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Author Image -self- Let’s Rewrite our resolutions

As I think about the pre-covid world and the current one in which the main topic of discussion is COVID it seems difficult to imagine that just a few months ago we were listing out our New Year Resolutions. Corona has put paid to all of that but it’s our determination to triumph that is keeping us going. So I made a few COVID resolutions to help us during these bleak times.

Happiness is Supreme-Don’t worry about inane stuff and people. When you start thinking that this is the closest to a near-death experience that humanity will experience then you realize that your happiness and well-being is supreme. Suddenly what your aunt, your boss, someone who you were trying to impress (and I am really a sucker for this) becomes inconsequential because you have to focus on literally staying alive. In fact, I’ve carried this even a step further and am eating what I like-sometimes only healthy juices and at times a lot of cheesy food, doing what I love-writing and meditating and really deleting junk-emails, things and most importantly people from my life. The experience has been detoxifying and makes me feel as though all the scabs which were weighing me down have fallen off and I am ready to pursue my dreams.

Pursue your Dreams– If anything that COVID19 has taught us is that LIFE IS SHORT! It’s no longer a cliché but the truth staring at us everyday as the CORONAMETER keeps ticking faster than a time bomb. If we don’t follow our dreams and grab that rainbow now, then when? There are no excuses left because our old life as we knew it has come to an end. Anyway, we will have to think of newer ways to survive in our old roles so why not just carve out a new path.

Author-Self Image-Happiness First

Remain positive-Each day as I wake up praying that perhaps there is some good news and although I find very few reasons to cheer, still, I force myself to look for the ray of sunshine in the gloominess of reality. I have a friend who is extremely entitled and like all entitled people can’t look beyond his nose. He was ringing me to only complain about things, like not being able to go to Starbucks for coffee or working out in his favorite gym, when he is surrounded by unbelievable luxury of live in staff, a huge house, unlimited money, good health and absolutely no liabilities. After a point I stopped taking his calls and then I told him the truth and he didn’t like it one bit. But like I said initially, I am cutting out the junk from my life and so I actually did. It felt marvelous! If anyone tries to throw shade on your efforts at being positive, especially in these times of absolute destruction then they are not worth it.

Stop selling yourself short-I am a lawyer and have been swindled out of my fee so often that I am the diametric opposite of the popular image of a money grabbing lawyer. I practice law and help people because I feel I can make a difference in their life but it’s actually the moneyed who quibble about paying. So I decided if I am going to be providing free legal aid let me do it for the needy and not the greedy. I have learnt to say No and stopped selling myself short. Once I started, there was no looking back, I have carried this to other aspects of my life too, be it rescheduling a media interview to bending over backwards to accommodate a greedy client. I believe more in myself and I love the new me.

So although COVID19 has changed our life course but we do expect that there are some changes in our life for the better. And some of these resolutions will get us there.

Till we meet again, a BIG SOCIALLY DISTANCED HUG, live life EMPRESSSIZE

Stay safe!!

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