Are You Programing Your Home For Failure and Lack or Success?

Your home is a cocoon.  It’s the place which houses every thing which belongs to you.  Everything which defines your life, exist in that place you call home.  All of your fears and worries, your successes and failures are all experienced within that frame that is your home.  Sometimes because of all the intense emotional […]

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Your home is a cocoon.  It’s the place which houses every thing which belongs to you.  Everything which defines your life, exist in that place you call home.  All of your fears and worries, your successes and failures are all experienced within that frame that is your home. 

Sometimes because of all the intense emotional stresses of life, we can program our homes for failure rather than success.  However, it is you are feeling within yourself will impact what you bring into your home.  When you are unhappy and lack confidence, the things you bring into your house will be a reflection of that as well.

Its rare that a person would think of putting things in their home which elevate their state of mind.  You will find that if something gives you a happy, expanded feeling just by seeing it, it will impact your emotional state, helping to keep you in that state. 

Naturally, the same is true if you  have things in your home which trigger memories of failure, poverty or anything which does not enhance your over all state of welling being and success.

How Your Home Impacts Your Emotional State

Your home environment sets the tone for how you will experience the day.  The way your home feels to you will be a part of your most dominant feeling state.  If there are things in your home which make you happy and if the interactions with the family members are warm and supportive; the chances of you feeling happy and supported would be quite high.  Of course, we will leave room for life happenings, or emotional stresses that burden the mind. 

Over all a supportive home environment would give you an edge in maintaining a high state.  On the other hand, if you live in an environment which makes you unhappy chances of you being unhappy over all in your life, would be quite high. 

The Feeding Circle

We often think of our environment as having an impact on our state of being but how many stop to think of their impact on their environment?  We launch psychic energy into our atmosphere, that psychic energy can fortify a problem that you do not like. 

Say for example you are a mother with an unruly daughter, she wants her own way, no matter who gets hurt.  As a mother, you can feed that story into the home atmosphere until it gets so strong that there is no unity between either of you or you can change the dynamic of the energy and experience a different reality. 

When you complain, over process and infuse your mental atmosphere with a problem, you make that problem stronger.  You feed that problem psychic energy and soon enough the problem becomes bigger and bigger and it gets worst.  It almost becomes a creative with its own consciousness.  This is what the feeding circle is about. 

Something in the environment affects you, you over process and then feed it a tremendous amount of energy, which pours more negative psychic energy into the atmosphere.  As the negative psychic energy grows stronger, you feel worst and continue the cycle of feeding the issue.  You feed the issue by complaining by giving it a lot of attention, but over thinking the whole thing for hours on end.  It’s too much.  What happens is a trap that is hard to get out of. 

To change this, the goal should be to break the cycle.  If you stop feeding that story, or that family member soon enough that story and that negative energy will die off or it will find another place to attach itself too. 

Breaking the cycle should be your goal.  How do you do so?  First ask yourself what sort of atmosphere would you like in your home?  The moment you do this, you shift your mind from being a slave of the condition.  Instead of being an automatic salve to that negative situation you are saying:  NO, this is how I want to feel.  You are also bringing consciousness to the moment, by choosing what you want rather than reacting to what is there.

What kind of life stories do you want to have come alive in your home?  Do you want more laughter between all family members, do you want more quality time?  Do you want to be more understanding to everyone? 

The Magic in Prayer

Prayer changes everything, whether you know how its going to happen.  A woman shared a story with a group of people in a workshop about the power of prayer.  She told the story about how her family life seemed to have been going down in the last five years.  Her son was failing in all his subjects and her husband who was normally a very hands on man would do nothing around the house.  There were meaningless arguments every single night, that did not even make sense to her. 

She became very depressed but could not put her finger on what was wrong.  Financially things were good, but something was wrong.  So she began to pray.  She blessed her home in prayer every night for an hour before bed time.  She gave thanks for their health and prayed for more joy to enter all of their lives. 

She said soon enough, changes began to happen.  Her son came to her on his own accord and shared with her some problems he was facing.  She then understood why his grades here lagging and thankful that he had come to her to get help.

Her husband one night came to her and had a serious talk.  He said that he was depressed that he was getting older and felt that she no longer desired him.  She was surprised, it never occurred to her that he may be suffering in this way, silently. 

To bring more excitement back into her marriage she decided that they should start working out together, which really also helped with her husband’s depression and it brought an energy back into their sex life.  They also went out on date nights and suddenly one day she realized that her whole life had changed within mere months.

She said, that after committing to the nightly prayers, she saw changes quickly within days small changes began to happen and then things seemed to speed up in a direction which seemed as if more friction was happening, but she came to realize that what she saw as friction was an opportunity to bring understanding in order to get the peace she needed in her home. 

She also said, that even when things seemed great, she refused to stop doing the prayers, because she understood the power of creating a powerful forcefield of goodness, positive energy and abundance and success in her home.  And, she has kept up doing her daily practice.

Your Cocoon

Your home is your cocoon, if your home life is not right your whole life will be off balanced.  Rather than complain, bring understanding to your own self and do what you can to fix those issues.  Then pray for a blessed environment for yourself and everyone. 

Its good to have an over all general atmosphere.  You don’t want to force your will into anyone’s realty, that will back fire on you.  What you want is to create an over all sense of wellbeing for you and all.  When you have defined exactly what you want to feel in your home, write it out in a statement.  If you can write a journal entry to get all of your thoughts and desires out, do so.  The clearer you are about it the better it is for you.

Then speak it into the Atmosphere: 

  • My home is blessed
  • Everyone is successful and happy
  • We all live in unity and peace
  • My home is a supportive and loving environment
  • I feel so wonderful to be at home
  • My home is a safe haven
  • Peace love and joy flow like light through every single corner of my home
  • My home is a cocoon which feeds me healing energy
  • My home is filled with laughter and joy every day

Choose as many as these, which suite you or create your own.  Then repeat them with a fervent energy of power.  Become on fire as you saturate your mental atmosphere with these affirmations.  Speak them out if that suites you, but its better to do so when you are alone. 

Eliminate the time you spend talking, over processing and tangling with the energies that do your environment a disservice.  Commit to doing this every day until you see a profound change or until your intuition allows you to step back.

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