Are You Productive at Being Productive?

Do you talk yourself in or out of doing things?

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I am a staunch believer of the importance in consistently taking actionable steps towards achieving daily productivity! I believe pro-activity is the best way for one to ensure ongoing effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing daily growth and personal/professional development, especially with respect to identified goal areas and tasked items. Meeting stringent deadlines in addition to keeping up with daily output and execution, involves massive self-discipline and proficient time management skills.

My productivity methods include many components, which I have cited in previously written blogs, and has also been reiterated in my individual coaching/mentoring sessions with clients, and on LIVE radio with like-minded guests, who also have high self-expectations, and a high level of standard for self. Continuity is pivotal to ones ability to retain credibility and legitimacy with respect to both the written and the said word. It is easy for any of us to at times, feel derailed, frustrated and discouraged with competing priorities in both our personal and professional lives. The demands are continuous; the accountability factor is high.It is for all of these reasons and in knowing this to be true for me, that I continue to use social media as a 3-D Visionary Board. I continually invite my peers, colleagues, business partners, and loyal followers who are connected with me on my various platforms, to always feel free to hold me professionally accountable. I frequently, and publicly post my goals, intentions, and objectives for the masses to read and be made privy to, as this becomes an additional built-in infrastructure measure of productivity for myself. It is also a tangible tool for measuring the barometer of ones own growth. It is easy to privately write down your goals in the comfort of your own home and/or business space, and have yourself believing that that is enough to catapult you in the desirable forward-facing direction of where it is you wish to aspire to go. That may in act work for some, however, in my particular case – it does not. We can talk ourselves out of things just as easily as we can talk ourselves into things. If I choose to hold my goals close to my chest, while operating within a vacuum of private silence – there is a highly increased chance of me going down the rabbit hole of self-justification for why something did not get started or get finished if not communicated aloud and publicly. For me, the intent is not to be a people-pleaser or to appear as self-absorbed…rather, it is to illustrate first-hand, my ability to honour my commitments, to demonstrate via actions that I do in fact walk my talk. It is also a very useful tool in inspiring others to comfortably follow suit so they too can level up in their own lives.

I always talk my goals into existence. I invest an absorbent amount of my time, energies, and focus to honing my clarity and mindset – so much so, that I wholeheartedly can envision my initial goal transpired into tangible reality. My goals manifesting and coming to fruition has been proven to myself time and time again. I have remained dedicated and purposeful in the pursuit of establishing a solid and reciprocal relationship with the universe. I dialogue with the universe every single day. I thank the universe for everything regardless of whether things are up or down in my life. I proclaim out loud what it is I visualize and what it is I am manifesting, and what in fact it is I truly and deeply envision for myself in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. It is a conversation coupled with crazy work ethic and massive action taking. It is a conversation fueled with passion and conviction, and one that disallows any excuses or unnecessary distractions for me staying the course.

Time is forever flying by at mach speed in my world. I used to say there is not enough hours in the day. Now, I say, there are not enough days in the week. I am very discerning and protective of my time and energies. I am very selective with where I place my concentrated focus. I only read books, magazines, blogs, articles and daily content that is only going to further elevate my own goals and aspirations. I only watch videos which aid as rocket-fuel to my energy and stamina. All things that constitute as counter-intuitive to my intended path are removed from my radar of focus. I do not entertain or engage negativity, self-defeatism, or excuse-making ploys or tactics in my daily life. I have learned to say no to much so as to remain productively aligned with who I am and on course with my mission. I spend much of my time in daily reflection, introspection while fine-tuning and refining my goals, and the actionable items which work in tandem with those pre-determined goals. I consult and follow only those who have a demonstrated track record for successfully and integrally living their lives and who navigate their journeys in the same vain as I have chosen to live and navigate mine. Vibe Attracts Tribe. I learn and sponge up from the best of the best.

In addition to the aforementioned productivity measures and tips implemented by myself on a daily basis, I begin and close each day with positive self-talk; reiterating to myself what it is I have done well as well as what areas I could do better so as to be an even better and more improved version of myself within the next 24 hours if graciously gifted to me. I take nothing for granted and nothing lightly – especially when it comes to the subject of time. I am forever reminded of how precious time is and I know that nothing is guaranteed. For this reason alone… I squeeze as much as I possibly can from each and every day I am additionally blessed to be here – to maximize my potential, and to further propel myself into steep and deep learning and growing curves. There is so much to learn. There are so many remarkable individuals to yet connect with. There are so many things to accomplish in my expansion of self. There is so much living to do. My love of life, expansion, and growth is what continually serves to keep me productively in-tune and aligned with what truly matters for me in my life.

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! Be productive at being productive!

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