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Best chronicler of past

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An empty page. It can be the best chronicler of the past or it can be an explanation of deep silence, a silence which speaks a lot without speaking anything. A silence who is the eye witness of the past. An empty page knows all last moments with each and every details about the last full stop before the pages turned over. Every person has at least one empty page who turned their lives, the empty page who turned their lives into new chapter who always tries to put a curtain over that empty page , prevents even a small ray of light to fall on it. Who knows whether that single ray or light can even expose small part of the empty page which can lead to the complete details about the last full stop. Sometimes we ourselves becomes an empty page with a lock which is alone without a key and protects that empty page and keeps it unexposed. We do not open some chapters from our book of life because we want to be that person who is somebody’s favorite. We pretend to be that person which is exactly opposite to ourselves. That is how we utilize the quality of being optimistic. But there is a huge difference between replace a bulb which is faulty and replace a bulb after getting the last bulb broken. We always tear out the pages of book where we have written those things which we think are huge mistakes. Whenever we picture any idea into canvas we just tear out the last idea just because we think it its the worst one. Whenever we just do any mistake in our assignments, we just think that let’s forget it and starts with a new page by leaving one or more empty pages to dig a well which cannot be crossed. We never know that empty page can even express our past anytime. In everybody’s notebook of life there are one or more empty pages. They remain silent and curtains up our past deeds. But the notebook never stays silent for a long time. Sometimes, the same chapter starts again in your life with the same pages. They too have space for blank pages but the second time is for yourself, It is for you to get your silent pages reduced or increased.

We often treat some silent things like the scary tales of our lives. But they can be even angel fairy tales which makes your past roots of a tree attractive and emotional who draws out flourish stories.

The empty page who doesn’t utter even a single word can bring the whole picture in front of our eyes, but most of the times it doesn’t. It covers the moments where we were at our worse and it decorates the moments where the joggers on the cloud. they just can dodge at any moment when we can be badly exposed and the consequences are more than worse.

The empty page, sometimes mesmerizes us and takes us the journey of flash back and what we dreamed about that flash back. The empty page, sometimes gives us the smile with a short story describing the events where we were scared, anxious, angry or anything else. The empty page, a mute child with an adorable inspiration and doesn’t even asks us to look after it, but decorates or protects the most important chapters of our book of life.

Let’s have at least a bookmark at that empty page. You never know when it can guide to dive!

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