face is shown.

The flute and guitar awaken that peaceful element. Their background performance adds further gentility, softness, and tenderness to the voice of Baris Manco! It is almost, as if he is becoming healed, himself. There is clearly no way to undermine or underestimate, the realness and honesty within the song. He sings through lived experiences, and the path he has walked. Its why this particular song is extremely nutritious. After all, how can a person come to find fulfillment, without those musical vitamins? Its simply not possible.

On another level, there is the essence of water, within the song. Evidently, it is present. Even a captured picture, in his wearing of the color blue, highlights this. The aesthetics and beauty arises within this unique persona. Furthermore, there is a great deal in experiencing the euphoria of this letter of self love. Whether we understand the lyrics to the song, or not, we can continue to call it, as such. For when a man is able to be vulnerable, and releases himself to those vulnerabilities, he has made the decision to give love to himself. There is no other way to explain that. It is the very embodiment of self-esteem, and the LOVE of SELF!

Of course, more discussions will need to take place, as it relates to the level of passion and intensity for this song. It requires further conversations. Yes, we can revert to the realm of translation. Yet, for now, it most likely best to, listen. Even if we are unable to understand the Turkish language, the great factor about the power of music, is that it captures our feelings. It entraps the very sensory of feeling. When a song is composed with such passion, it automatically radiates, and reflects, honesty! There is no other way to comprehend that. So, for this short time, that we have, let’s simply DO, just that!

Relax. Sit back. Just feel. How does it feel? How do you feel within the expressions of this very song? On a colorful level, how does it provide you with this holistic, and enchanting expression, found in Turkish domains. Just remember that ART always tells a different story! Sometimes, we have got to just be willing to open up, and hear!

Are you there? Do you hear whispers of nature to you? Not yet? Sit still. Allow one masculine voice, within this Turkish paradise, to guide you to another world-an Earthly one-for this popular sound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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