Barasa Thomas-Remijo: “I express myself through football, so there isn’t any stop process for me, it’s either grind or die.”

I wanted to become successful so quitting wasn’t an option for me.

Barasa Thomas-Remijo grew up in an environment where football was pretty much played in the everyday lives. His father also played, so was following his footsteps, playing position like striker, winger or midfield. Ever since the sport was introduced to Barasa, he never looked back since. He told me every time he steps on the pitch his love for the game just kept growing endless, almost feels like he was built for it.

1. Humble Beginnings

Q: How did you get started and what or who inspired and empowered you to?

Started off the watching the old man playing. Since he was just not good but great which inspired me to play the beautiful game. Playing junior football and getting awarded numerous awards I started to considered football not just a sport but my life, meaning I was going to sacrifice anything so I can aim to be at the top and always be at the best of my capability.

Q: What unique and creative strategies if any did you use when you were first getting started?

Well, I’m a striker and what are the striker most vulnerable role? To score, right? One of my strategy I use as a striker is to always have figure of how much I am going to score in each team. With this tool it helps build up confidences and the abilities to do anything in the pitch. One of my aspect as a player is speed and strength. With this fitness component it helps have a big impact in my football.

2. Mindset

Q: What mindset distinguished you from others who were doing the same thing? How did you develop it?

I have this a strong feeling in making a differences in this world. “Life is about expression and people express themselves in different ways from music to art” S.G. I express myself through football. I’ve always been that type of person who is always eager to learn and do more in the game of football, so there isn’t any stop process for me, it’s either grind or die.

3. What is your definition of success?

To achieve my goals and be surrounded by my loved ones. To help make a positive different in people’s live.

4. Failure

Q: What do you think is the main reason why some people face failure when going after their vision?

Failure is just as important as success. I remember two years I was drop into a lower league because I wasn’t seen to be good enough. That to me was fine, because it was not about what I see, but about what they see (coaches). So learn to accept that defeat, and emphasis on how to improve myself. A year later, I trialed for the top league in the state, which I ended up being successful in, even making first team and being a usual starter.

5. What is the best piece of advice you have received or came across and would like to share with everyone?

I’m pretty sure that you guy heard this quite a lot but determination and hardwork is what made me really shine through football. I could of easily quit and do something else when I was drop in the lower league. I wanted to become successful so quitting wasn’t an option for me.

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