If You Want to Avoid Burnout, Adopt This Simple Habit From 28-Year-Old Bill Gates

Decades ago, Bill Gates had a crazy simple solution for avoiding burnout that is still applicable today.

Courtesy of Paolo Bona / Shutterstock
Courtesy of Paolo Bona / Shutterstock

As an entrepreneur, there are many potential obstacles that can prove troublesome. Some weigh more heavily on the scale than others.

One is burnout. Burnout has been around most likely since the beginning of time and will continue to exist — especially with the work and “hustle-centric” culture we live in.

There are many opinions on how to handle burnout. With that in mind, I came across a video published on CNBC of a 28-year-old Bill Gates saying why he wouldn’t become burned out. I took a break to watch the two-minute video.

When Gates was asked about the possibility of experiencing burnout before 30, he replied that he wasn’t worried about it. Here’s his reasoning:

Well, the work we’re doing is– it’s not like we’re doing the same thing all day long. We go into our offices and think up new programs, we get together in meetings, we go out and see end users, we talk to customers. There’s so much variety and there’s always new things going on. And I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when that would be boring.

Gates avoided burnout simply because he injected variety into his day.

Doing this made boredom nearly impossible. Injecting variety into your day seems conceptually simple, but the difficulty lies within the execution as humans (especially entrepreneurs) have a propensity to rigidness. 

With that said, if you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, or bored — all of which fit under the burnout umbrella — implement this one habit immediately to reignite your spirits.

Finding a New Challenge

Entrepreneurs typically thrive on challenges. If you’re feeling disconnected from your current endeavors, odds are you’ve mastered that particular skill set (or role).

In this case, seeking out a new challenge that also will help move your business forward is an ideal step. An example could be designing a new product line or introducing a new service.

However, sometimes boredom and burnout are occurring because of a lack of attention to the personal side of things. When I was feeling burned out from writing and work in general, it was due to having a non-existent personal life and zero hobbies that weren’t work-related.

In this instance, I took up salsa dancing and began learning another language.

While you may feel disconnected, bored, or uninspired at the moment, this isn’t a signal for you to quit your current game. Instead, it’s merely a signal to revamp your game, which begins with incorporating new challenges that force you to grow as an individual.

When it comes to staving off burnout, always keep top of mind the proverbial saying from English poet William Cowper: “Variety is the spice of life.”

Originally Published on Business Insider.

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