Are you awakening?

You will have all felt the the turbulent times of 2020 and many of you may have started to experience an awakening

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You will have all felt the the turbulent times of 2020 and many of you may have started to experience an awakening. An awakening of the self, the senses and of the spirit. The truth is that many people have become disconnected from themselves. Beating themselves up for not being good enough and knocking the life out of themselves.

Defining your success only by what you can get. To feed an addiction to success, with money, with possessions, with highs that quickly become lows. The sense that you are awakening, is just that, a wake-up call. To be different, to think different, to see different. It can be a confusing and sometimes frightening experience.

What is awakening?

It is the realisation that the thoughts and emotions that you are continually having, are not who you are. That you are not your ego, which is the part of you defined by the need to be fulfilled by material possessions to be happy. It gradually allows you to return to the self and receive guidance from your higher self, who know what your destiny and purpose are intended to be.

What are 10 signs that you are awakening?

  1. You might find yourself ask questions about yourself, your purpose, where you are in life right now and seeking answers.
  2. You might start to experience more compassion and emotion for people, animals or situations, including global events and their outcomes.
  3. You might start to feel lost as though you don’t know where you are going. Also potentially experiencing a feeling of wanting to go home, but not yet fully understanding where that is.
  4. You may feel as though you want to spend more time alone in reflection or just with your own thoughts and company.
  5. You feel the need to declutter. Clearing out old junk or clothes. Looking at the relationships in your life and removing toxic ones or those that don’t now align with your thinking.
  6. You start finding synchronicity in events. Being drawn or introduced to people and places. You may be guided to seek out assistance on a spiritual level or find yourself exploring spiritual teachings, even if you never have before.
  7. You might start seeing sequences of numbers that are the same or repetitive. Common examples are 11:11, 22.22 or 3:33. You could find yourself looking at the clock at this time or see it on a video, washing machine or on the television. Read here for an explanation as to the meaning.
  8. You may find the desire to eat ‘cleaner’. Wanting to cut out certain items from your diet such as meat or dairy. You might even develop allergies or intolerances to certain foods, which you didn’t have before or be really put off by food types that you used to enjoy.
  9. You start to tune into your intuition more. Having a inner knowing and sense of what is the right thing to do or that there is something else here for you. That you are ready to go in a new direction or choose a new career path.
  10. You start to search for a deeper understanding of yourself. To know yourself better, whilst also experiencing heightened emotions or bringing up events from your past that have shaped your present.

There are other signs and you will not necessarily experience all of them. You many also experience physical or emotional symptoms such as increased anxiety or times when you feel as though you need to let out emotions either by feeling angry or upset.

If you are experiencing any of the 10 awakening signs, you may have a lot of questions and feel as though you need support in exploring what this means for you. There are many useful resources available as well as experienced speakers, who can help to enlighten you.

As part of my own awakening I was supported by a spiritual teacher, who was there to guide me through the process and help me make the most of the journey. You may also consider working with a spiritual teacher or coach and it can be difficult to know how to choose someone. Here are some guidelines that might help you.

How do you find a spiritual teacher or coach?

  1. No two teachers are the same as they will have all followed a very individual path of their own to get where they are. Find someone that resonates with you, rather than your idea of what a spiritual teacher might be. Many teachers won’t have formal qualifications in the topic, so look for what resonates with you, rather than how they have been taught.
  2. Go with your instinct and try not to overthink it too much. You might find that being drawn to a website or a person just keeps ‘popping’ up. You are being guided by your own sense of knowing.
  3. It is an investment to work with a teacher or coach, but try and take the money out of the equation. If it feels right and you know the right person has show up to support you, then the richness of the reward you will receive as part of your journey goes way beyond the cost.
  4. Look for someone who isn’t overly ‘salesy’ or spends a lot of time marketing themselves. Those that have been put here to truly serve, will know that they will be connected that the people that they are meant to work with.

If you wanted to explore the teachings of well know teachers then you can read Top Ten Spiritual Teachers

and Elizabeth Peru, who’s energetic and astrological forecasts are very helpful for understanding what is happening on a planetary and global level.

Wherever the journey takes you, know that you are supported and guided along the way and that this moment moves you closer to your unique purpose using all the gifts, skills and talents that you were born with.

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