Annie Cordy’s Happy Worlds In Reality’s Many Songs!

How Legendary, Belgian Singer, Actress, Comedian, and Entertainer-ANNIE CORDY-Encouraged Colorful Imaginations, For Happier Living!

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Sometimes, during life’s difficult moments, a person simply wants to go dancing or singing. What pleasant form of entertainment, they will do. During those hard times, when life gets you down, a special moment takes place with a simple song, or musical celebration. A boisterous display of hope, reminds us not to take life so seriously. That in living, there is always something to dance to; something to sing for. There is something in this “cold world,” we can celebrate. Life is too precious not to laugh at yourself, or “unsolvable” problems.

There are sacred individuals, and precious Beings, who have been gifted with the ability to shaken up the seriousness of life. They know the petty artistry, and healing anecdote, of entertainment. Furthermore, they understand that life is a partnership between comedy and drama. You have to experience reality. Simultaneously, its the laughter, which makes the journey meaningful. Storing the treasures of life in a special garden, while digging for other jewels for enjoyment. Many times you laugh and sing along the way. A person is able to move their challenges, through life’s passageway. And guess what? A piece of happiness always stays.

In the world of show business, certain performers have that magical sparkle. From the very moment of their performance, happiness pervades the space. Sadness is washed away with glittering vibes! Love dances on the hearts of those in sight. And should one feel lonely, the vibes are easily replaced with the vibrant nature of fellow humans, sticking around. For certain, versatile performers, who can act, sing, dance, and bring a comedic touch, there is a larger than life persona, surrounding them. From the attire, or costumes they wear, to the way in which they command the stage, and their overall presentation of the very gift of song and dance. Every step, beat, and note illuminates a colorful pattern, for the wellness of the audience. Such entertainers present new worlds for their audience. In a terse amount of words, they bring fiction into reality. All of the childhood fantasies yearned for, during our adult age, are explored, through that terrain. That’s one of of the most auspicious elements of the performance stage. It reminds the world of our ability to tune into imagination’s timing, should we decide to make time for it.

Ah! Time. That truly is an awakening into the magic of show biz, isn’t it? After all, its timing, which decides how a performer will succeed, in capturing the attention and participation, of their audience. There are numerous entities, at play. For one, it pertains to connecting with the humanity of one’s audience. Second, it relates to being able to add healing to that humanity, through entertainment. An empathic artist senses when an area within the entertainment spacing is malnourished. Joy may be lacking with certain audience members. Therefore, songs and dance serve as vitamins for the nourishment of others. Whatever songs are used, how many dances are implemented, the aim is to make people feel alive. Getting audience members to experience the taste of special worlds, in imagination’s delight. Those magical worlds we yearn to live through, every single day. If only we could transform the real world, into those worlds. What a treasure that would be!

For one national jewel of Belgium landscapes, there was just that. Throughout every stage of her career, she entertained her audience with traces of the fantasy realms. Through every age of her career, she ensured that her talent for entertainment’s nourishment would sooth the abundance of her audience. Such a legend and sacred treasure is none other than the late, and great Leonie, Baroness, Cooreman-better known as. . .

Annie Cordy; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Vivacious. Colorful. Adding humor and humanity to her performances. In fact, the term, “energetic,” is an understatement. There was power, allure, vitality, and illumination to every piece of her performances. Whether they were live, or on screen, the color of her persona was sustained, throughout each show. Versatility permitted her to move through different dynamics of her performances. Singer. Dancer. Actress. Comedian. All around entertainer. Annie Cordy was one personification of fantasy, in human form. She used the performance of props, and improvisation, in order to highlight just how fluid life can be. Life’s journey was highlighted through her matriculation of the stage. In addition, one couldn’t help, but to notice the metaphor of her myriad presentations. There was a message. It may not have been as obvious, or direct. Nevertheless, it was there. Of course, the details of every show are meant for another telling. As always, that’s for another piece.

One thing about our beloved, Annie Cordy, is that she was not afraid of getting uncomfortable onstage. Using her surroundings and designing her space, with her invisible footprints, the stage became her. In fact, it was her own platform and personality, which linked visible stages, with the fantastical ones. Her concerts became a special place, for those trying to seek a new beginning. If you wanted to start over in life’s journey toward happiness, all one had to do was enter into her concerts, watch her films, listen to her songs, and one could. . .start over. Reliving joy and abundance, as if one has re-turned as a child. When Annie Cordy presented fiction, there was a level of moving into serenity. Not every performer can move through that decor. The way in which she brought fiction into that reality’s spacing and timing was conducted with great ease and naturalness. It was a grace of eloquence, charm, humor, and curiousity.

What is so fascinating about the artistry and colorful presentation of Annie Cordy is how she continued that same level of color, charm, and childlike eloquence, on the stage in her older years. Again, age never hindered the fantasy of her performances. On the contrary, they stayed steady and fluid. Its another lesson learned. Age truly is a number, and you don’t have to lose your sense of adventure, exploration, and imaginative inquiry just because you have gotten older. If there is anything we can learn from the longevity of Annie Cordy, its that she illuminated that eternal magic, within adulthood’s framing. That’s one of the beauties of growing older. The magic of childhood never stops, unless you want it to.

One of the passionate elements of the performing arts is how it reminds the world of a nation’s humanity. Whether it has gone on through political turmoil, has had a bad reputation, or bares an ugly her/history, the arts have a way of bringing healing and restoration. Through the performing arts, people experience the humanity of others from different cultures, nations, and tongues. Close your eyes and imagine what that means on stage. Just reflect upon centerstage for a moment. It is an open awareness; detailing unique acoustics around the area. There are certain vibes from those, yearning to experience the wonders of life. Since they can’t seem to acquire it in the real world, its through the entertainment one, where they can get a taste of it. That’s what makes it so nutritious and aspiring. The miracle of entertainers such as Annie Cordy, is how they color our reality with the magic of our imagination. Just imagine how each of her performances illuminates to the ability of performing one’s gifts in front of the Universe. Surrounded by the stars of past, and future entertainers to come, those gifted musicians and vocalists are connected to a greater source of creativity and inspiration. It requires a lot of work. And, let is not forget that their talents are amplified, so that the masses may experience healing.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Annie Cordy illuminated the color of her Spirit, through the very nature of her performances. Dance, song, and humor are more than demonstrations of entertainment. A person’s performance, and when they are being authentic to themselves, conveys to an audience, where they are in their personal and emotional journey. Annie Cordy loved her audience. She wanted them to experience the serenity, adventure, and love of song. It showed. Performing was a healing factor for her. After all, who couldn’t sit through her performances, and feel the revival of your Spirit and emotional well-being? It didn’t matter if its been a long time since it that exuberance had been felt. What it did mean is that it had never left. It was there all along, and all a person had to do was tap into its very essence. Enough said.

If there is any lasting memory of one legend from Belgium terrain, its this. Happiness surrounds us. No matter the roles we play, no matter the dances left astray, there is always a way, for us to be happy. Through her acting persona, Annie Cordy played different characters. No matter the duty, the tasks, or atmosphere of each film, she always made sure to spread joy among those interested in a joyful journey. There was clearly something about her. There was an angelic nature, in her willingness to share that level of happiness with others. Its why fans, her audience, and nations loved her so much.

So, as we continue through our own life’s journey, let’s remember the many dances and songs decorating our path. Never forget our daily performance called, life! And should we ever come to feel that happiness has passed us by, just remember Annie Cordy, and simply feel, alive!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark/

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