Angelic Voices, For Love’s Desire! Angela Peralta #Mexico

The Nightingale Of Song, In Love's Yearning and Desire! A Look At ANGELA PERALTA and Her Performance Of The Song, "El deseo, Romanza para canto!"

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Music and love have a way of celebrating our presense on Earth. There is a way of moving into our purpose and calling. We are not simply moving into the world as robots, who labor, tirelessly. We do not abandon the workings of life’s love when it comes to how we are to produce, and navigate our way into the world. When love is part of the mix, the labor is less burdensome. In fact, the work is much more creative. We come to see life, through a different window; in a different, light!

Love and wellness go hand-in-hand. When putting it in the space of music, an enormous light comes into play. It is as if Heaven’s window has opened up; pouring riches into Earth’s paradise. Every person desires love. To say that a person does not desire love is a falsehood. On the contrary, it’s human nature to feel the affections of from a fellow human Being. When these affections are represented in music’s haven, the melodies are even more holistic and sweet.

Romance has a way of moving song, through a gentle twist. When a singer sings from the heart, you can sense such passion reflected in the song. Furthermore, the music feels believable. In addition, it is also a testament to the manner of belief, from the performer. It serves as the needed evidence, concerning if the singer has truly dabbled into the presence of love. Let’s be very clear, an artist should have experienced love, in order to sing its aura (and vibe).

Moving into Mexican territory, we understand the wonders of love, through opera. It has been written before, and we will say it, again! Opera is one of the musical gifts, from the Heavens. If you have ever gone to witness a life, opera performance, you will feel as is it is a rendition of Heaven serving as the audience. The stage is open, and when the lights have closed off, the audience is taken into the snippet of Universal darkness and mystery’s delight. Yes. There are beautiful treasures to be found in the dark. When hearing the blessings of music, in the dark, a person is blessed with the treasure of tapping into imagination’s timing. That’s the joy of it all.

One has to tap into a different level of thinking, when it comes to the opera and its migrational patterns. From country to country; from terrain to terrain, are there different imaginations of the mind when it comes to where opera is performed? Does it feel different when performed in different lands? What is the nature of its sensory? What are its imaginary paintings, when a singer performs in their home country, and that of another? For now, we will focus on Mexico.

The song is called, “El deseo, Romanza para canto.” Romance and desire have clearly become part of love’s angle. Yet, what has come to be even more beautiful is the very texture of the song. For she was known to the “Mexican Nightingale”; and her performances had lived up to that name. When performing this song, her timber was angelic. It was the living proof in Heaven’s artistry being part of the opera world. And, of course, it embodied the meaning of the blessing of a performance, by Heaven’s angels.

The term “nightingale,” highlights the very context of “night.” It is another signature move, when it comes to how enchanting the night, truly is. Filled with precious jewels and wonders, the night is an abundantly rich haven of treasures, fulfilled. Again, we see nighttime in a positive light. It goes against any wind of being traditional stereotypes of fear. Nightingales further justify this. In fact, they are the living proof of it all. Into the night we go, for love’s desire and will! Of course, it’s not just any evening, but a Mexican night, that’s true and still!

Angela Peralta

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