Anne-Marie Nzie’s “Sarah” and Sarah’s Blessings For A Multiple Trace!

The Legacy Of Cameroonian Singer and Legend-ANNE-MARIE NZIE-Her Performance Of The Song, "Sarah," And Living Up To A Blessed Name!

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Certain names have a sacred blessing to their very Being. We don’t know why. We don’t always know their linguistic transition into that particular blessing. Nevertheless, what we do know is that they are just that-a blessing! In fact, when you hear the very name itself, you automatically think of good things. You know to expect love, care, and healing from it . The person is welcome, because there is a blessing to their very name. That name has a his/herstory. Through consistency, and through generations as told as time immemorial, the person carrying that name, has remained true to its very performance and goodness. The Beings, who have been given those specific names have been chosen for a reason. Their character is in alignment with the virtues of their name.

So, when a sacred name is spoken, one hopes that peace reigns, and is restored. A tranquil level of holiness is moved into the space, and we know that Heaven has shown favor, and gratitude, for us, during that time. In fact, the showing up of such Spirits is a blessing, in itself. Sometimes, their names don’t have to be announced because the energy supporting them, has already affirmed their presence.

There are songs from all over the world, which have highlighted the names of special people. When a song is based on a name, such a song is truly a gem. You have to ask yourself why the composer, songwriter, or what have you decided to write that song. Who did they have in mind? Why was this person so special for them and what is the story behind the name? Is there love? Passion? Or is there a level of frustration from that name? Was there pain in that name? Underneath the very essence of names, are stories. And stories have the power to illuminate the passion of the human experience. Yet, when those names come with a jubilant vibe, the experiences is even more enriching.

So now, we are back in Cameroon. Selecting different legends, who have sprinkled love onto Cameroonian gardens. No matter the times and what is going on in the country, they are still responsible for using music as the healer for a nation. It’s a huge responsibility for musicians, singers, and any of the creative types. Yet, it is a necessary one. Music is healing. Music is therapy. Furthermore, music is a gift from the Heavens, and it has earned our respect. There was one Cameroonian Mama, who has definitely earned our respect, in the saying of a name. Not only saying the name, but performing any joy and serenity, surrounding the name. Of course, many will not know the language. Unless you are from Cameroon, and from that particular ethnic group, you may not understand word-by-word what she is talking about. Yet, the very vibe of the song sounds, good! So festive that you truly want to know one thing: Who is this person? For the sacred nurture of this story, we come to bring forth one particular Cameroonian Momma. Her name is none other than. . .

Anne-Marie Nzie; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Do you remember one name? It was a name, which was performed by this legendary, Cameroonian singer and songwriter. Even if you never heard the song, or forgot the lyrics, one thing is for sure: You will remember the name. The name of the song is called “Sarah.” Upon hearing the song, one will understand the festive nature, surrounding her very demeanor. Who is Sarah and why was she chosen to be the theme of a particular song? Yet, what we can say is that there is something about her, which makes her a blessing. Such is one thing which cannot be denied.

The song “Sarah,” as performed by Anne-Marie Nzie is a rather dashing piece. Listen closely and you will come to hear different genres come together. There are traces of that Salsa beat. Of course, there are traditional influences of one style of Cameroon’s musical genre, known as Bikutsi. And, of course, you have a perfume from Black America’s gardens, known as, Jazz. They come together to talk to us about this woman, named, Sarah! Who is she and what is her story?

Oh how the imagination comes to take flight in our understanding of this woman. The richness of the song gives us the power to take our minds into the fictional world. Just who is this woman, and what’s her vibe? What is her energy? What’s her style? How does she move? How does she dress? What is her aura? Even more importantly, how does she continue to bless the space? When Sarah comes into your aura, is her presence a pleasant one? Are her words nutritious and pleasing to hear? Furthermore, does she make you feel good, and how does she live up to her very name? Such are important questions to reflect upon.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, in listening to this song, one can only imagine a festive vibe. It feels jubilant. It feels festive! Who could ever permit fatigue to drain one’s energy, upon hearing this song? Come to think about it, you have to wonder if Sarah could be a dancer. It’s a possibility. Permitting your imagination to go wild, listeners are granted the opportunity to ask themselves if Sarah heals a space, through this very artistry. It is something to reflect upon, if we are going to permit ourselves into the world of imagination.

One of the beauties of this song is that it permits those of us, who do not know the language to, imagine. We are granted the opportunity for our minds to wander. Wandering with the level of colors, design, and patterns, of our choosing! That’s real! We can fantasize about the space, and how this Sarah manifests her day! We can imagine the different pieces of attire she uses in navigating her space. There are many things to imagine about this woman, named, Sarah! In fact, there is so much to explore. Of course, what remains ever more nutritious is that every time we listen to the song, we are granted the opportunity to hear something, new. We are given the chance to re-imagine a new color and story of our beloved, Sarah! That’s real!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, we have our beloved storyteller to thank for this. After all, that is what Anne-Marie Nzie is positioned as for this particular song. She serves as the narrator, the moderator. Her voice takes on this unique portrayal of the circle. Round and round, our Sarah goes! It is evident that the story will not stop. And, guess what? That’s alright. It means that we get to have more time to imagine, and reflect, upon our Sarah. For such a name deserves to perform its full potential. It is obligated to reach out towards those, who are in her midst; all the while blessing her with Heaven’s domain. Because a name such as Sarah, is truly a blessing. And when we receive blessings, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Heaven’s gardens ordains that we spread the blessings around. In fact, it is an insult for us to Heaven’s blessings, for us to keep them to ourselves. It truly is. Perhaps, that is another theme to this song-it is the art of giving. The art of sharing happiness among others, within our midst.

Remember how it was articulated that certain voices are meant for certain songs. Well, the voice of Anne-Marie Nzie appears to be just right for this song. Her voice is Earthly, rich, and suited for the naturalness of our beloved, Sarah! Of course, the instrumentation provides the illusion to a dainty, and girlish, type of vibe from Sarah. Yet, it is Anne-Marie Nzie, who keeps those foundational roots, for why “Sarah” was given this name. Coming towards the end, it is evident that Sarah is re-affirmed for a final time; while also being reminded of her very purpose. It is a purpose for love, life, and happiness’ healing. That’s the journey for why she was given, that name.

So, let’s celebrate, Sarah! Dancing healing for those entering into your space. Such songs remain one of the highlights for those musical legends. For it was more about us, than it was for, them. It’s why they are legends. For, their blessings came to overflow with love’s elixir, and music’s gem!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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