Are You Suffering from Manifestation Confusion?

Learn how to dance with the universe.

Feeling confused?

Learn How To Dance With The Universe.

There’s something that I’ve noticed about the manifestation process (other than that it works, of course), and I’m sure you have too. It’s confusing!

Some teachers talk about “detaching” and “surrendering” and “getting out of your own way,” while others talk about the opposite, as in “take action because the universe can’t help those who don’t help themselves.”

So, on one hand, we’re told to stop controlling everything, stop trying so hard, and make room in our lives for the universe to do its magic and deliver the goods in unimaginably creative ways. But on the other hand, we’re also warned that if we don’t participate and take action, if we don’t try everything possible for ourselves, then the universe can’t help us.

So which is it — take action or surrender? Step aside or remain actively involved in the process of making our dreams come true? Create a visionboard and hand it over to the universe or create a to-do list with actionable steps to take every day?

The answer to whether we should act or surrender is, of course, both. Just at different times.

I’ve learned to see the manifestation process as a dance routine that I perform with the universe as my partner. The only catch here is that this intimate dance doesn’t seem to have any clear choreography. You have to be willing to improvise, think quickly, and remain in touch with the movements of your partner, the Universe.

Like any good dancer, it’s best to be able to interpret the music with your inner guidance leading the way. We have to feel our way through the manifestation process. There are times when it’s wise to surrender, to allow the Universe to dance a solo and steal the limelight, even when we would prefer to dance along (otherwise we risk ruining the show). But when the music changes, it’s often a good idea to step back onto the stage and actively participate in the creation of our dreams.

The trick, of course, is knowing when to let go and when to hold on. Getting your timing wrong will only result in bruised toes and an annoyed dance partner — neither of which is helpful in the manifestation process. Using your feelings to guide the dance, you will be able to tell when it’s time to surrender and when it’s time to act.

Below are four of the most common emotions experienced during the time that it takes for our dreams to come to fruition, and what they could mean in terms of surrendering or taking action.

1. Impatience

When you’re feeling impatient, it’s time to sit this one out and let the Universe dance alone for a while. Impatience comes from realizing that you don’t have something yet, and hence persisting in those impatient feelings is just an affirmation expressing the lack in your life.

2. Forcing, Pushing or Demanding

Similarly, any feelings of having to force, push or demand to make your goals come to fruition means that you’ve forgotten the natural law of divine timing. Trying to willfully hurry things along can act as a barrier to receiving them, so step off the dance floor and let the Universe tango alone for a while.

3. Stagnancy

Depending on what preceded this feeling of stagnancy, the Universe has either asked for your hand in this number, and you weren’t listening, or it simply needs to dance alone for a while longer. Usually, when you have a few ideas of possible actions that you can take toward your dream, then it’s time to hit the dance floor and pull out all your best maneuvers. If you’re feeling stagnant because you have absolutely no clue what to do next, then just sit this one out for a bit longer.

4. Doubt

When in doubt, take action, but remember not to force or demand. We’re only expected to take reasonable action. The Universe always appreciates our efforts to move ourselves in the right direction, and will, on occasion, step aside and allow us a solo in the spotlight as well, even if we’re making a fool of ourselves on the dance floor. Our divine dance partner is always there to encourage us and clap wildly, before once again taking us by the hand to show us how it’s done.

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