Are You Proud of the Life You are Living?

Who knew you could find Om and practical advice on mindful living on YouTube?

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I can be exactly who I am in the moment, with all my mess-ups, and my failures, and my pain and my complications. I can … still have something to give, still have a life worth living.” – Claire Wineland

Who knew you could find Om and practical advice on mindful living on YouTube?

Thanks to a newly released forty-minute documentary you can.

And the good news is, you don’t have to be perfect to live a life you are proud of. There is beauty in your messiness. In fact, what you think are your biggest obstacles, may actually be your biggest gifts.

“It’s easy to say that we’re not doing incredible things because of the situations in our lives.”

“I think … what people do relate to, is playing it safe.”

“It all comes from running ahead through being terrified.” — Claire Wineland

Claire the documentary is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Nick Reed & Ryan Azevedo. The film tells the story of the young activist and Claire’s Place Foundation Founder Claire Wineland through interviews and footage. It spotlights her unique outlook that inspires millions to find purpose and to live proudly. Reed and Azevedo masterfully use their film to allow Claire’s message to resonate with the audience.

Claire, even as a very young girl, spouted little pearls of wisdom as effortlessly as most of us ask for ice cream:

There is this notion that we go through life with:

if we are just better…

if we just do more,

if we just fix ourselves more,

if we become better people,

if we get healthy, right?….

Like once we’re rich, we’ll be okay.

Once we’re in love, we’ll be okay.

Once we have a family, we’ll be okay.

Claire’s whimsical manner, contrasted with her terminal illness, made her and makes this documentary, as the viewers’ comments attest: “inspirational,” “life changing,” “life affirming,” and “powerful.” I promise you, you will be uplifted, not depressed by her story. This is not a Disney story of a poor little sick girl, nor is it Pollyanna. It will leave you asking: Am I proud of the life I’m living?

I first met Claire when I helped grant her wish with Make-A-Wish, she was 13 years old and she had just come out of a coma. That was eight years ago, Claire and her family have been in my life ever since.

Claire had that magical “It” that makes directors swoon, turns people into raving fans and sets the world on fire. I think of her as a snarky goofy little Buddha. She calls herself:  “a moving walking slap in the face for people.”

Maybe, you’re struggling with how to be more mindful throughout your day. Or, maybe you’re just trying to be more organized and not procrastinate.  Maybe, just maybe, the messiness and clutter in your life has nothing to do with external stuff and everything to do with internal stuff. 

Instead of beating yourself up for hating your job, or missing a deadline, what if you asked yourself: What do I really want to do with my life? What would I try if failing wasn’t a possibility? What am I doing every day, to make myself proud of my life? What little steps am I taking to let my life be fully mine?

Maybe, I’m not the person I want to be… because right now, in this moment, I’m not doing what I should be doing.”

“When you find your passion and your moment, (expecting) it to be epic, it never is.

It’s small, every single day, decisions to show up and apply yourself.”  – Claire Wineland

Claire’s keen perspective and playful manner reminds us to just let the joy in. Joy isn’t like it is in storybooks. It’s in the minutiae of life. It’s in the mundane. It’s in the messiness and it’s in the freedom of living authentically. And, really, you don’t have to be dying to live. You don’t have to be facing death to find the joy and the preciousness of your life. What are you waiting for?

I can’t spend my entire life waiting

for someone to give me permission

to live a life that I’m proud of.” – Claire Wineland

No waiting. No permission needed. What if you just decided to stop playing it safe, and live your life fully?

If you really think you have something to give in the world,

then you have to do everything you can

to put yourself in a position

where you are able to give it.”  – Claire Wineland

Full disclosure, I am now the Chairman of the Board of her foundation Claire’s Place Foundation. And, I am living proudly.

Watch the new YouTube Original film on Claire Wineland’s YouTube channel.

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