Barbara Hepworth’s Universal Treasures, In Wellness’s Realistic Eyes!

How British Sculptor, BARBARA HEPWORTH, Entices Universal Imagination and Its Entrance On Earth, For the Healing of Vision and the Mind!

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All too often, art is not truly seen or appreciated, in the way it should be. From different cultures, nations, and tongues, art is the secret telling of a different world, into the Universe. Consistently presenting clues and secrets into the grander worlds of Universal aesthetics. It is intrinsic, magical, and beautiful. There are those particular individuals, who are blessed through Divine law; having been given the gift, of conveying Universal artistry. Their job is a healing one, at that. A great responsibility, indeed! For visual arts, is part of the healing arts!

When we venture our hearts, bodies, and minds into the world of sculpture, Universal ecstasy is elevated, even more. The tangible thickness, fullness, and intricacies of geometric shaping, increases the level of Universal sensory; and we are drawn closer to it. If we are in tuned with the richness of our sensory, we can experience this Universal nourishment. It has the power to titillate our very Being. Why is this? Could it be the working of our hands? Something about our hands, when creating dynamic sculptures, gives us this imagination of shaping the creativity and magical energy. It is a level of energy only found, within the galaxies. Sculptures truly gives us the illusion, that we are co-creators in Universal magic; crafting the colors, patterns, and designs-present within this abundant form of energy-this endless wealth of nourishment, that the Creator has blessed humanity. There is one such sculptor, who has birthed beautiful aesthetics; presenting how the feminine is weaved in the realm of Universal divinity. Her work imitates one of the circular patterns of Universal design and artistry. The curves, circles, spheres, and 3-D dimensions are the embodiment of life’s gracious humor. What is so beautiful, is that her work highlights that there is more to this, that meets the eye.

From British soilings, she crafted Universal beauty, and how it is found on Earth. Isn’t it awakening? Isn’t it delightful that such art provides humanity the opportunity in experiencing Universal greatness, on our human paths. Such a magician is none other than British legend, sculptor/artist, and creative Being. . .

Barbara Hepworth

Observing work of this iconic sculptor, your mind goes through a mental cleansing. Too often, in our every day living, this necessary work is not done with consistency. When people journey to certain art galleries, they float about from one piece to the next; making sure that they observe the different artistry. They are entertained, but they don’t really see them. They don’t sense these energies, and the healing nectar connected with them. After all, that takes a certain level of vulnerability. It means you must be willing to open yourself to your own sensitivities, your internal intimacies; releasing yourself to Universal cleansing.

Observing Barbara Hepworth’s work, there are auras of sound. Something about the shaping and design of her work, brings feelings of Universal language, rhythm, and sound. This level of artistry gives clues to a hidden language; invisible songs and rhythms, which requires certain people to venture into this secret journey. On another level, there is a feminine allure, concerning her work. Stop. Listen. Absorb. Do you see the tales of woman’s journey in Universal domains, when you observe her work? Do you sense certain levels of energies, as it pertains to myriad rhythms and designs, patterned in the movement of woman? It feels good hearing such intimacies, wouldn’t you agree? Observing her work reminds me of the ancient miracle of Stonehenge? Perhaps, her gaze is giving insight into the mystery and perception of the builders for this legendary monument. What is it about the ancient ones that modern humanity is missing? There are sacred teachings we are removed from. Sacred principles absent from our every day lives, as we have become “too busy,” to cherish the very foundation, into why we are even here. Yet, that is the very beauty of artists such as Barbara Hepworth. Their artistry reminds us of that world. Furthermore, they provide us with an element of love; reminding us of what we could experience. Informing us of to a beautiful world of fantasy and wonder; partaking in its journey, on a daily basis. Its a level of artistry that would make our lives much more nourishing, if only we would stop, and listen. Pause and simply observe; permitting yourself to be drenched in stillness.

Viewing certain art pieces and workings from Barbara Hepworth, one gets the feeling that music resonates from them. After all, they do look like stringed instruments. Its an amazing connection! Music and art, that is! Could you imagine music playing from the Heavens? Can you envision giant 3-D instruments, positioned into the galaxies? Sending holistic vibrations of healing, within Universal domains. Go into a mental escape of these sacred beauties; their radiation onto Earth’s planes! Envision the level of transformation in dismantling harsh rigidities. Too often, humanity is maneuvering throughout the Earth in a robotic coldness; isolating them from the delights of Universal pleasure.

Curvy designs and styles of Barbara Hepworth alludes to a natural charm in feminine creativity. Through Hepworth, the feminine realm of Universal design is openly displayed. Not only is it a center of sensuality, but it is also a form of intimacy in the formation of life, itself. In fact, one of the repetitive themes in Barbara Hepworth’s work is that of Madonna and Child. In many of these pieces, the work embodies abstract styles. The forms hint to a bond between mother and child. However, they are not as defined. Its them being undefined, which permits such pieces to resonate with our imaginations of what Mother and Child would look like, according to Universal design. If we go into the world of fiction and creativity, we are posed to guide ourselves into observing what this imagery would look like; should they lay together in galaxy’s comfort.

In our reflections and meditations of her work, we cannot help but ask, what was she thinking? What was her level of sensory, in her ability to create these majestic wonders? How did this relay to her connection with that invisible power and the work it entails to keep that work going? Observing these sculptures means that we are allowing ourselves to be healed. Mental healing and cleansing is vital, during this key moment and time. What better way to bring wellness to our minds, than the simple observation of Universal art and aesthetics? Those specific pieces, remind us that we can reach a sacred world of healing, if we desire to embrace it.

What is so precious about the work of Barbara Hepworth, is that her work is unusual. Yet, it makes you comfortable to explore. It is inviting; safely guiding you into a world and realm, which may be discomforting, at first. Quite frankly, it may be downright, scary. However, through her lens, through her eye, you are safe. Shaken up from any expectations, or what we expect things to be. Literally, we get to transform our minds, bodies, and spirits through the artistry of Barbara Hepworth. We are led through a crash course into Universal ecstasy. It should get you into a mode of feeling that one is bound to experience endless freedom. Unfortunately, too many will not be exposed to it. Then again, maybe, its because many choose not to, see!

As we continue to feel spiritual, mental, and emotional nourishment through the legendary work of Barbara Hepworth, there is a particular guidance in how we are to experience this sacred world. It takes the right sculptor in providing an inviting welcome! When that person comes in the right timing, in the right placing, the experience becomes, timeless! Our experience with time is re-created. In addition, it is an endeavor in the telling of Earth’s connection with Universal domains. Such is a natural way into the realm of fiction- the spiritual, the galaxical, and every imaginary capability that is possible; what we see, what we cannot see. Making it all that more phenomenal; encouraging humanity’s natural desire to walk through Universal landscapes, in reality’s domains!

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