Bai Hong’s Windy Nature For a Watery Sound!

How One Of The "Seven Great Singing Stars," BAI HONG, Highlights Humanity's Ability To Perform Nature's Humor, In Her Song, "Wind and Waves!"

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One of the most precious elements of the human experience is to truly partake in the very beauty of nature. Of course, sometimes it sounds cliche. So much has been written about Mother Earth, that sometimes people have the tendency to take it for granted. Nevertheless, we just can’t stop writing about it. Why? Because we experience her. We breathe her air, drink of her waters, and occupy spacing on her soil. That’s why! No matter where we come from on planet Earth, humanity will never “get enough” of the natural elements, which impacts our every day lives. Its a paradox, isn’t it? After all, it is much of humanity, which is polluting her waters. It is much of humanity, which rapes her soil, and causes imbalance of the mineral distribution; adding more toxicity to our air. Nevertheless, we always come back to her. Sometimes, we return with a touch of humility . Other times (and what is too often), we return with the exacerbation of our egos, and a sense of entitlement. Whichever direction we choose, we often return. Yet, its that act of return, that is a testament of our progress. With each return, are we getting better. Do we “see the light” and begin to appreciate her more? OR Are we simply in a stagnant position? That’s a very important assessment. So, let’s go there. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. Four jewels, which dresses our planet Earth! And they are precious, indeed! They are gifts from Divinity and the Creator’s Heaven, itself. If you really want to know what true riches are, look to Mother Earth! It is a perfect treasure chest for healthy forms of exploration, as conducive to her natural movements, patterns, and very state. Music, and other creative entities, are one of the very forms of celebrating her. They are Divine gifts and ways in how people can honor Heaven, by returning beauties (in the form of artistic praise) back to its Being. So, we have poems. Paintings. Novels. Articles. And, of course, MUSIC!

The nation of China makes her way back to the discussion board. And, this time we are speaking, or singing, the paintings of nature, for one particular spacing on Earth’s palette. What is fascinating about this particular analysis is that it is not simply a regular telling on the beauties of nature. Rather, there is the vocal art, of actually aligning oneself with the performance of nature. Let’s not forget that, nature, too, has a sense of human. The Earth dances, sings, whispers, paints, sculpts, and embodies the very arena of performance. Her waters dance. The winds sing, speak, and chat. There are so many different creative opportunities to her Being. And of greater fascination, is that these opportunities vary, depending on their country, or culture, of origin. Reflect upon that for some time, if you will. Should we decide to go deeper, just think about the myriad of talents within one community. Now, isn’t that magnanimous! How refreshing, and wonderful, to know that creativity, and the arts, will never run dry. Now, that’s a true testament of Heaven on Earth. That’s one way to understand having wellness, and peace, on Earth.

As we continue to navigate ourselves through Chinese waters, remember to understand those Chinese dames, who were pertinent in reflecting China’s natural element; reflecting her natural person and vibe for her people, and visitors, to appreciate some day. Doing that consistent work of creating, even among the most turbulent of times, so that artistry maintains its presence on the land. Certain Chinese singers of that Golden Age had the power to depict Chinese landscapes, in a way, that celebrated the human Spirit of Chinese people. In fact, Chinese people felt a sense of liberation, from the very moment that their voices came on the radio, or were heard in any concert arena. These singers made it alright for people to experience their humanity, to the fullest of its capacity.

Delving back into the 1940’s, the world came to know of those legendary, Chinese dames, who made it a point, that they would leave their mark on the Chinese entertainment scene. Like other women of her time, one particular dame was included (and acknowledged) as one of the “Seven Great Singing Stars.” For this particular highlighted feature, her song has articulated the wellness (and aesthetics) of nature’s delight, within a Chinese setting. When a people have labeled certain entertainers as one of the “great ones,” there is a reason for such. For this Chinese legend, her very name conveys the artistry and mystery of Chinese aesthetics. And, for that, we will never forget her name!

Bai Hong; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a particular song, “Wind and Waves,” which is a blessing to Chinese landscapes. In fact, it goes to move through different terrains of love and nurture. Vocally, Hong imitates the very designs, patterns, flow, rhythm, and shape of the winds and waters. For a singer to engage in such artistry, demonstrates just how intertwined nature and the human experience, truly are. Imitating waters and the winds, indicates just how the Earth’s treasures reside in our spiritual and emotional psyche. There is a great pleasure when discovering this! In fact, Bai Hong’s voice is, just right for the part!

Listening to the song, it is the flute, which makes its entry into the skipping of water. The piano, and a string ensemble, is also part of the tune. When delving into reflections of the song, it is apparent that water, and wind, embody a playful energy. In fact, their very nature affirms Mother Nature’s sense of humor; as what was indicated, earlier. The rhythm of the instruments highlights a person of Mother Nature, which is free flowing, and at ease with the human presence. Clearly, we are being kind to her. We are treating her waters, winds, and soils with the tenderness they deserve. In being kind to her elements, the Earth enjoys our company. Such is one imaginative story line, which continues to stem from this song. Release of the human ego does this. It permits us to engage with the Earth, through a sense of appreciation. When engaging through this manner, humanity comes to understand the intimacies of Mother Earth. She cries. She feels pain. She has joys. And, should we provoke her, she has no problem showcasing that anger. Therefore, its in the best interest for humankind to treat her kindly, and with the care she deserves. Quite honestly, its more fun that way. The Earth truly loves us. If such were not so, she would not work overtime to produce the fruits and necessities, which are needed for our very survival. In all honesty, she has been more patient, with humanity, than what we could ever deserve. Yet, is that not the epitome of love? Waiting until the object of your affection notices you enough to appreciate what you have, and can offer.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The very voice of Bai Hong carries a playful nature; a cutesy type of energy, which can transform any song into a tale of relaxation, and going with the flow of life’s every day challenges. Yet, can we even be surprised? After all, a quick observation of her research articulates just how quaint and child-like her person truly was. In fact, Hong had entered into the Chinese, entertainment scene at the very age of eleven. That was her singing career. Nevertheless, the acting world later followed. Eventually, the 1930’s made it clear that this world was truly meant for her. It was during this era where she was recognized as a “pop star.” Wining a singing competition in Shanghai, China (1934) affirmed that she would continue in her. Then, of course, there was her joining the ranks of other Chinese women singers, in the genre of “madopop,” further ensures that her success would continue to increase. Then, of course, there was her entry into one arena of Black America’s musical perfumes, known as, Jazz. Clearly, there was versatility to her speech. Combine all of this into one instrument, and you have a rather delightful persona of water, indeed! Also, keep in in mind her desire to share Earth’s nectar, with Southeast Asia. Yes! Singing was her forte, as dance (traveling with the Bright Moonlight Song and Dance Troupe) became her muse.

So, clearly, it made perfect sense, when it came to Bai Hong’s performance, and recording, of this very song. All of such collaborated together to ensure that the playful and child-like nature of Earth’s delights would be highlighted. Isn’t that something? How Earth can simultaneously be Mother and child! In addition, what also must be addressed is how the Earth takes on a dreamy-like nature, through this specific performance. Just imagine being carried through the clouds, by a sweet and colorful wind! Its more than a sign of fresh air. Its a tasty elixir into Heaven’s domain.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The leaps and rhythms of the song (in addition to the visuals) continues to give a fluffy-like nature to the content. Again, the key note is, comfort. Moving through Earth’s delight should be a paradise of comfort and serenity. Its as easy and as natural as breathing. That’s one of the most simple statements to explain the texture of this song. The softness of the song is a reflection of nature’s tenderness. it is an enchanting allure in moving through this natural healing process of nature, and song’s performance of it. Yet, we are always, at peace, when nature is treated with the nourishment, and healing charisma, that she deserves.

So, in celebrating these treasured energy of nature’s delight, permit us to revel in the aura of simply loving what has been so loving and generous to us. The song has that swaying effect. In fact, it contributes to that intense treasure of embracing the kisses of swaying winds, and the leaps of skipping waters, dancing to every beat. Rid yourself of the coldness and rigidity to dominate nature’s delight, and you will see just how free flowing, and lighthearted, her winds and waters can truly, BE!

To hear more on the vocal collection of Chinese, legendary singer and actress, BAI HONG, you may click on the link, below:

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