Arleta and Her Musical Glide Through Grecian Waters!

How The Vocal Tenderness and Musicianship Of Legendary Greek Singer (and Guitarist)-ARLETA-Brings Healing and Restoration To the Well Being Of Greece!

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Music is powerful when it comes to cultural expression. If you have never been to another nation, prior to, you are introduced to its sensory, through the music, 🎶🎶🎶 birthed from its landscapes. Through the music, you taste the land. You envision the land, and everything it has to offer. Pretty soon you come to imagine the land-its color, smells, designs, landscapes, and other realms. The land becomes present, alive, and vigilant, while you are far away. The sensory of your being takes over, and before you know it, the very artistry of humanity takes over. You dive further into this intriguing land. You desire to know the people, the culture, taste the food, and venture to those sacred spaces of the land, where music 🎶🎶🎶 is performed. That’s its message of enchantment.

When music is expressed, there is a whole realm of Heaven’s artistry, which becomes awakened to your Spirit. You find yourself emotionally touched; exploring parts of your Being, you never thought possible. Soon, travel takes on a different lens. In fact, music and travel go hand-in-hand. It becomes an oasis of beauty, wonder, and poetry. You experience floating into another realm of ecstasy. Diving into how humanity is moved through music and travel is one of the blessings given to humanity, by Heaven’s garden.

There are certain musicians and singers, who give the feeling of having moved through Heaven’s realm. You sense the level of fluidity and gentility in their voices. From the very moment of their performances, there are feelings of going through a journey with water. Closing your eyes, a person feels the movement and pattern of water’s essence. One imagines the very essence of having navigated through time, while gliding through a watery palette. It can be on a fanciful boat ride. Furthermore, it can be through the waves of the ocean or seas of delight. Then, there is the experience of having allowed one’s feet to soak the waters, while immersing into beachy sands. A person becomes aware and alive, with the wellness of moving through the subtleties of love and the Divine. Such singers and musicians have this magic about them. What’s even more enriching about their gift, is how they perform it so effortlessly. One gains the understanding of moving through music’s🎶🎶🎶 enchantment with ease. Every nation, every culture, has that artist. Every group of people has that kind of representation in aligning themselves with water’s grace and gentility, through music. For the nation of Greece, that person is none other than the late and great. . .

Arleta; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

During her years as a Grecian maiden, listeners had the pleasure of experiencing the tranquility of her sound. How it moved through different tones and timbers. It was beautiful, delightful, and calm. If you wanted to experience peace in Greece, simply listened to, Arleta! If you want to listen to one take of mystery for Grecian domains, listen to Arleta! In her voice, listeners experience the waters of Mediterranean’s delight. It is colorful and constant. Close your eyes and experience up and down rhythmic patterns of waves, whose very being gives meaning to Earth’s waters. Waves showcase the personality, dances, and performances of water’s delight. That’s the sacred magic of such fluid tapestry.

Even if one does not speak Greek, you venture through the mirror, in hopes of immersing into the dancing of its lettering. This enchantment is re-awakened through one’s imagination. A person can’t help, but to feel the genius of love’s awakening. Love’s alignment with the watery landscapes. A grandeur of spiritual and emotional elevation, arises. The realms of love and Universal dance comes to awaken the aesthetics and exploration of one’s Earthly journey. The vocal texture of Arleta makes gliding through life a spherical dance. In fact, there are many dances, in finding fulfillment.

Arleta aligns Greek lands, with the gentility of her waters. Through this lens, music becomes a perfume. Arleta spreads the scents of Greece across the land. The waters become blessed with the smells. There is beauty and decor awaiting one’s blessings, should you truly navigate yourself into Greek landscapes. Tasting the fruits and drinking her wines. Using her oils in praise of Divine sweetness. Feeling the euphoria of your own existence, as you walk down traces of cobblestone rhythms. All of such imagination comes to life, as Arleta plays her songs.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

During Arleta’s performance of song, we experience another voice. That is none other than the guitar. What is sacred about this melodic (and harmonic) instrument of interchanging is that is carries the tune of water. Something about the guitar, where water is given its justice. Water is permitted to showcase its diversity, and myriad of rhythms, through the guitar. In addition, water, is performed as the background for the musical masterpiece. The guitar becomes a metaphor for water, and its role as that behind-the-scenes painter, who establishes the foundation for the very art piece. When a singer is able to intertwine one’s voice with the decor of the guitar, the vegetation of the land is titillated. Flowers, crops, and trees grow in an exciting way, which is pleasing and delightful to the Universe paradise.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Even as Arleta transitions from the Maidenal figure to that of Mother, she continues the fluidity of water’s domain and nourishment. She carries that smoothness and comfort, when increasing in age. If we were to allow our imagination to move into further enjoyment, we can envision there being a spiritual contract of her with water. That prior to her having come on Earth, she was gifted in using musical artistry to perform the waters. Ever reminding the world of their precious and graceful texture. Detailing them of their lives and everlasting flow of knowledge. There is greatness to how they are to nurture lands. How humanity interprets that nurture is up for myriad reviews. There is diversity in how such is planned and presented.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is also audacious about Arleta’s musical performance is how she has used her culture into another realm. Her 1985 album highlights the traces of another perfume from peculiar gardens. They are known as Black America. Just listen closely, during certain songs and points on the album, and one hears those elements of R&B, Soul, Jazz, a little Funk, and the Pop music of the day. Sensing the rhythm of Negro and Negress gardens, of US soiling. Its intrinsic, nurturing, and fruitious. And she highlights such perfumes, while in the comforts of Grecian landscapes.

Throughout each phase of career, Arleta keeps water’s rhythm. For the nation of Greece, she maintains water’s rhythm. Through and through, she aligns Greece with its particular time, within Universal timing. In her 1987 album, one hears the maturity, within her voice. No longer is she a Greek maiden. Now, she is a Mother figure of Grecian lands. When such lands are watered with a Mother’s words, a smooth texture covers the lands. It is a silent saying. Nevertheless, its an important one. When mother speaks, giving blessings to the land, protection is restored. It means there will always be the nation of Greece. There will always be the authenticity of Greece. The maidens and mothers of the land will always have their natural form and tongue. And Greek men will always remember the sacred landing of their Motherland. There is nothing that can change that. Whether it be politics, economics, marriage, or migration. There will always be Greece. That’s the power of Mother. And when Mother sings, the children must listen.

One album after the other and the guitar stays fluid. Even in the manner that Arleta performs the guitar, there is a level of gentility in her touch. Again, she brings different textures to its performance; thereby, highlighting the hidden timbers of water. In certain songs, water is painted as a distant memory. Lightly touched and in the background; highlighting those subtle traces of small waves or ripples, which remind us of the timid nature of water.

They were blessed with that timid and vocal nature of moving through the beauties of life and be waters. Greece was blessed to have a Maiden and Mother image, whose artistry had the power to delight in the beauties of water. Of Greek lands, scents, and perfumes. Arleta connected land and water. Land was glaced with water’s musicality, and water 💦💦 was invited by land. The existence of this vocal maiden and mother was part of the ongoing nourishment of Greece, and her people. When hopelessness arises, remember Arleta! When one travels and migrates to another land, listen to Arleta! A Greek will always be Greek. And where scents of her Being linger, her people will always follow. There is nothing that will change that.

Arleta! The darling Arleta! Greece was ordained to have you. When the world seeks to hear the whispers of Greece, your voice is one that will arise. For it was your artistry, which articulated the treasures of vocal whispers. Something about her tenderness, which allowed this nation to gain a taste of the ancient tracings of Greece. The mythical wonders of literature, poetry, and the paradises that Greek women ventured to, in order to experience the ancient memory, is reflected through Arleta. The only difference is that its done with a modern twist.

And so, silence is required. There is no need to explain or describe her artistry. Some things are best understood when felt. The article has been written, and many palettes 🎨 🎨 🎨 are painted. So, let the music play. And allow the masterpiece to be completed. The guitar is warming up, and its time to, play! Sing for us Arleta. And, let Grecian waters have their say!
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