An Entry in My Gratitude Journal: Thanksgiving 2020 Edition

Josh Groban said it best when he said: there’s so much to be thankful for.

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2020. Need I say more?

Rough. Challenging. Intense. This year has shoved some of the worst at me.

My uncle passed away (from cancer). My depression and anxiety have been at all-time highs. I’m constantly worried about losing my home. I miss being around my family and friends, but I’m uncomfortable in most social situations now. And I can’t help but dread the future.

I’m stressed ALL. THE. TIME.

But today, I woke up with an abundance of gratitude, and I want to share these with you here.

1. Family and Friends

I know this is always the first on everyone’s list. But, if it weren’t for my family and friends and their overwhelming amount of love and encouragement, I wouldn’t be here with you writing this.

My cousin had a beautiful baby boy at the beginning of this year. Even though there were many obstacles, I’m thankful he’s healthy and happy now.

My other cousin and his girlfriend had a successful move to LA in the middle of the pandemic, and they’re absolutely thriving. I’m thankful to see both of them pursuing their dreams. It inspires me to continue to pursue mine.

I’m thankful for my parents and how much they’ve done and continue to do for me. I’m lucky to have great examples of what it means to have compassion and empathy. I’m especially grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate another Thanksgiving with them.

I’m thankful for all my extended family scattered around the world. They’ve exemplified what it means to love unconditionally and to always be there for each other no matter what.

My in-laws and their extended family have always made me feel like a part of their family. I’m incredibly grateful to have such warm, wonderful, and caring people as my in-laws.

I am unfathomably thankful for all my friends – ones I’ve known forever and ones I just met. It’s a privilege to have them in my life, sharing so many beautiful moments. I’m grateful they’re always there and never stop showing up for me.

2. My Soulmate

I’m grateful for my soulmate and his support and encouragement when I want to give up, his dependability when I need him, his thoughtfulness and sense of humor when I’ve had a bad day, and his kind heart when I need some extra love.

I’m thankful for our life together.

3. My Furbabies

They absolutely got the best deal this year since I’m home all the time now. And there’s so much more time to snuggle.

I’m thankful they’re both healthy, happy, and living their best furbaby lives. I’m also grateful they get along as well as they do (having a dog AND a cat is challenging in itself)!

4. My Home

I’m incredibly thankful to have a place of my own with plenty of space and a backyard and in a great location.

Despite the pipes underneath our house bursting over the summer, causing water damage to our laundry room (and being without a laundry room for a month), our home otherwise has been perfect.

We have a kitchen with all the essential appliances. (Our first apartment had a tiny kitchenette and no dishwasher, so I had to handwash EVERYTHING).

I’m grateful for running water, plumbing, hot and cold water, electricity, heat, and air conditioning.

We have a fireplace in our living room. On a cold night, I’m grateful to snuggle up with my furbabies and a cup of cocoa in front of a fire.

5. My Plant Babies

One of my favorite things about this year has been that I awakened by Green Thumb.

And because of that, I’m so thankful my home feels like a sanctuary again. (I’ve brought home over 20 plants since the beginning of the pandemic!)

I love watching the new leaves grow and unfurl. It’s a proud plant mom moment.

6. My Body

I’m thankful to be healthy.

No broken bones. No cancer. I have all my limbs. I can walk, talk, eat, see, write, and think.

My body is strong and capable of doing so many amazing things. I’m grateful for this body.

7. My Car

I’m thankful for my car.

It always works and is cheap to fill the gas tank up. I have the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want.

8. My Spirituality

Despite how many obstacles I’ve faced this year, the Universe has never stopped loving, supporting, and guiding me. I haven’t stopped trusting that the Universe is leading me down the right path and that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

I’m grateful for my relationship with the Universe.

9. My Career

Writing is one of my passions. I’m thankful I get to follow a passion of mine and be a writer.

I’m thankful to have a career I’m excited about and enjoy entirely. Before I was a writer, I had one bad job after another.

I’m grateful to work for myself and for all the learning opportunities I have.

Josh Groban said it best when he said: there’s so much to be thankful for.

This year has been pure hell in a lot of ways. So much stress. So much anxiety. So much pain. So much anger. So much hatred.

But I’ve also witnessed just as much good, and it’s humbling to know how fortunate I really am.

I’m extraordinarily thankful for my family, friends, soulmate, furbabies, home, plant babies, myself, car, spirituality, and career. Love and bliss truly stem from all of this.

I’m grateful for this life and also the opportunity to live.

What’re you thankful for?

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